Opening Island Adventure GAME MASTER Treasure Chest (Rebecca Zamolo Twin FOUND Hiding INSIDE!!)

– Hey Sharers what is going on? Yeah, we’re no longer in Hawaii. We are back at the Sharer fam house. That’s right Sharers. You saw in last vlog that my sister, Grace, and I found this top secret abandoned treasure chest at the bottom of the vacation
house we were staying at in the ocean right by the
abandoned ghost ship dock. (surprised gasping) – Guys! Guys come here! – Is that it? – It must of washed up from the storm. – Exactly! Maybe it was
over there and it slid up! – The treasure chest was the final step of the island adventure challenge series. And it was at the bottom of the dock at the bottom of the house the entire time right in front of our eyes
and we never even noticed. And it looks like there were a lot of other people after the treasure chest, but they didn’t know the
exact location of it. And we found it first. Because if you noticed every single day that we were at the vacation house there some sort of workers
working on that dock. It looked like they were
trying to rebuild it. But it turns out they
were just fishing around, searching the water, looking
for that treasure chest. Luckily Grace, Rebecca Zamalo,
Matt and I found it first. We brought it up to the house, and as soon as we started
to open the treasure chest, suddenly Rebecca Zamalo
game-master-type-looking person started chasing after us. Let’s go! Come on! Come on! Let’s go! – Run! – There she is! There she is! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s
go! Let’s go! Let’s go! (Screaming) (Screeching tires) So, the Uber took us
straight to the airport. We took the treasure
chest, asked the airline to check it as a checked baggage. We saw it actually get onto the plane. So, we knew it made it onto the plane. We took off. We arrived safely. And we got it at the
conveyor belt safe and sound. And now the treasure chest is here and were ready to figure out what was in this island adventure
treasure chest thing. And why there’s so many people
that are after this thing. By the way Sharer’s, if
you didn’t already know, the house is still getting redone. Look at this. Completely ripping off the
walls and everything like that. I don’t know what this section is but kinda looks like
a prison or something. (Clanking bars) I don’t know, hopefully they’re gonna turn
that into something nice. Let’s go find Grace and
let’s get this thing open. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh, and check out this room,
its really coming along. – Oh, Steve there you are. Oh,
hey Sharers how’s it going? I was just outside making
sure the treasure chest was still there because who knows if something took it overnight buts its still outside.
And we need to go open it. – Yeah, Sharers we left
the treasure chest outside, because I don’t know if you noticed, but in that last treasure chest that we found by that abandoned shipwreck we opened it and let’s just
say a lot of things happened. – Yeah. – Lets open it. (Gasp) Whoa! -Oh my God Grace. – Woah. -Woah. – Woah! Stephen! Stephen! – I told you its booby-trapped! – Oh my Gosh! What do we do? – Yeah so, we’re not sure
exactly what’s inside but we just wanted to be extra careful. – Yeah, and it was making noises and we didn’t know if there’s
like an animal inside, so we wanted to keep it outside. – Oh! – Oh, baby Otter! – Hey baby Otter. (cooing) – Hi Otter say hi to the Sharers. Were you just outside? Otter say hi. (Gasp) Good to see you
Otter. Good to see you. Well now that Otter’s here. Otter, you wanna come out
and help us open this? Yeah okay come on. Let’s go Sharers. Come on. Otter, it’s been so long. Otter didn’t get to go to Hawaii with us, so he’s been here guarding
the Sharer fam house. – Look he’s like hugging you
because he missed you much. – Yeah. Otter misses everyone. Otter say hi to the
Sharers. Say hi. Good boy! Okay. You ready to go?
(dog whine) Yeah? Okay. Come let’s go. Let’s go. (dog bark) Oh, it is cold here this
is not Hawaii weather. – No, I’m zipping up my coat. – Ooh! Look at that the
Sharerguini is here. Of course, the Sharerguini has the top up in the winter time because its cold. So the Sharerguini has gotta stay warm. (sigh) Let’s see the sun is out. Ooh! But it’s a cold one. (Exhale) I can see my
breath and everything. Okay, Grace. Where is it? – Oh its right over here. I moved it so I could see if there’s like any clues and I did like black light scan on it. – Yeah, Sharers check it out, it made it all the way back from Hawaii. Look at this we even have
like our luggage tag on it. Because we used it as a check bag. Even though its not really a suitcase, but we wanted to check it just in case. So they tape it up and everything. And it looks like the
taped has not been touched. Which means no one’s opened it. We got this on it too.
Wait a second, Grace. Let me see what this says. It’s some sort of
sticker that they put on. Let me rip this thing off real quick. – Steve what’s it say? What’s it say? – Oh, this isn’t good.
– What? – Look at this sticker
that was on it. Ready? – Yeah.
– Inspected. It was inspected.
– It was inspected? By who? – That means someone opened
it, Grace. (Grace gasps) Wait how did they open it because, they don’t have the key.
