Nood Beach: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

– That sauce is hot. I can barely talk.
– I asked him to put a little, he put half the bottle. – That’s how we do, son. You know why? Cause we ain’t no bitch! – Oh my god, that’s hot! – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals. Where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of crazy. While giving you guys the most raw and realest food reviews in the game. – This is Send Foodz. – What’s good, you sexy motha(beep)? Guess what? We are, – I’ve walked three miles to get to this location! – So, David had a rough start to his day. Some Uber problems. Some miscommunications but, – My driver dropped me off in the middle of a highway and I walked in sand for three miles, as if I was looking for an oasis. I’m basically Moses now. – And you found it, bro! We’re here. – What is this tree? – Don’t rip the trees, David So. – Today, we here at Nood Beach in Huntington Beach. And did you know? That this is the evolved
form of the first festival, that we shot the first
episode of Send Foodz at. – Wow – The Noods Noods Noods Festival from episode one, bro. This a new segment on my
channel called Send Foodz, where we just go. I go with the homie. We eat (beep). We talk (beep). I’m over here at the Foodbeast, Noods Noods Noods event. And I’m just ready to like, show you my Noods, man. – So, it’s like an anniversary, but to bring it back to Earth. I walked three (beep) miles! – And you look good. So, I know you’re in pain, bro, but what are you excited to eat today? – Brisket garlic noodles, with bone mother(beep) marrow. – We also, they’re gonna hook us up VIP style, I think. They’re bringing us like, a whole like, tray of like garlic lobster noodles in the VIP section, at our personal table we got. – You know after that
Maine episode that we did and we found out how long it takes to actually make a full (beep) lobster grown to eat it. It changed my life. I started eating more of ’em. – Yeah! – Yeah (beep)’em, right? – (beep)’em – Let’s get drunk. – Hello, hey, how’s it going? – (mumbles) Yeah, okay. – Okay, yeah, no, okay? Yes (air kiss) Okay. – Awkward. – Can we please have, a spicy ramen grilled cheese? – What? – We took the best bits
of everything put in one. So you can pull it apart
and all that comes out. And it’s looking great. – Best bits of everything. Like when you and Chia have a kid. – Awe. – Awe. – Okay, so as you saw, we were just at the Sandwich Society. We just got out sandwiches. This (beep) is heavy. – Yo, right off the (beep) jump. Look at the color on this bitch, dude. – She thick, bro. – That’s nice! – She is thick. Just the outside of it. It’s just like how you want
a grilled cheese to be. You know what I’m saying? That nice little crispy, but not burnt. – I hope it strings. – Immediately. Wait, wait. – If it doesn’t, I’m going to throw it in the trash. – Okay, do it. Me too, me too. – Oh (beep) got it! – Oh my god. – We got it! – Wow, I am wet. – I am hard. – Yeah. – We should have sex.
– I think we’re about to. – Look, I know I’ve been kind of like, playing with the cheese (beep) and kind of going easy on it, but I got to go in with this right here. – Yo, cheers. You got to twist it. – Yeah, yeah. Wow. – These mother(beep) playing with me. – Wow. – You guys playing with me? – Wow. – Good (beep) move with
the provolone, baby. Cause the provolone is what
makes it cheesy like that. – Wow. – We got that delicious classic (beep) ramen noodles in that. Great kimchi, great jalapeño. – Yeah, the kimchi’s, I love the corn in the kimchi, too. Adds a little bit sweetness
to that spicy, right? – Good (beep) move with
the pickled vegetables and that heat. And they got a little bit
of spicy sauce in the too. – Oh my god. – Did y’all hear that crunch? – Sometimes ramen in (beep), can come off very gimmicky, but I love what a squiggly texture it adds to the sandwich. – Adds a nice little heft to it, right? So you bite down more onto something besides just cheese. I (beep) with it, man. – Bro, I really like this. – Man, guys. – This is like when the ninja
turtles would bite the pizza. Oh my god. – Man! – Cowabunga! Wow, this (beep) really good. – We are over here at The Golden Marrow! – Okay, what the (beep) is this? What do we have here? – It’s a five truffle,
