PATTAYA Islands and Beaches | Ko Lan (Coral Island) | Ko Kham | Острова и пляжи Паттайи

Pattaya’s Islands offer an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy coastal city. Few of them are particularly big and the vast majority are uninhabited, with many of them being ringed with beautiful sandy beaches and clear water. Here, you’ll also find some great spots for snorkelling, diving and fishing. Coral Island is the largest of the islands which can be reached from Bali Hai Pier and is the only one with a resident population. There are six main beaches: Samae, Tien and Tawaen beaches all have accommodation options while Naul, Tonglang and Tayaiy beaches have at least one restaurant, jet ski hire, banana boat rides and more. While snorkelling is possible and the corals are nice, the large amount of boat traffic means you need to keep your wits about you. The fact that the large Koh Khram is arguably one of the most beautiful Pattaya islands only makes it a greater pity that it is owned by the Royal Thai Navy and is therefore largely off limits. The boat charter services from Ocean Marina Yacht Club sometimes make a short stop on the pristine beaches, but staying for any longer than an hour is generally impossible.

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