Nuclear envoys from S. Korea, U.S. and Japan discuss coordination on N. Korea

The chief nuclear negotiators of South Korea,
the U.S. and Japan met in Washington on Tuesday. The talks centered around coordination on
Pyeongyang,… and the reaffirmartion of pursuing complete denuclearization as well as lasting
peace on the Peninsula. Kim Hyesung has our top story. South Korea’s Special Representative for Korean
Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs, Lee Do-hoon, met with his U.S. counterpart Steven
Biegun and Japanese counterpart, ( ) Shigeki Takizaki in Washington Tuesday local time. The U.S. State Department said the officials
from the three countries reaffirmed the importance of bilateral and trilateral coordination on
North Korea to achieve complete denuclearization and bring lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula. The meeting comes two weeks after they met
in New York,… on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly,… and just a few days after
nuclear talks between Pyeongyang and Washington broke down in Sweden last Saturday. They are known to have shared information
on the talks between North Korea and the U.S. and on ways to keep up the negotiations. North Korea’s nuclear envoy Kim Myong-gil
had said the U.S. arrived “empty-handed” to the talks, a point disputed by U.S. State
Department officials. The UN Security Council also held a closed-door
meeting Tuesday local time to discuss North Korea’s latest missile test, which is claimed
to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile. The council urged Pyeongyang and Washington
to go back to Stockholm, Sweden, and resume nuclear talks. Following the meeting, six European envoys
representing France, Germany, the UK and others released a statement… condemning Pyeongyang’s
missile tests and called for the strict enforcement of international sanctions against North Korea. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.

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