Priscilla Shirer 2019 – How to Know And Choose Your True Friends

what kind of people do you have in your
life influencing you on the places you want to go and B do you have people in
your life that are the kinds of friends where iron is actually doing some
sharpening of some iron where there are some people in your life that are going
places worth following my friends you and I need friendship that goes deeper
and rivers that run deeper and stronger than just people who are fun to take the
Starbucks for a nice drink or go shopping with that’s fun but the girl
sitting beside you that’s your best friend she needs to be a buddy that
actually make sure you’re camping out at the right place that when you’re in a
pity party she does not join you there she snatches you up out of that thing
and says not today my friend not today you need a woman who when your marriage
is in a valley situation doesn’t say to you girl you need to get out of that
thing as quick as you possibly can you need someone who says to you I’m gonna
walk with you through this thing so that you and I could be the proverbs 31 women
that God has called us to be sisters we’re walking beside you who don’t tell
you to jump ship and walking this thing in a level of holiness that is honoring
to God you need to be hanging out with some people who say to you listen i’ma
walk with you until we walk down the aisle in a way that is suitable and
pleasing to the Lord with the way that we have lived our lives are there people
around you that are walking in a direction and taking you to places worth
camping out or are you hanging around people are you allowing people to sew
into your life that are really leading you and ruin you and causing you to camp
out in places you have no business going because when you’re not the same person
that you used to be there are just some places you have no business
I cannot just say to you single sisters where are you listen
I know he’s cute and has a job but that is not what you’re looking for I hope he’s cute I hope he has a job
I hope he’s planted in church I hope he’s a believer in Jesus Christ but
that’s just not all you’re looking for you’re looking for somebody who’s going
to make sure that he is leading you to a place worth going to that he’s got some
doing some directions some focused some ambition in his walk with God and is
going to take you as a family to a place that is worth going to my friends in the
book of Ezra the rumble was the building project leader for the rebuilding of the
temple and it says to us the scriptures that some people from a foreign land
came to the rubble and they said to him listen we want to build with you and the
gesture was nice but the rubble looked at these foreigners and said no thank
you and here’s what the reason was are you ready he says because you have
nothing in common with us more building do you understand my friends you and I
are in a building project there is a skyscraper that the Lord is building
with your life and with mine we’re in a process every single day of our lives
from the day of our birth to the day of our death he is building something with
our lives and the people that we allow to stand with us to walk with us to work
with us they better have the right tools in their hands to help us with the
building project that God has a son so my friends I ask you who are the
Gideon’s in your life the people who are taking you somewhere aren’t they taking
you to a place worth going and I pray that you are planted in a
house if it’s not this house another house I know we have lots of visitors
here I pray you are planted in a house with a
person that stands on a platform the pastor who is teaching you the gospel I
pray that what he is holding up and lauding before you is not his opinion
but the book the Word of God because each and every time the book will take
you to a place worth going to you and I are not the same people that we used to
be we have no business going where we used to go you know I tell my boys in
the morning I tell my boys something every day if you were to stop one of
them and ask them what does your mom say to you in the morning they’ll go up because every single morning on their
way out on the door to school backpacks securely in place on their way running
out of the door I will look them squarely in the eyes and I said mommy
needs to talk to you and they go on and I say you are a man of integrity and
character and they go and I say put your hands down around
space and I say you are a man of integrity and character you will be a
blessing to your teacher you will be a blessing you have the whole armor of God
so that you can stand against the fiery darts of the dust you will bless the
Lord at all times of his praises will continually be in here you are the
temple every single day and I still got that
three-year-old in the palm of my hand so he still looks at me like this so I’m
milking that all when I cannot grab this because even though they don’t even get
know who they are it’s my role to tell them who they are and they will be that so I’ve asked you are you hanging around
people worth going to but I can’t ask you another question who are you a
person that is leading people to a place that’s worth going to do you understand
and if you plan to be the president of IBM but you’re the president of H ome
would you know that that is not lesser a job in any way that my friends these
people are going wherever you takin them are you taking them to a place worth
going to the people in your sphere of influence your friends the people in
your Bible study the woman that you live next door to would you know the
scripture says these people that we think are randomly the co-workers that
are in the next cubicle the one that if she says one more thing to you you gonna
knock her out that one the scripture says these people have
been entrusted to us they’re entrusted to us so that we can be people that are
going places where other people it’s good that they follow us too are you
that kind of person when you’re not the same person that you used to be there’s
just some places you have no business going third thing we find out about
Gideon the Lord said to Gideon the people verse 2 the people who are with
you are too many for me to give many and into your hands now this is very
interesting because as I mentioned before there was 32,000 with Gideon
there were 135,000 in the valley the ratio was four to one four to one in a
dwindling process that is about to take place he’s about to take their numbers
down not once but two times even more he’s about to dwindle down this army so
4 to 1 and we would expect that God would look at
we would expect that his economy would just be a little bit different we would
expect that he wouldn’t have said what he said that the people who are with you
are too many he looks at the underdog and says the people who are with you 4 2
1 4 in the valley 2-1 on the mountainside the people who are with you
too many we would expect that God would you look at it the other way around the
people who are with Midian way too many for me to give Midian Tyrians upside down the backwards economy of God
I call these the paradoxical principles of the principle
that he just does things differently sees things from a completely different
vantage point so he looks at the underdog the disadvantaged says you got
way too much at your disposal for me to give you victory he dwindles the army
down not once but then again until there are 300 left listen now the ratio is 450
in the valley to one on the mountains and God says now you’re ready completely