Parmesan bone marrow. – Wow. – It’s roasted on white oak wood, so it’s super smokey. Have you had bone marrow before? – I have. I love bone marrow. – Yeah. – Let’s get it. Thank you, so much. – Thank you, so much. You guys (beep) don’t skimp
on that black truffle, homie. – Crazy! – There’s 24 karat gold on top. – These (beep) crazy, dude. Children are starving all over the world. They don’t care. Naw, just kidding. I was
just (beep) with her. – (beep) them kids! – Yeah, man! – First of all, let me just say, since Snoop is here, I’m sipping a gin and juice. – Presentation, 10 out of 10. – Wow, this is beautiful. – Not a single (beep) we’ve ever been to, at a festival, had presentation like this. – Oh, nothing like this. – Yeah, man. – I saw her dusting the
(beep) with the gold, like she was cleaning off makeup brushes. – That’s what I’m saying dude. That’s legit gold we’re about to eat with black truffle, which is food gold. – This is some decadent-ass
(beep) right here. – And on the on the bottom we have, I don’t know how to pronounce, spaetzle. – Oh, spaetzle! – Yeah. – Spaetzle on the bone marrow. – Yeah, it’s the, I, – I don’t know about (mumbles) – Okay, I’m gonna (mumbles) Let’s try this, Okay, here we go. – Oh my god. Look at this. – Cheers. – I can’t even scoop. Oh my god this is trazy. – Wow! – They put this like, black truffle sauce on top of that marrow. It’s so rich and decadent. The fat just coats all over your mouth. – If you’ve never had bone marrow before, I describe it to people, like if you can imagine butter made out of meat. That’s what it tastes like. You know what I’m saying? And it just like, it literally melts in your mouth, because it’s just (beep) like, just flavorful-ass fat. You know? – I don’t know if you guys
agree with me on this, but if you’ve ever had Japanese A5 wagyu. – Yeah. – That intermuscular fat
reminds me of bone marrow. – That boy said, intermuscular – You know what I’m saying, bruh? You know what I’m saying bruh? – Not everybody (beep) with it, because of the texture. Because it’s so soft and so gooey. But, I love just like a fatty piece of meat in my mouth. No pause. – Yo, you mix that fatty bone marrow with these fried, delicious buttery pieces of spaetzle. I’m eating this whole thing. – Yeah, me too. (beep) my cholesterol. – Oh, hi! – Look at this. They (beep) love Tim, dude. It’s only cause he’s Thai. (beep) these guys right? – What’s up, bro? – Oh (beep) – Okay, what? My people, my people. – Yeah, you’re my people, dude. What is this? What do we have here? – I’ve got spicy, crazy noodles. That are made from Thai chili and then are topped
with roasted pork belly. Sunny side up. The slow crab claw. – You know what my dad
says about Thai chilis? Thai chilis are like Thai penises. They’re not big, but they’re the most powerful. – Yeah, absolutely! – Is that right? – That’s right. He said, get in there. That (beep) crazy, dude. – There you go. – Yeah, yeah. – That’s what talking about, the sauce. – Wow, he doesn’t know what
the (beep) a little bit means. – Son of a bitch. Hey, welcome to episode
Send Foodz everybody. Basically, this a food show, but Tim’s over sucking his
own (beep), like, hello. – I don’t need to suck my own (beep), when I got my people to
suck my (beep) for me. – That guy had the biggest smile on earth. I thought his face was
going to rip in half. – So, I don’t know how to go about this, but it’s dripping all over me and I’m, – Break the yolk. Mix the sauce in. – Cheers. (upbeat music) – Oh my god. – When it comes to Thai food, one thing they never lack is flavor. You talking bout (beep) flavor man. – Wow! – This piece of pork, It tastes like that Thai beef
jerky. That’s the seasoning. What is that called? – Nuer Daed That’s the beef jerky. It’s like, they call it Thai beef jerky, but it’s like way juicer than regular beef jerky. – It’s delicious. – I apologize to the gringos for stopping by this booth because this (beep) right here. Next level spice, bro. – You’re gonna tell them to get the hell out of
your country, basically. – Look at these delicious
little crab claws. That’s good, man. Definitely some fish sauce
flavor in there for sure. – Hey, look. My mom was right. Thai people are the best at everything. – She like, oh yeah, Thai people are the best. She’s a Thai supremacist, dude. – All right, as you can see.