– They don’t have the key So, did someone actually inspect it? Because if they didn’t, then
why is that sticker on here? USDA too. United States
Department of Agriculture inspected it.
– Oh! Whoa. – But are you sure they opened it? We better get this thing
inside just in case. – Yeah. Bring it inside.
(Stephen groans) – Okay, we gotta bring this
down to the merch room Grace. We gotta get this thing open. I really hope it hasn’t been inspected. This could be bad Grace. Someone could take something
out of it, I don’t know. – Yeah! I really hope
they didn’t take anything. – Are airport workers like
allowed to take stuff? – I don’t know. If they
inspect it does that mean they’re allowed to throw things
out if they don’t like it? – I think so. Let’s get
inside. Let’s see. Let’s see. – Okay we gotta get this thing open. Oh, by the way Sharers,
if you didn’t already see, this is our mystery detective board. So, this is what led us to Hawaii. It all started when we
found this disposable camera probably from like project
Zorgo or something. It turns out they were taking pictures of the Sharer fam house, and we traced this red line all over the place, and it ended up here, to
mystery tracks in the snow. We followed those tracks and then ended up with a bucket in the pond, and on there was an address that led
us to to Rebecca Zamolo. We contacted Rebecca. That’s
how we ended up in Hawaii, and in Hawaii we had a bunch of challenges and the end goal was to find
the mystery treasure chest, which we found, and now
we just gotta open it. So let’s grab these scissors real quick, and let’s take this tape off. I’m hoping this tape doesn’t
destroy the wood on this thing. This thing is so old, and
it was soaked in sea water for so long. – Yeah, I wonder how old
this treasure chest could be? There’s like so many marks, like its been underwater for so long, and
all these nails are so rusted. – Oh, I got it Grace. – You got it opened? – No, I got one of the pieces of tape. – Okay. (tape ripping) – It doesn’t come off that well. They wrapped this thing really good. – It looks like they did two layers, like for extra protection. – Oh.
– What? – Hang on. I think its ripping. Look it’s like taking
like seaweed off of it. – Oh whoa, but that’s okay,
it only matters what’s inside, and that whatever was
inside it is still in there. – Yeah let’s just get this
tape off as quick as we can. The airport really tapped
this thing up really well. – Yeah, there must be
something crazy inside. – There we go. Wooh. Once that is off, I’m just gonna get the other side off real quick. What I’m doing is cutting it, right behind the hinge right here. Because there’s air behind the tape. So, if we do that, and then we pull this. Then we go like that, then
we just have a little tape left right on the hinge right here, and there we go. Tape is gone. I think we’re good. Now
that we got the tape off, we should be able to just stick the key right in the hole and it
should unlock it right? – Yeah, I think so. Why wouldn’t it? – I don’t know. Can you go
grab the key real quick? – Wait, wait, wait! Where is the key? I threw it in the Uber. I
haven’t touched it since. – Wait, is it still in the Uber? – I don’t know. Did anyone
take it out of the Uber. I remember like throwing it in. I didn’t put it in a bag or anything. – Well if the treasure chest
got loaded into the car, did we leave the key in the Uber? Maybe we threw it in
our suitcases real quick when we got to the
airport? I don’t remember. – I know I didn’t touch
it. Did you touch it? – I don’t know let me go
check my suitcase real quick. – Hurry Steve. This is so important. – Go check your too.
– Yeah. Okay. Hurry. – Let’s see. This is all
Share The Love clothes. Not that. Random clip. (whistle) Not that. Share The Love socks. Share
The Love backpack. Oh! – Did you find it? Did you find it? – Oh, no, Grace but check it out. I found this Swag Pack.
Check this thing out. Oh yeah.
– Whoa! – That’s right Sharers
we used to give this out for anyone who go first comment. And its a super exclusive Swag Pack, signed by me, and it says
‘Official Swag Pack Winner’, and the coolest thing is, it spins! Just like a fidget spinner! Oh yeah! – Whoa! Oh, Sharers comment down below if you think we should start
giving out Swag Packs again. Stephen where is the key though? – I don’t know. I don’t
think it’s in here Grace. I only have clothes in here. I don’t think it’s in my suitcase. You better check your suitcase. – Oh, my suitcase is out here. Okay. But I don’t think the key’s in it because all I have is like shirts. – Wait, well let’s check. Quick. – Yeah, yeah, okay. Let’s open this up. Pull this down. Oh, this is heavy. I have so much stuff in here.
