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1 John, Chapter 2, he writes in verse
twelve, I am writing to you little children because your sins are
forgiven you for his namesake. He says in verse 13, I’m writing to
you fathers because you know him, who has been from the beginning. I am writing to you young men
because you have overcome the evil one. I have written to you children
because you know the father. It’s so important to him. He almost repeats himself
verbatim in verse 14. He says, I’ve written to you fathers because
you know him, who has been from the beginning. I’ve written to you young
men because you are strong and the word of God abides in you, and
you have overcome the evil one. And then I want to cap that off by
reading verse twenty eight, he says in verse twenty eight. And now, little children, here’s
our word, remain in him, Abide. And he says, here’s why. So that when he appears, you can have
some confidence and not shrink away from him in shame at his coming. He says the reason why you
want your house still standing. The reason why you want to remain. The reason why you want to have some
longevity and like legacy and be steadfast in the assignment that the
Lord has given you. The reason why, he says,
is because Jesus is coming. Brothers and sisters, Jesus is coming. Sooner than we think the Trump is going
to sound and the sky is gonna split. And we’re going to see once and
for all our savior face to face. And when I see him, He’s not gonna
ask me how many Instagram followers I had. When I see him, he’s not going to concern
himself with how many books I sold or who followed me or didn’t
follow me on Twitter. What He’s going to ask me is,
did I know his son, Jesus Christ? And then He’s gonna want
to know, did I stay? He’s gonna check to see if
my house is still standing. He’s gonna look into my life and yours
to decide whether or not we have used the time, the talents and the treasure
over the long haul to continually honor him. And I don’t know about you all, but
when I see him face to face, I am looking for well done. That’s what I’m after. So John writes to
all of us, he says, a little children over and over again,
little children, little children. In the English
language, it’s translated. Little children throughout, but it’s actually
coming from two different root words. The first root word in the Greek
language that Paul would have used, we find in our book in versus
of the passage I just read. Verse twelve and verse twenty eight is one
word that he uses that is translated Little Children. This particular, particular word
in the original language has no reference to age. There is no reference to maturity level. It has nothing to do with a
stage of life that you are in. It speaks only to relationship. He said you’re a little child simply
because you have a relationship to a Father. So he uses the word that it
means it doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager in the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re in
your 50s in the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your
80s or 90s in the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re
a toddler in the room. He says, I’m writing to all your… little children. He’s from Texas,
all your little children. He says, I’m writing to you. And he says, the reason why I’m writing
this letter to all y’all, he says, because your sins all
need to be forgiven. In other words, it doesn’t matter
how much success you’ve achieved. It doesn’t matter how much attention
or a pause you have garnered. On the flip side, it also doesn’t matter
how deep the pit of sin or rebellion you may have gotten yourself into, at
the cross we all come level. We all need a daddy and
we all need his forgiveness. So we set the strike
right on the outset. He wants to make sure that everybody in
the building knows this message is not for the person you’re sitting next to. This message is for you. He says, I’m writing to
all of you little children. He says, you need to
know you have a Father. You need to stay under His covering. The only way you’re going to continue to
have any longevity and any sense of stability when the rains hit you, is
if you know you are not God. There is a God and you are not Him. There is a perfect one
and you are not Him. Stay covered. Stay in relationship to this
Daddy that you have. I remember when… we have three sons, but when our oldest
two were really little, they were five and three. We were at one of our
Christmas times and we were sitting around the Christmas tree getting ready to dive into the
few gifts that I bought my kids. I had this before they were
too old to know nobody better. Jerry and I bought all their
gifts from the Dollar Store. We will go to the Dollar Store. We would grab a couple things. And listen, I was the kind of mother that
