Orangutan Baby and Mother Saved [4K] | Borneo Wildlife Warriors (S02E05) | SZtv


  • Binti51K Binti51K

    Jangan bunuh orang utan kami wahai para petani Sawit!!!!biarkanlah mereka hidup karena mereka punya hak untuk hidup juga!!!

  • Muhammad Shafian

    Tutup semua zoo di seluruh dunia,untuk apa zoo dibina,untuk buat duit atau selamatkan binatang,Zoo vs palm oil??

  • Sharon Murray

    We can reduce and better yet stop buying products with palm. We can also write letters to companies to stop using palm.

  • Ange Lova

    That woman is an inspiration to me as a woman…… plus she is tiny like me!+ Tiny warrior!

  • Ange Lova

    "If we could only explain, we where trying to save it's life" heartbreaking. did you see that little one literally shooke his mom o passed out?

  • Ampatuan Masacre

    Send all Orangutan to CHINA.


    Good job

  • Pocahontas

    This is so heartbreaking 😢

  • potaterjim

    It'll be millions of years before the earth sees animals this robust and unique again.
    No, we're not overpopulating the planet, and we're definitely not "killing it", but we ARE basically destroying habitats that took thousands of years to develop, and making the earth inhospitable to basically anything big enough to stuff and mount on a wall or eat. We're the dinosaurs of our age; the only things that can survive alongside us are the small rodents, insects and birds. "Pest" animals that can thrive purely because they can live in the nooks and crannies we produce. Huge, majestic animals like rhinoceros or elephants take too long to mature and reproduce, compared to how easy it is to hunt them, and animals like these orangutan require habitats that take thousands of years to grow, but only a decade to clearcut.
    I feel like writing a whole short book on hypothetical biodiversity, and how boring everything will be until we start getting complex organisms back.

  • Gabor Kecskes

    Very brave act! But unfortunately all this is an indication of how much nature is struggling by now. 🤕

  • Sabila Sabila

    please save more. you are very brave!

  • Shannon Bullock

    I 100% understand that moving them is saving their lives, but that's not what they did. This mom and baby now belong to a facility and will be quarantined for months! Why didn't they just release them in a safe location in the wild? Bc they get all their grant and donation $$ to help with the animals upkeep. No animals, no cash.

  • Gagan Sayana

    It's soo painful to eatcg even when they r saving him can't imagine how painful it's for these babies with those hunters.😭😫😢😢😢

  • peanuts forget skins

    Oh god i cry 😫😫😫😫😫😫. I hope all people can baned palm oil

  • Fahni sidiq

    Where's Indonesian government to caught this ?

  • Desiree

    My opion only the woman should have been more prepared with the injection right off from the start rather making this more stressful for everyone

  • Desiree

    Even the man that got involved with no experience made this even more sad as if his intentions were good.Save the orangutans? BS! You did this as a documentary for the world to see the good in your deceiving actions all for the sake of ratings. Leave Gods family alone, they were perfectly fine!!

  • Sad Clown

    I am an exceptional stoic man but seeing that orangutan baby try to desperately wake the mom up and then fight for its dear life in horror made me cry my eyes out.

  • LizMcNamara47

    The female vet took such care to act quickly and ensure their airways

  • s basu

    All this would be unnecessary only if we humans would let them be… So painful to watch😭

  • James Johnson


  • Jeannette R

    I would love to see the follow up.

  • Fiona Me

    Stop buying Palm Oil people! Remember: the world can live without us, but we can't live without the world. 🙏✌🏼

  • becky Sawyer

    Poor babies

  • AAA Cauliflower

    No saving is needed if we just respected their habitat. Please stop using palm oil.

  • Georgia Bethany

    There so precious🥺

  • K R

    Brave lady… Others were just in supportive role..

  • Paul

    How can “people” dislike videos like this…? Makes me sick to be human. However, I do recommend a net for when they fall.

  • Mailana Priyo Lestariyanto

    5:00 the man is useless comparing the girl one.. he is so slow.

  • Michael Paul

    That's gotta be a fun job

  • hugo maria kwartiandono

    singapore and malaysia always complain about smoke from palm oil plantation….they need to know that many plantation in Indonesia are own by malaysia and singapore …making money in Indonesia , destroy the forest burn to clean up the land….generate smoke destroy all animal….and point all guilty to Indonesia…you are smart my friend " too smart "…….

  • Synta Ulina

    Glad that baby and mother were saved.

  • your left hairy toe

    What is palm oil actually used for? Is it a preservative?

  • Bluecavemen

    Wtf is that American or British guy doing thier? He terrible lady got more balls then him. Just act like he doing something. Ya you dumb ass just hold the tree while she does the man work

  • 뿡뿡! ^__^

    I will not purchase anything with Palm Oil. And Palm Oil farmers, if they care at all, could solve this problem. Maybe I am ignorant, but wouldn't the orangutans be much safer if farmers planted a variety of fruit trees as well as palm trees? Say for every 30 palm trees they planted a fruit tree. Or perhaps they could create coloured path to help lead orangutans out of the palm plantation. I am sure there are many things that could be done to prevent or ameliorate the situation.

  • Amethyst

    Amazing how strong that little guy is. A grown man could barely hold onto him.

  • Desy Selviany

    Kurangi makan minyak ya kawan, selain buat kesehatan tubuh buat kehidupan orang utan juga #tolaksawit

  • A.M. C.

    Love the look on its face as they pin it to the ground.

  • Nick Diaz

    That baby is shocked!

  • ThreePhaseHigh

    We’re we’re there gloves?

  • Samia Laskar

    you all are real heroes

  • Locoandchooch

    This girl tech is my hero.

  • LadyRum Zed

    It's sad 😔 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔💔

  • jcannoncraig

    At 4:30, that was heartwrenching, watching the baby frantically shaking his mom. You could definitely relate to something like a toddler screaming "mommy wake up!", while being absolutely terrified.

  • Nubian Vegan

    Poor babies. All because of humans and our entitlement.

  • Lie Kiok Ling

    保护动物的人士 你们辛苦了 感动 😢😢😢 祝福安康如意 毛孩们加油 喜欢 感谢有您

  • Nina Yang

    So sad 😭

  • bunga plum

    Menyedihkan, 😭😭😭😭semoga rumah saudara kita yakni orang utan tetap lestari dan berhenti dirusak oleh manusia2 biadab -bedebah nan tamak.

  • Uncle Smoke

    Lil bastard put up a good fight

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