Oh, guys check this out. A custom made blanket for
me from one of you guys. Its tie-dye, and it’s
made from an epic Sharer. (glass breaking) Okay, lets get focused. Shirt. Shirt. Shirt. Where
is the key? Where is the key? I don’t think it’s in here. – There’s nothing in there. – Nothing. I already took out
all of my shoes and stuff. – Okay hang on. The treasure
chest got delivered. I’m pretty sure we took
everything out of the Uber. Where would we have put that key. I must have put it somewhere. – I don’t know. It was so big too. Maybe you put it in like your pocket. – Okay hang on. So last thing I remember is you throwing the key
into the back of the Uber with the treasure chest,
and then after that we just went to the airport,
got on the plane and went. So, we must have put the key somewhere before we hopped on the plane right? – Yeah we had to. You remember you said you put it somewhere safe? Right? – Yeah, your right. I
put it somewhere safe. – Oh wait! Your backpack! Did
you put it in your backpack? – My backpack. Let me
check my backpack. Hang on. – Check the Share The Love back pack. – Okay. We got the backpack. Let me check. – Okay. Look. Look. Look. Um… (Gasp)
– (Gasp) You found it! You found it! – Oh no, no, no, no, no. I found another Swag Pack!
– What! – Check it out Sharer’s. Turn on post notifications right now. Make sure that bell is on,
if you get first comment were gonna start giving
out these Swag Packs again. Grace we gotta find it. I
must have put it in here. Let’s see. We got it. – You found it?
– Yup. Bingo. – Oh! Look at it! – This keys actually really old too. – Yeah and its huge. Look at that. – Well, Now that we got it,
we gotta transport it safely. Lets go, back to the swag store room. We gotta figure out what’s inside. Sharers comment right now what you think is inside this thing. It was already inspected by the USDA so they were suspicious about it. We gotta figure out what’s inside. You think this is gonna fit? – Yeah! It goes right to it. It has to. – I don’t know how to work these old keys. – I think you like push it in first. – Oh, it goes in upside
down! That’s how you do it. Okay, hang on.
– No, you do it the other way. – No, it doesn’t go in this way. Look. It sticks out too far. But if you go in this way it goes in. It definitely goes this
way it’s just not twisting. – Ugh Steve. Come on! You
gotta match up the shapes. Circle. Triangle. Circle. Triangle. It goes this way. – Okay well try to get it then. – It’s like stuck. – It’s probably rusted out. You gotta probably pry it a little bit. – I think something might be in there, like blocking it to go in. – No there’s like that nob, but I think you need that nob in order to open it. – This is the key. For a fact. – Yeah definitely has to be the key. My guess is that this treasure chest was sitting in the salt water for so long that some of the parts got rusted. – Wait a second.
– What? – What if the FDA?
– You mean the USDA? – Yeah, the USDA, what
if they broke the lock, opened it up, and then like glued it shut. – Oh, like when they were inspecting it. – Yes. – Wait, so how else can we
get this thing open then. And they glued it up so
no one could ever, ever, in the entire world, open it up again, because the stuff inside was so crazy. – Well what’s the point of that Why wouldn’t they just
take this and throw it out. – Because it wasn’t theirs. They can’t take stuff that’s not theirs. – Hang on Grace. Let
me get into this thing. I got this.
– It’s not working. – Hang on. We might need
like WD40 or something. – Oh yeah maybe it’s just
like super rusted in there. – Okay let’s go grab some and throw it on. – Yeah, I think if we
spray enough WD40 Grace, it’ll work like awesome. – Yeah, I’m gonna grab like
a spy gadget or something. – Spy gadget? What’s a
spy gadget gonna do Grace? – It’s helped us so much in the past. Why wouldn’t it help us now? – Grace, like what kinda spy gadget? – I don’t know like a
binocular or this thing. Maybe can see through the
wood if the lock doesn’t work. We can see what’s inside. I have a great feeling these will work. Sharers, smash the like button
if you think this will work. Stephen go get your WD40. I
don’t think that will work. – Alright Grace good luck. – Okay you good luck too. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! The
treasure chest is open! Stephen the treasure chest is open! – Well I guess it worked? – No! Come here! Come here!
The treasure chest is open. I didn’t unlock it at all.
Its open. Completely open. – Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. Let me go check this out. What? – What happened?
– Whoa. – What? – Uh… What is that? – What do you see?
– Hold on. We need to figure out how
this thing got opened Grace. We need to go check
the cameras real quick. – Stephen when we redid the merch room, we got rid of the camera.
We didn’t reinstall it yet. – Well then what are we supposed to do? – I don’t know. Sharers comment down below if there’s any clues of how this opened. – There’s a lot of stuff inside. We need to figure this out Grace. – What’s inside? – Look at this thing. What is this? – Whoa! That’s like a control panel. – Yeah but what does it have to do? – Can I see it? Yeah
there’s like so many buttons like info, okay, and like pause. (click) – Grace. – What? What? – I’m like paused. – You’re paused? Oh! Wait a second Sharers this could be something
awesome to play with. We could do the 24 hour
pause challenge with Stephen. – Can you like un-pause me? – Uh no. Let’s get this
challenge started Sharers. Come hop over to my channel. Woo! – Grace! Grace we still need
to figure out more information about this treasure chest. We’re not done. – On no. We gotta a little game to play.


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