if I bought them a gift that had parts to it, like a bow and arrows, well,
I would open up the package and wrap the bow. Wrap this one arrow right here. So I’d spread it out in front of them. They thought they had a whole
lot of stuff, but they didn’t. It was just a couple of
things from the Dollar Store. And I remember before we
would dive into the gifts. Still to this day, Jerry will do it. He’ll just say to the boys, listen,
whose birthday is it really today? And he said that the boys were 5 and 3. Whose birthday is it really? Jackson, our oldest, said
it’s Jesus, his birthday. His younger brother, three years old at
the time, heard his brother say it’s Jesus’s birthday and saw the
gifts in front of him. He looked up with wide innocent
eyes and said, Am I Jesus? We spent all of Christmas day just trying
to convince my boy that he was not God. Let the truth be told, you know,
sometimes out of the mouths of babes. Because if the truth be told
sometimes we think we Jesus. We think we God. And the reason why I know that I
sometimes think I’m God is because I keep stepping in the margin that
should be reserved for Him. I keep forgetting that I’m a child who
has the Father, that I need covering, that I’ve got a state surrender to
and in alignment with my Daddy. So John says, would you remember the only
way to keep your house in check, is if you’ve got a firm foundation rooted in the
fact that there is a God and you are not Him. But I love John’s writing
so much because he also does acknowledge that when we remain, we will go
through seasons, we’ll go through growth. Did you notice that he says,
I’m writing to you little children. Then he says, I’m writing
to you young men. That’s adolescence, teenagers. Then he says, I’m writing
to you parents, fathers. He says, I’m writing to you. Do you notice that he
takes you through stages? He acknowledges the fact that as you
remain, you’re gonna have to walk through some things, that growth is going to have
to be required, that you’re going to mature one stage to the next. And you need to give yourself a break
because every single stage of your growth is necessary to the next. So he says, I’m writing
to you in each stage. Remain children while you’re there. Remain. I’m writing to you in
your teenage years while you’re there. Don’t discount the importance
of this stage. Remain while you’re there. I’m writing to you father’s. If you’re in the season of parenting, he
says I’m writing to you as you pour into the life of the next generation. Every stage matters to making sure
your house is still intact. It’s still intact. So I figured for just
a few moments we could go through the stages, find ourselves in each of
these stages of remaining and being steadfast. If we walk backwards up through
verse 13, you find the stages laid out. At the bottom of verse 13, he
says, I am writing to you children. And he says, here’s why I’m writing
to you, because you know the Father. He says, here is why I’m writing to you. Little children. And by the way, wait. This is the other original word that
is used to actually describe an infant. It’s used to actually describe a baby who
is not able to sustain itself or care for itself or provide for himself. He says, I’m writing to you who are in
the infancy stage of some area of your life, like you just got married, or you
just started that job, or you’ve just started to put feet to that dream that
God has put in your heart, or you’ve just started to build that ministry. I am writing to you who have just come
to know the Lord or you just recommitted your life to the Lord and
you’re in a fledgling stage. He says, I’m writing to you
who are infants in the room. He says, I’m writing to you because
this is what you need to know. This whole goal of the stage
of your journey is about. He says, here’s what you’re supposed
to do when you’re an infant. Come to know the Father. He says, that’s your whole job. Come to know the Father. Don’t skip the stage. Don’t rush through the stage. He says your goal has to
be to do what babies do. Babies receive. They have no other option but to depend
on their parent, to feed them and change them and care for them. They are subject to the
devotion of somebody else. He says you need to know what it
feels like to snuggle up with your father. You need to know what it feels
like to have Him love you. You need to know what it feels like to
begin to discern what the voice of your God sounds like, and you need
to know what his character is. Your whole job in this stage, should just be
to get to know the one who loves you the most. We took the boy,
the boys, a couple of years ago. We took them to Cape Town, South Africa. I was home schooling up at the time, so
I planned in advance for us to go go there. I knew we were going. So I planned their studies around it. One of the things we studied were
