Mutton Biryani at Al Nawaz ft. Delhi Food Walks | Indian Street Food | Served #19

You have to think of people like me as hoarders of places Sometimes we bring you the places that are… …very famous and sometimes the places which are hidden! And that’s why they’re hidden gems! Which is why, today we’re far away from the iconic spots in Nizamuddin and Old Delhi… …and we’ve come to the streets of Jamia Nagar! Friends, today we’re at Al Nawaz restaurant and we’re serving their famous Mughlai food! You guys constantly keep saying that you want to meet me, Rohit & Abhishek… …so, at the end of this episode I’ll tell you how to meet us! Anyway, about this episode, we’ve got the world famous Delhi Food Walk’s Anubhav Sapra with us! Who’s going to tell us some beautiful stories about Jamia Nagar and Al Nawaz! So, let’s go meet him! Hello, sir! Hello, how are you? Come, eat golgappas! What happened in Jamia Nagar that it became a food hub? Firstly, Jamia University is here Which is why many students live here And most of the Muslims live nearby So, they came and brought their cuisines with them They prefer kababs, biryani, tikkas etc. And because of that, shops started selling their cuisine And nowadays they serve amazing food! What do you think, is there any difference between the food of Jamia Nagar and Old Delhi? There’s a huge difference, like if you talk about Nihari… So, Nihari which you’ll get in Old Delhi is very different from what you get here! You’ll get more flavors and taste here, they use more ghee Like if you go to Javed Nihari, you’ll see that they use a lot of ghee Which is very tasty! And you’ll get good kababs and tikkas here! You’ll get everything from breakfast to dinner here! I personally like Zakir Nagar’s food better Very nice! Let’s go to the kitchen now! So, right now we’re in Al Nawaz’s kitchen with Chef Nawaz! Hello, Chef! Please tell us that how this restaurant started? It started like… …I was a Chef in Le Meridien And they gave me the title of Mughlai King! They called me there especially for biryani And from there my journey started… …and this is my whole team I started my journey alone without knowing the destination, but people kept joining and we are here now! So, our biryani is famous all over India… …and internationally too! And this biryani made me reach here There are many things special here other than biryani like kalmi kababs, Chicken Barra… …and breads! You’ll find a lot of different things here! What is your favorite? My favorite is kalmi kabab and the biryani of course! They have two types of biryani, mutton and chicken! Both the biryanis taste absolutely different from each other You’ll find both very different! And in fact their roti is… …also really good! You can’t find anything like that anywhere else in Delhi! What happens is no matter how good the roti is, after sometime they become like rubber The bread should be such that even people without teeth can eat it So, now our roti is also very famous! People specially come to buy them! Even the chutney is famous! You won’t even feel the need of any vegetable or meat, you can eat the roti with the chutney only! I’ll tell you one thing related to the chutney… …that Mr. Manoj Bajpai… …he came to our restaurant and had the food & he liked it so much that at the end… …he said that I want some chutney packed, I’ll eat it at my home! Why in Jamia Nagar? Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last ruler of India… …he once said one thing which I can really relate to How wretched is your fate, Zafar! That for your final berth, you couldn’t even get 2 yards in your beloved’s land! So, I feel really lucky that I got a job in my country, in my India… …I feel proud that I made a brand of my own… …and provided some employment to the people here One thing that I felt was that you said, to serve food to the people of our country and giving them employment… …everybody should get good food Sir, we have a talent to cook food, you have a talent to spread a word about it! And we’ve got the talent of eating! With a very nice flavor… …we’ll serve you biryani and kababs Kalmi kabab, Chicken Barra and roti with chutney! So, now we’ll eat some food but before that… …I am introducing a new session in this video “Shikanji with Shashank!” So, first question is… …what is your favorite place for kababs? Sangam Kabab Corner! Next question, favorite place for biryani in Delhi? Al Nawaz! Cool! Favorite place for vegetarian food in Delhi? That’s a tough question! There are many in Old Delhi! Urad dal is really good and a lot more but… …not any specific place! Favorite place for Nihari? Kallu! Favorite cuisine? Our Delhi food! Jalebi or cheesecake? Jalebi! What is the one dish that you can cook properly? I cook my own dish, handi chicken! Handi chicken and handi mutton! Oh handi chicken, I thought honey chicken! I make it in oil and then garnish it with ghee! Last question is, your favorite place for South Indian? I like Sarvana Bhawan in Delhi! Their food is very decent! Two answers to one question! Anyway, that concludes our section of Shikanji with Shashank! Oh great, the food is here! This is the chutney you were talking about? No, this is the chutney, this is made of pomegranate! It is very delicious! The food smells really good! Look at the color… …and the texture! We have to try the roti too! How is the biryani? Very tasty! Try it with the chutney! It’s a must, you can’t miss it! This is the famous chutney! Some for both biryanis! I’ve never tasted anything like this before! This is made of pomegranate! Wow! The chutney is delicious! Very tangy, very nice, very spicy! This is the chutney that Mr. Manoj Bajpai took! We’ll also get some packed! I want to become Manoj Bajpai! When a person cooks food with love, the taste actually shows! Now I can see that why you call it the best biryani in Delhi! I used to like Taufeeq’s biryani, now this is my favorite biryani! Taufeeq’s biryani is very different from this This is more aromatic! You’ve to take care of a lot of things while making biryani like… …the rice should be basmati, I am very particular about this! Like this is basmati rice, it tastes different! In many place they use different rice Which I don’t like! The real biryani is made in basmati rice! Basmati rice is most important! Yes, rice plays an important role in the biryani! The flavor of rice should be that good that you don’t even any meat with it! This is how a biryani should be like! You can just eat the rice even if the meat is not there This is the best biryani I’ve ever had! Very good! You haven’t had your favorite kababs yet? My second favorite is their roti! It’s not hot now But it’s still soft! The chef said that even if the roti is not hot it’ll stay soft, point proved! And you’ll know it by just holding it! You’ll have it with the chutney! And I’ll eat some nahari! And I’ll eat chutney! I really like fresh breads, Italian breads and all! This reminds me of that! This bread is full of flavors! This is a revolution, guys! Try their roti and chutney for sure! And kalmi kababs are also here and now we’ll eat some food And we’ll finish our food and then we’ll see you on the other side with the information of how you can… …meet three of us! So, watch out for that and the ratings! We’ve eaten all the food and now it’s time to give the ratings! I really liked the food, their kalmi kababs and biryani…everything is awesome! I genuinely feel like this is the best biryani I’ve ever had in Delhi! It is the best, then you’ve to give it 5 stars! That’s it! It’s 5 stars! Anyway, if you’re coming here then the cost for 2 is approximately Rs.1000 Which is reasonable! It’s very good, I highly recommend it! It’s the best biryani in Delhi! That’s it! The main thing which you were waiting for is… …that Rohit, Abishek and I are going to be doing a “Meet & Greet”! We’ll meet you at the Momo Festival! Momo Festival is going to happen this weekend, which is 6-7 October You’ll find the exact details on our Facebook page, Instagram and on our YouTube Community Tab! I hope to see you there! Till then, I am Shashank and you’ve been Served! Go! Go! Go! That’s it! That’s it!


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