Preparing to film dinner in Alexandria, Egypt

Hey, I’m Rick Steves. I’m in a great little
fish restaurant in Alexandria in Egypt, and this is kind of making TV. We’re in
here a little early, and I was hoping there’d be a lot of people but there’s not.
These guys don’t want to be on the TV show and you’ve always got to ask and respect
people, you know, for discretion. So, we’re going to park our entire staff over there,
and they’re just locals having dinner, and then we come in and, you know, we’ve
put our light up there. The fans are going and it’s going to make too much noise,
so we’ll turn the fans off. And then we’ve talked to the waiters and so on and they’ll
bring our mixed fish, our tahini, our baba ghanoush, and we’ll have our local
friends explain it all, and then we‘ll put together a beautiful little, a beautiful
little meal in Egypt. But um, it’s been a long day of shooting
and now we’re gonna finish it with some fish in the Port of Alexandria. And I’m very excited about the bit
we’ve just done on the second city of Egypt — Alexandria: 4 million people and a long
history. This is where Saint Mark brought Christianity to Egypt about 30 or 40
or 50 years after Christ, this is where Cleopatra was, and of course, this is
the place of the famous library and the lighthouse — one of the ancient wonders,
wonders of the ancient world. It’s a lot of organizing to make a beautiful
dinner, but it’s gonna be tasty!

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