We’re in the VIP section, because too many fans are coming up to us. It’s getting dangerous. – Yeah, so many fans. – Throwing their ramen
soaked panties at us and it was ridiculous. – Crazy, man. – So up next, we’re gonna be hosting the ramen eating competition. – What? – They got twenty pound bowls of ramen. – That’s it? – Five competitors. They have twenty minutes to eat twenty pounds of ramen. Look at the annunciation, on my mouth. – They’ve got hoodlum music, playing in the background. – What’s up y’all? Y’all having a good time? Make some noise. – Oh, god! – Make some noise if you’re
ready to see some people eat a lot of ramen. – (beep) disgusting toppings, including charred pork belly. – Bamboo. – Corns. – Soft boiled eggs. – Nori. – Yeah! Only one person has ever finished, this bowl of ramen in history. – And they’re dead, now. – Yeah, they died right afterwards. – [Crowd] Five, four, three, two, one, Eat! Wow. – Amazing. – Oh, it’s the hands. The hands. – Little Japanese women
are crying all over in Japan right now, watching you eat this. What in the hell is going on? This is insane. – This is wild. – You guys eat like ducks. You don’t chew at all. – Okay, see so, everybody is doing the noodles first, because that takes up the
most room in the bowl. You know what I’m sayin? – What the (beep)? – Wow! – Yo, oh my god! – What the (beep)? – That was two minutes and three seconds. – Two minutes and three seconds. Molly killed this ramen. Boy, here we go. The grand prize winner, the one who killed that bowl the fastest and the winner of the golden chopsticks. Make some noise for Molly Schuyler. Y’all, she looks like she’s
in her first trimester right now. All right guys, well, thanks for watching. Go eat some (beep). All right, so we stopped
by the Ten Asian Bistro, being worked by three white girls. And, we got their hot nude pig on a stick, which is what David’s fiancee will see on their wedding night. – Slow roasted pork, wrapped in egg noodles. Deep fried in Nashville
hot sauce, parmesan on top. Lets get it, Tim give that a nice little, snippety, snappety, bite. – Okay, okay! – Oh, hot, oh! – Definitely cooked slow, because that pork belly is (beep) tender. – You know the sweetness
of that pork reminds me of? What’s that Chinese sausage? – Lap Cheong. – Lap Cheong. Kind of reminds me of that,
if you’ve ever had that. You know pork belly, we’re used
to it being salty and fatty. But this is like, I don’t if it’s from the
sauce or the actual meat, but it’s kind of sweet. I like it. – The fried egg noodle, always adds that delicious crunch factor. Crunch is not a flavor, but it really should
be at a certain point. It has a lot of elote
flavorings right now, right? – Because of the cheese on top. – With the cheese and that creamy sauce. But you have that buttery, tender, slow roasted pork. I (beep) with this man, very good. – Yeah, that’s tasty. So, we stopped by the Mess
Hall Canteen food truck. These guys always adapt really well. They take their time in taking
whatever ingredient it is and doing a nice lil combo configuration. – It’s like Asian finesse,
with American decadence. Cause the heft! – That’s like us! – Yes! – The heft on this is amazing. – The Hugh Heft. – The Hugh Heft. So what do you have, Tim? – I have the Kalbi Brisket Garlic Noodles. Now David, with your Korean ass, what is Kalbi brisket? – Kalbi is actually a Asian, we call it short rib. And it’s marinated in soy sauce, garlic, onions. You eat that (beep) up. I have it nice and pink, usually. And you just rip it right
off the mother(beep) bone. – And what you got over here? – We got ourselves a hamachi, soba noodle thing going on. I love soba noodles. This is a noodle dish that
is supposed to be eaten cold. – Yes! – I love cold noodles. – Let’s get it. – Okay. – This is what I look for
in a cold summer dish. Very bright, very acidic. You got these nice little snappy,
crunchy edamame in there. And of course, that
fatty, fresh, delicious, chunky-ass piece of hamachi. – Chunky! Bro, let me tell you something. The brisket, is so tender, dawg, with these soft-ass noodles, and that crispy-ass, little carrot and What’s in this little thing on top? – That’s probably daikon. – Carrot and daikon, mixed on top. Try this, try the kalbi. Wow. – Very (beep) good. – That’s a fresh piece of
fish too, off a food truck. How they do that? – How McDonald’s do
the filet-o-fish, man? I don’t know either. Fatty piece of brisket. Brisket, is typically a
very cheap cut of meat. For the size that you get. You have to cook this super (beep) slow, to get it this tender. – Low and slow and long. – Long time. – Kalbi! Because that (beep) Like Kobe, but kalbi. – Hello. – Hello. – Hi! – How are you? – Good, how are you? I’m a big fan of you. – I love your show, I watch your show I can’t believe you’re here. – Thank you. – Thanks! Can I get a Lychee-lada? – Uh-huh.
