Peninsula Plaza, Singapore

Hello! Welcome to Burmeseguytv! Today we are going to tour Pennisula Plaza, one of the Burmese hangout places in Singapore. Behind me is the Pennisula Plaza. People come here mostly for burmese restaurants, burmese grocery stores, money remittance and to send goods to Myanmar or to recevie goods from Myanmar There are other things that you can do at Pennisula plaza. why don’t we go and find out together? There are also afew burmese food stalls in other part of Singapore. But Pennisula Plaza is the only place which has a lot of restaurants and Myanmar grocery stores in the same building. Now I’m in front of Mya Nanda eatery place where you will be charged based on what you choose to eat. Depending on what you eat, One meal can cost from 3 to 6 dollars depending on what you choose to eat. Let’s go and check out what is on menu today! Just in front of Mya Nanda, there is a restaurant called Inlay. Being a restaurant, it has service charge and tax As compared to other Myanmar restaurants, the food here is a little pricer But, this place is always frequented by those who do not like noisy environment and those who want to introduce Myanmar dishes to foreign friends or colleague. This is the menu. Let’s have a look! In this mall, there are a lot of Myanmar restaurants and each of them has distinct cooking style and taste. So you will have to come and find out yourself which suits you the best. Now, let’s go and find out what Myanmar grocery stores are selling here. In Singapore, enrolling class is very expensive. So if you find yourself not having the skill required in your job, what can you do despite expensive class in Singapore? I want to introduce you to this free class called “Pyinyardarna”. The teachers here are those who are working professionally in their respective sector and they come here to teach others during their free time. How admirable! You can check out upcoming class info details at this facebook page. Well, finally, I’m done touring. Sunday really brings the crowd. If you like this video, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ this video. See you in next video!

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