ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship 2018 – The Struggle

Good morning.
Morning. Good morning. I’m fearful about giving up… …and I’m fearful about just being
afraid of the whole concept. I’ve done it before and
I swore blind I would never do it again. It’s so addictive it’s almost dangerous. This is the mother of all swimruns. If Ironman has Kona we have
ÖTILLÖ in Swimrun. It’s really hard to stop doing it. It has everything that you want in a race. It has the scenery, the comradery and
certainly the history of the Swimrun communities. All comes back to this place. So as soon as you fall in love with Swimrun,
this is where you wanna be. Five minutes to start! I don’t think you can fight with nature.
You always have to work with it. We’ve been meeting with Jonas Colting and
Mikael Rosén the last few days and… …getting this great input from people that have
been doing this race for years. I think they put a scare into us about
the slipperiness of the rocks. We have that at home but they keep telling us:
‘No, no, it’s not like anywhere else you’ve ever been.’ ‘The first part of the race, all you gonna wanna do is run and go,
and you’re not gonna be able to.’ In my swimming career I was one
of the fastest females in the world. My favourite distance was the 50 meter freestyle. I swam a 50 freestyle in approximately 24 seconds. Coming from very specific sprint swimming to
endurance swimming is a big challenge. And this race, one of the longest
and biggest races in the world… …is hard to even comprehend in my mind
how it’s gonna be. I have a mantra that I go back to: ‘I am one with my breath,
and my breath is with me.’ Swimrun really gives me a goal. And it’s something to work towards and you’re
working towards this goal with a race partner… …and with the whole community. I’ve always loved trail running, cross-country running,
and I’ve always done better in that discipline… …than I have on the road. The freaky thing now for me and the struggle
I’m gonna be facing… …is the fact that I’ve never run even a marathon before. There are always dark times in a race and
you have to try and work with your partner… …to get through them, and try to support each other. That’s the biggest part of the teamwork
in the race for me. Anything can happen. Even if me and my teammate have been
racing several races together… …I always have the respect for the nature. During the race you’ll learn to love the race. So you’re gonna go through all this different places. You gonna hate the race, you gonna love the race,
and sometimes you’re not gonna care at all. We have this instinct, you know. A mental thing that’s called
‘pannben’ in Swedish. That means that you have a really strong mind and… …if you wanna bring yourself to that goal,
to that finish line, you’re gonna do it… …even if you don’t have a leg. The mental reward of coming to Utö,
passing through the finish line… …getting that big warm hug from Michael Lemmel. That’s worth something.


  • ironman3105

    Magic !!!!😍😍

  • Rasmus Lodenius

    Amazing! 😉

  • Humberto Olivares

    Congratulations for the great work done and the growth of the sport by several countries! Swimrun Brazil is coming. In the next year, we're preparing three stages in a beautiful places. We're working
    hard! We'll do the best we can. instagram: swimrunbrasil_srb / site:http://www.swimrunbrasil.com.br/

  • henry müller

    Amazingly heroic. I suggest that furthermore part of the distance should be breached by kite and another one by bicycle. So we would have a stunning "run-swim-kite-cycle" event for truly extreme supermen and -women. Heros should never stop pushing their limits further and further – that's what we, the public flocking to these event, want.

  • Duster Douglas

    Great!!!! Very beautiful sport. I hope in the future we will see him in the Olympic family

  • heru Hendrajito

    💪great race!

  • sygnalfarben

    Amazing video! I will do my first sprint swimrun this year and maybe one lucky day participate in Ötillö 🙂

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