North Korea says UN envoy expressed willingness to ease tensions on peninsula

North Korea and the United Nations have reportedly
agreed to hold regular conversations on a variety of issues. North Korean state media said UN Undersecretary
General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, who was in the North this week, also expressed
a willingness to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula. It also said Feltman acknowledged that international
sanctions are having a negative impact on humanitarian aid to North Korea. Feltman, who left Pyongyang earlier Saturday,
has yet to comment on his trip.


  • melvin5818

    This is what kim wanted he never wanted to bomb the world he wants to stay in power and having nukes let's you do that. He wants to bring the USA to the table and get aids while enslaving his people.

  • Northern Thai Garden Guy

    North Korea is going to be experiencing regime change soon.

  • larry099

    North Korea just wants more food aid so they can continue their missile program.

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