some animals that are indigenous to that area. So when we got to Cape Town, took
the boys on a safari to hopefully see them. And we saw lots of animals
that we had never seen before. But we also saw a herd of zebra. And I remember thinking when we saw the
zebra, I remember thinking, I hope they move on quickly because we can
see those in the states. But no, the guy just stop for just a
few moments and he says, you know what’s interesting about this herd? He said, there’s a foal
right there, a baby zebra. He said, I haven’t seen the baby
for at least two or three weeks. And he said, here’s why. He said, did you
know that the stripes on a zebra are as individual and unique as
fingerprints are in this room. That you can’t tell by the naked
eye, but actually, particularly right in the middle of the forehead, the configuration of
the stripes is so unique that they are distinct. One zebra
from another, completely distinct. So he said, when a baby is born, the
mother will take the baby aside away from all the other stripes for the first
two or three weeks of its life. She will nest and nestle with that baby
for the purpose of making sure that that baby gets to know her stripes. So about the time she brings the baby
back to all the other stripes, the baby will never be confused about which configuration
of stripes belong to the one who loves them the most. The reason why,
when you’re in a fledgling stage, in some stage, in some area of your life,
the reason why you’ve got to come aside with your daddy is so that you can
get a good look at his stripes. It’s by his stripes that you are healed. You’ve got to make it your business to
come to know your Father, because we live in a culture that is going to try
to water down who your God is, and you need to have enough surety and the foundation
of your house that when they try to tell you who He is, you can say that’s
not who my God is, because I know who He was. I’ve gotten to
know who my Father is. I know that in Genesis, He
is the breath of life. I know that in Exodus,
He is the Passover lamb. I’ve seen that in Leviticus,
He is our high priest. And in Numbers, He’s the fire by night. In Deuteronomy, I saw that
He was Israel guide. In Joshua, He’s salvation choice. In judges, He is Israel guide. In Ruth, I saw him
as the Kinsman Redeemer. In 1st and 2nd Samuel,
He’s a trusted prophet. In Kings and Chronicles,
I thought He’s sovereign. In Ezra, He’s a
true and faithful scribe. In Nehemiah, He is the God who
rebuild walls and He rebuilds lives. In Esther, I see
that He’s Mordecai’s courage. In Job, He’s the timeless redeemer. In Psalms, I saw He’s my morning song. In Proverbs, He has my wisdom. In Ecclesiastes, He’s a
time and a season. In Song of Solomon,
He’s the lover’s dream. In Isaiah, He’s the Prince of Peace. In Jeremiah, He’s the weeping prophet. In Lamentations, He’s the call from sin. In Ezekiel. He’s the cry for Israel. In Daniel. He’s the
stranger in the fire. In Hosea, He’s the forever faithful. In Joel, He’s the spirit’s power. In Amos, He’s a strong arms that carry. In Obadiah, He’s the Lord our savior. In Jonah, He’s the great missionary. In Micah, He is the promise of peace. In Nahum, He’s our strength and shield. In Habakkuk and Zephaniah,
He brings revival. In Haggai, He restores
that which was lost. In Zachariah, He is our fountain. And in Malachi, He’s the Son of
righteousness, rising with healing in His wings. And that’s just who He
is in the Old Testament. Because if you flip over a couple pages,
and if you wait about 400 years, then you’ll see Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. He is no longer just God. Now He’s your Messiah. And the spirit filled Book of Acts,
He is the reigning Fire from Heaven. In Romans, He’s the grace of God. Corinthians, He is the power of Love. Galatians, He’s freedom from
the curse of sin. In Corinthians, He’s the power of love. In Galatians and Ephesians,
He’s our glorious treasure. In Philippians, He’s
the servant’s heart. In Colossians. He’s God and the Trinity. In Thessalonians, He’s our King. In Timothy, Titus and Philemon, He’s
our mediator and our faithful pastor. In Hebrews, He’s
the everlasting courage. And James, He’s the one who will
heal you when you are sick. In 1st and 2nd Peter. He is our faithful shepherd. In John and Jude, He’s the
lover coming for his bride. And in the revelation, in the very end,
when it’s all over and said and done, He was, and is and will
always be the first, the last, the beginning and the end. Amen! You got a person and know who your Daddy
is, so that when the culture tries to water down our God, you can step
back and say, that’s not my God. Because I have taken time
to know who He is.


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