#nerdUp 2016: Governor Snyder’s day five visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

You don’t do infrastructure over night. You have to plan, say how it sustainable over a long period of time. So, I thought creating a submission was the right approach, say let’s take it out the normal process. We can always re-engage the legislative process. We all need to work together and recommendations but we’re
coming up with a common set of facts, and a common set of issues and potential paths to take. Let’s take it out of that process and naturally ask live asked alive experts around the state and get input from people. From you, about what you think really matters. So this is about how we can rally together and work together to solve a problem. An important problem for this area and for this community and the people of these communities. The mine closing is something that is going to be difficult, it’s a difficult process but it’s actually part of mining. This is a situation this mine
could have closed a number of years ago it was good at and kept going, but it’s coming to the end of it’s life. This is one of the best in the country,
in the world! I have no had the opportunity to see it before. I have an interest in the great minerals that they have here, it’s just a wonderful way to end the week. You’re in the Copper
Country iron ore, all those wonderful things but they have so many other
options so I’d better learn something. I’m a proud nerd as you know, so this is
an opportunity for me to be smarter and better after i’m done here
and hopefully want to learn even more!

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