Mysterious island – Ep. 18 BÁTOR ADVENTURES

Hey my name is Botond Bátor Bencsik
from Hungary I live the life fully I’m a backpacker yo guys it’s a new day on the sea where are we going now ? we are going to Espevær a beautiful island in the
middle of the North sea. here it can be really tough conditions when the north wind is
at it worst winter time but fortunately it’s summer
now and I’m really looking forward to discovering this island you got a fish nice one as usual I find
some young people I can hang out with they like to fish and of course
I will join them inside the crab cage… oh you use it for a trap okay now we are hoping for crab
on the menu and we are going to set some crab cages in the fjord a good thing is that the boys
know where to place them Norwegians love to eat crabs and we are placing eight crab
cages into the water it will be really exciting to
pick them up tomorrow morning on the way back we are
passing a small island perfect for cliff diving
I just have to test it I think barefoot is better You sure? it’s very difficult yeah and it’s dangerous being barefoot of course it turns out to be much more
difficult to climb this cliff but when given the boys the
impression of being a tough guy I have to continue
not to disappoint them oh it’s very hard yeah, yeah for sure whoo yeah fuck yeah yes really easy easy to go easy come easy go whoo fuck yeah it’s scary ah oh my god nice spot actually but this is scary this can be… ha… 50 meter maybe while we just had a crazy adventures others are just relaxing how is the life? oh my god… best the fisherman is arrived here the dinner is arriving
directly from the sea fresh shrimps will absolutely be one
ingredient this evening the island and the surroundings are
exciting and there are some mysteries that have to be discovered UFO… guys, this is an very
interesting post place spot actually there was a UFO
landing here as they said we can see gonna check it out how does it look like is this where and UFO has landed? or… what do you think? but one thing is for sure Norwegian nature is
amazingly beautiful next morning the weather has
changed to a wet day but I’m really excited to
pick up the crab cages Nothing! (music) will there be any crabs today? (music) after the crab-fishing we
start sailing to the next destination which will be Godøysund,
the last stop before Bergen sailing isn’t always easy and we have
challenges on the trip the reefing rope for the genoa
is way too short to handle a strong wind so we just almost
have a little trouble but as always we
are fixing everything the weather is as you
can see not the best but sailing is always fun and especially when we
navigate ourselves through narrow channels and around amazing islands in a labyrinth of the archipelago (music) we arrived late at night and a little bit later
another boat came with four guys from Russia and before we go to bed our new
neighbors invite us to toast with a mysterious sort of drink (salute in Russian) after a long day sailing there was no problem
falling asleep yo so that was my latest episode I really hope you enjoyed it and I’m really curious about your opinion if you can leave a comment below if you liked put a thumbs up subscribe my channel and support me on Patreon PayPal me and see you next time bye

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