Paracas peninsula and islas Ballestas (Peru, 1996) – pt 1 of 13

On the coast of Peru we made a tour to the peninsula of Paracas. We cross beautyful sand formations of yellow, white and red sand. The Cliffs are a Paradise for sea birds. The Cathedral. This overhanging rock formation collapsed in 2007 after a heavy earthquake. We are ready to get on board of the boat that brings us to the Islas Ballestas. We are going to the islas Ballestas. The islands are full of birds and sea lions.
The islands are called ‘The Galapagos for the poor’. In the dunes a prehistoric geoglyph of a candle is made by an unknown civilization. Because it never rains it is still in perfect shape. You can hear the noise of the seabirds from a long distance. The white ‘dungrocks’ are full of boobies, cormorants and pelicans. The dung, called guano, is sometimes metres high. They harvest it as a natural fertilizer and is locally called ‘the white gold’. The other side of the islands is for the sea lions. They are lazing in the sun without taking notice of us. A remote bay host a giant colony of sea lions The noise is deafening !

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