N. Korea accuses U.S. of intensifying tensions on Korean Peninsula based on “evil ambition”

meanwhile North Korea accusing us of
intensifying tensions on the Korean Peninsula
slamming its quote evil ambition to conquer the regime by force even while
it advocates dialogue the North’s state-run Korean Central Television
announced that the statement issued by the Institute for American Studies under
the regime’s foreign ministry carry complaints about Washington’s continued
sanctions and military drills now it also warned that the use of strength is
not at all a monopoly of the US hinting it could resort to the use of force if
Washington does not change its stance


  • Ya K

    I do think it’s America

  • Dennis Tienesen

    MUST READ! Stop blaming China for blocking Facebook and such! If you demand your giant tech companies to leave open backdoors for the 'Five Eyes' countries' governments to spy, what do you expect? It's not a secret anymore. If a country then blacklists your company, this is because it is a true security and privacy threat to billions of innocent people! If you as entire country then blacklist a company that closes those security and privacy threats, and even dare to say they are a security threat, you are completely retarded and it's criminal! It's the world upside down! Freefall isn't going to stop anytime soon, trust me. Your patriotic mindset will first send you into recession, then into civil war, then into oblivion. Gotta love the 2nd amendment. US have never been as divided as they soon will be. They are giving everything they have to China; US companies are going to leave and take their technology with them, it's inevitable. Or they will sell their patents and licenses while these are still worth a lot. Other countries will do everything within their limits to exclude the US from doing business with, look at the chinese aviation market, it just went to Europe instead of Boeing. Smartest move for Boeing would be moving all operations including HQ away from the US. Same for Elon Musk, his space internet would be seen as US's newest spytoy, leaving open backdoors for the 'Five Eyes', US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. They demand their businesses to leave backdoors for them. Intel, AMD, ARM, Cisco, Microsoft, Facebook/Whatsapp, Amazon and Twitter all obey those backdoor demands. Basically every single tech company from the Five Eyes with a significant marketshare. Maybe even tech from countries who supply those 5 countries tech, maybe even Samsung, just not Huawei. Even Apple gave in under pressure of the FBI. Under the condition this would never be published ofcourse because security is/was always their top unique selling point. So they came up with a story that a hacker managed to give them access. Do you seriously believe that fairytale? Do you seriously think only noob hackers work for the FBI? These satellites can hardly be analyzed and reverse-engineered. That would mean an intended security and privacy threat to possibly billions of people. Never ever should countries leave open backdoors in tech products, which can also be used by anyone with bad intentions. Think about your credit card details or cryptocurrencies for example. If i were China, i would never ever do business with US again and just continue developing and innovating everything that's necessary to put the US completely out of business. Huawei really did the right thing by closing these intended backdoors and sticking to their guns. That's the one and only reason they got blacklisted. They risked their entire business for your and my security and privacy, while the governments of the Five Eyes solely care about their own security. I would be paranoid too if i sent billions of people into the hands of hackers. That could result in a manhunt bigger than Saddam's or Osama's. Stop looking at these stock graphs, think with common sense.

    To Elon: Move all your operations now you're still credible, Huawei could take you by the hands and skyrocket your AI businesses as a combined force. Pun intended 😜

    In the end you will only have your military forces as capital, you'll need to sell it all if you want to rebuild an economy. And i assure you other countries will mainly be interested in your nuclear weapons. Everything else is just too expensive and obsolete.

  • Aaron Humphrey

    Washington is not going to change it's stance. Neither is North Korea. Both sides need to work together. I was starting to get hopeful on the DPRK but it looks like they are back to their old ways. Disappointing.😔

  • Come On

    U have plastic surgery. ?

  • panda pon

    Awww does this mean Trump won't be receiving anymore Kim Jong Un nice letter

  • Beverly Ford

    Oh but Trump has complete confidence in Kimmy Kat . He's the only one. The kimmykat must be running low on crank for the natives. they getting ready to fight to the death for him . But no worries Trump has complete confidence in the dictator his friend . He's the only one . Americans Kno better.

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