outnumbered completely outmatched and God says verse 7 Gideon I will deliver
you with the 300 in other words you are better off with God’s 300 then your
32,000 any day of the week but lord I don’t have enough patience I
don’t have enough emotional energy left I don’t have enough time I don’t have
enough finances I don’t have enough gentleness I don’t have enough skill I
don’t have enough talent lord I am outnumbered 450 my problem 450 to my
little one and God says you’re exactly where I want you because like Amy said
so great – then she said please be weak did y’all hear what she said that please
be weak because when we get in that position we’re outnumbered 450 to one we
have just stepped into what I like to call the God that margin it’s the space
where all of our natural resources are completely depleted and God has to come
through on our behalf we’re always praying for a miracle but that nobody
actually wants to be in a position where a miracle is actually required we always
want God to come through but nobody wants to be in a scenario where God has
to come through every time he says to us go into a position where it will be 450
to one we say oh I don’t know will you talk about God I know you did call me
Tyrion look word but every time he asks you to be in that position teach the
Bible study well I don’t have enough talent for that warning you know I’m not
the one that should be signed up for that be a mother to this particular
child or you you know I’m having a patient for that say in a marriage with
someone who seems to be disconnected more you know you know I don’t have
enough the emotional energy left for that start this business or ministry he
says you’re exactly where I want you because if you’ll just say yes even
though the odds are 450 to 1 I get to show you that when you’re not the same
person that you used to be you have no business going where you used to go and
you just don’t need everything you thought that you would
you just don’t need everything you think you need his strength it is perfected in
our weakness so my friend he says to you I’m going to deliver you with the 300
David will kill Goliath and the boy with just a little bit of bread and fish will
be able to feed thousands and saw a man who was antagonistic to Christians will
be able to evangelize the Gentile world God has a way of taking just a little
bit and multiplying it when somebody will just say yes I will go where you
want me to go and I will do what it is that you want me to do so today you and
I have been in a transformation process where God has been speaking to us and
challenging us and encouraging us and giving us clear instruction I have heard
I’ve got to say not any clearer instruction on how to combat fear in our
lives that we heard today we have not heard any more clear instruction may we
not take for granted the instruction that God has given us today the
encouragement to get over our disappointments to get on with the God
appointments we have been given such clear instruction and now we have to
walk out of this place tonight and tomorrow when it’s all over in the
afternoon we have to walk out of this place realizing we are different may we
never take this for granted here in this country where these opportunities are so
readily available to us I think sometimes we’ve become desensitized to
the power of this thing that y’all everybody ain’t got it this good
everybody doesn’t have the opportunity to hear the Word of God like you and I
do may we never take for granted the clear Word of God that has been sowed
into our lives this weekend may we leave this place completely transformed
realizing we are so not the same because when you have an encounter with God’s
Word like we’ve had an encounter with word you cannot be the same again you
cannot be the same again and when you realize that in the chapter seven of
your life because chapter seven comes my friends then that means you just go into
it with a completely different mindset not camping out where you used to go and
realizing I just don’t need everything I thought I needed because in my weakness
oh my god strength is made perfect Michael Jackson
was mentioned earlier today and that reminded me about a documentary that was
done on him there’s been so many but the guy that was the producer of the Billie
Jean video he was interviewed about making that video it was very
interesting and he talked in one particular point of the interview he
talked specifically about that that one scene you know where Michael is walking
down that path and he’s danced it all up and down that path and every single time
he steps on a particular point on the path it lights up y’all remember that
come on y’all he’ll try to act holy y’all remember that right come on right
so every time he walked through a path it’s like that and so that the directors
telling the guy who’s interviewing and he’s saying it was so interesting
because Michael Jackson is such a phenomenal dancer he could dance his way
all over this studio if he wanted to he’s so talented but I had to pull
Michael Jackson aside the producer said I had to pull him aside and say to him
listen Mike this is the deal you are so talented and gifted we know that and you
can dance your way all over this pathway but what you need to know is that I have
gone before you and I have pre-lit fucking squares so you can dance all the
place if you want to but if you want these squares to light up you better
make sure you step on the squares that I have already gone before you and Freeman
otherwise you’re going to be doing all of that activity exerting all of that
energy all of that effort you will find that
there is no illumination of the path that you’re about to walk on and so my
friend you and I oftentimes we are doing everything in our power in our own
strength exerting so much energy and time and effort and we’re trying to
figure out why our path isn’t lighting up why it’s so difficult and
time-consuming and frustrating could be because we have not sought him who has
gone before us to pre light the path of good work so that when we walk on them
we get to see the illumination of God’s greatness his glory his power his favour
his anointing on our lives my friends you don’t need everything you think you
need all you need is a connection with your God that tells you where to go and
wind to go and then we find that the path lights up not only for our good but
for the glory of his great name amen amen
I want to pray over you I want to pray over anybody in this room who is a
specific Midianite situation right now in your life as the band comes and plays
I want you to consider that a specific Midianites situation where really you
are looking at the enemy in your life there’s a specific area in your life you
were looking at the enemy and from the vantage point you were at right now that
enemy looks daunting the more you look at it from this particular vantage point
wherever you’ve been standing whatever posture you’ve taken if it’s been one
out of based out of fear or intimidation or insecurity and you have seen this
problem mounting and mounting and mounting but you just want God to remind
you by his spirits that you you don’t need everything you thought you did and
that he really does have your back and you want to leave this place remember
you’re not the same you don’t have to go home and act the same and react the same
and encounter that problem the way you did before because you and I have been
we’ve been changed and transformed you

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