– Do you say lychee or lychee? – I say lychee. – You say lychee? – Yeah. – Okay, can I get a
Lychee-lada? What do you want? And can we also get a
Smurf Berry S’more please? – Yeah, of course. – All that (beep). Give us all that (beep). – Yeah (beep). – What’s up, man? – Aw, (beep) – That mother(beep) came
out like a crack head. Like, “Hey, what’s up man?” – All right, so we’re getting fullsies. So we decided to get some
dessert from Hug Life. – Hug life! – Hug life. I got me a Lychee-lada. Do say lychee-lada or, Do you say lychee or lychee? – I say (pronouncing). – Is there an actual way
to pronounce that (beep)? – I can’t figure it out. – It’s a (beep) mystery. – Okay so, I like what they did here. They took what they do at
the Mexican food carts. They got some type of tajin on there. They got some chamoy in there. And let me tell you some, dawg. How you, You can’t wait for me? – I’m a little buzzed right now. You know what, this whole show is just feeding me alcohol and you know, – Look, (beep) your liver. (beep) my cholesterol. We out here. Shout out to Thrillist, we getting paid, but we gonna die early, but it’s worth it. Have you tasted this? – It’s delicious. – It’s really good. – I told you. – Like what does this taste like? – Coconut, taro, something. What is this? What the (beep) is in this? – Blueberry, blueberry, I believe. – Really, no, no. But something else though. Taste it again. There’s
more in here than that. Or am I trippin? – Oh. I know what the flavor is. – What? – Smurf. I have no (beep) idea. – Smurf (beep) – It needs a lil alcohol though, right? There it is. – Gin. – Straight to the dome. – Lit. – Well you know, basically at this point, Tim is just approaching other people. They don’t even know
him and he’s just like, You know me, right? You know, Wild Style! I (beep) hate the guy really, I do. – How are you? – I’m fantastic! – What was your favorite
thing you had tonight? – Me? – Yes. – Me, I think. I, Are we doing the ending? – Yes. Outro. Do it, do it, do it. – No. I’m not doing the outro. – What was your favorite
thing you had tonight? – Are we doing the (beep) (beep)? – No. What’s you’re favorite
thing you had tonight? It’s the outro. – I guess we’re doing the outro. – We’ll do outro. What’s Your, What’s your favorite
thing you had tonight? What’s your, What’s your, What’s your favorite
thing you had tonight? – My (beep) side hurts! – (beep) So, this (beep) Eli, put
together this whole (beep). And now we bout to go on stage. Instead of bottle service, we got lobster service. Instead of champagne, they’re bringing us a
whole (beep) lobster. – Twenty pound lobster. Every claw is bigger
than a regular lobster. Just the claw. – Wow! – Yeah. – Lobster. – It is twenty mother(beep) pounds. It takes years for a
lobster to get that big. And he just spit on our producer. Right in her (beep) face. You ever see that old
Missy Elliot music video? Anyways, – I’m sorry. – Tim literally spit on a woman. I didn’t mean, I didn’t mean to spit, I wasn’t trying to spit on her. – You were trying to spit on the camera. – It’s all right. – Twenty percent, of our (spit) our earth’s oxygen, comes from the Amazon Rainforest. (spit) – Let’s go (beep) – Wow. On the Versace! – Make a noodle pun right now. – Hey man, my computer broke, so I need a new Dell. – That (beep) was so bad. – Yo! So, this food festival was poppin’. Noods, noodles. I’m drunk. – I couldn’t tell at all, Tim. I’m talking about the best food I’ve had so far at a festival. – What was your favorite
thing you had today, bro? – Man, I gots to say, It had to be, And not because they did
anything crazy or special. It brought back nostalgia, was the momma noodle Thai thing. – Momma noodles. I love me some momma noodles. Not gonna lie, I think my favorite might have been, because of the momma noodles. The grilled cheese. – Oh! – Because that (beep) was fire. – He didn’t care about his
skin or his relationship. – I didn’t care all. I’m out here, you what I’m sayin? And shout out to all
y’all leaving comments, in the comments, because Elyza S. wants more longer episodes. Thank You. – And Diana Laura and Andre Terrell, say they want a little more David So. – So, keep watching! Keep sharing! Keep subscribing! Because we out here.

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