“My Huntington Beach, Los Angeles” by Eryn Krouse – EF Guest Vlog

Hi everyone. My name is Eryn and
I am a southern California-based YouTuber all about living an adventurous and healthy
lifestyle centred around the ocean. For my EF guest vlog, I will show you around
one of my favorite beach communities: Huntington Beach, California,
otherwise known as Surf City, U.S.A. Hi guys, it’s Eryn here and
I am a guest vlogger for EF today. I’m going to show you my favorite beaches and things to do here in beautiful
Huntington Beach, California. Let’s dive right into it. The water’s so warm! On the northwest corner of Huntington Beach,
bordering Seal and Sunset Beach, Huntington Harbor encompasses five
man-made islands bound by a network of channels. It’s only 15 minutes from the
open water of the Pacific Ocean, so it serves as a secluded pleasure craft port,
laid back residential community, as well as a fun way to get out in
the water kayaking or paddle boarding. Now, it’s time to pack my surfboard into
my car and head over to the beach. I love driving down Pacific Coast Highway
with my windows down, jamming to music, while cruising by the palm tree lined streets. Once I get to the beach, it’s time to suit up,
grab all of my beach stuff, and walk on over. Huntington Beach is one of the most famous
beaches and beach communities in Orange County. It’s also one of the beaches closest
to the new EF campus in Costa Mesa. So, if you get out of class in Costa Mesa
and want to go to Huntington Beach, you can grab a taxi and get here in 15 minutes, or use public
transportation, which takes longer – maybe up to an hour. Huntington Dog Beach is located
between 21st and Seapoint Streets. This is the only area where dogs
are allowed on the beach and it’s one of my favorite spots to set up
an umbrella, lay out, and go for a surf. We are at Dog Beach and
it’s a beautiful sunny day. There are happy dogs running
around everywhere on the sand. We have a nice little setup.
We’ve got the umbrella up and are probably going for a surf pretty soon,
so I’ll see you guys out on the water. The scenic Huntington Beach bicycle trail
runs along the Pacific Ocean water front and is paved over 8 miles long, and is
used by a whole array of people, including families with small children, skaters, joggers,
and those simply using the path to access the beach. The path’s northern end courses through Bolsa Chica,
a popular spot for surfing, sunbathing and RV camping, while the southern end passes through Huntington
State Beach, with direct access to the Huntington Pier. After a surf session, I always get super hungry,
so we are heading to Banzai Bowls right now. We just picked up Banzai Bowls. I like to get the Da Kine with strawberries,
bananas and chocolate chips on top. Look how large these are! I’m standing in front of another one of
my favorite spots, North Shore Poke Co. Conveniently enough,
they are right next to each other. Sometimes I’ll get a poke bowl and follow it
up with Banzai, but I’m not that hungry today. There is so much to see and do on Main Street,
from bars, restaurants and lots of surf shops. Here on Main Street, there are a bunch of surf shops
lining the street, but this is my personal favorite. There’s just every possible
surf brand you can think of. They sell surfboards, bikinis, skateboards, wetsuits,
anything you could possibly want – and there’s a café. I love just strolling through and browsing.
US Open of Surfing. If you want even more shopping and
dining options, you can cross the street over to Pacific City where’s there’s
an assortment of food and drinks, and Lot579, with coffee, Vietnamese street food,
cupcakes, ice cream, poke and lots more. If you’re feeling full and tired after
a day at the beach and eating your fill, go lay out at the pool at
one of the nearby hotels. I personally love hanging out at the Hilton waterfront
pool and then having a spa day afterwards. The day is coming to an end, and what better way
to enjoy a beautiful sunset than here at Sunset Beach. There is still so much to see and do here at
Huntington Beach that we didn’t get to do today, so get out here and see it for yourself.
Alright. Good night!


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