Reagerar på våra gamla videor

Hey, hey! Before we do anything else we want to
thank all of our viewers for helping us reach… One hundred million views! Party hat! It’s a crazy number!
It’s almost hard to comprehend, right? Bang, bang! In today’s video we will
be reacting to our old videos. Yes! Many of you have wanted to see that.
We are doing the videos you suggested. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
if you think that this is fun. – Let’s answer a Question of the Day before we start.
– Yes. Thomas Leijon asks:
“For how many years have you been doing YouTube?”. 2.5 years. Oh my God! We will start by reacting to our first vlog. (- Alma, how do you feel?)
(- I’m nervous!) You are so small! (And I have a stitch.) (- Harry, do you want to come with us?)
(- Mhm.) Oh God! You were so cute, Harry! – Baby Harry!
– Yes. You were both so tiny. This was right before Christmas
and we were taking a train to Mora. (Fast!) (- Did you get all that energy from your new swimsuit?)
(- Yes.) (It’s so nice and energizing.) – How funny.
– You were so small! – And cute.
– Yes, adorable! And the vlog was so long!
I would never edit like that today. I edit our videos and back then
I didn’t know how to. – No.
– It’s the longest video in the world. – No, it isn’t. I think it’s really short.
– You do? – It’s really short.
– It’s 20 minutes long. 20 minutes is really short. – Vlogs aren’t usually 20 minutes long.
– No. – Do you think a 20 minute vlog is long, or not?
– Leave a comment. The next vlog is from 3 months later
and the first time we went to Malaysia. Welcome to Malaysia. Oh, the water. (Can you spit on the lens?) (- There is a turtle over there.)
(- It’s huge, Alma! It’s as big as you.) (Almost, or as big as Harry.) (There it is!) (- Can you see it, Harry?)
(- Yes. It’s huge!) (Put on your swimming goggles, Alma.) – Ouch, it bit you.
– Yes, it bit her. (It thought you were a squid.) – How cool?
– That was so tough. You continued to swim around
even though you just got bitten by a turtle. Well, what can I say? It was fun. Alma was 4 years old on this trip, about to turn 5.
Harry was 2.5 years old. – The next video we will react to is filmed at this cabin.
– Yes. It was our first summer on YouTube. (This is our pool. It’s a bit dirty.) – Our pool!
– Where is the water? Alma, your style! – Look at my glasses, they are completely round.
– Yes. (- Hey, I like your sunglasses.)
(- They aren’t sunglasses.) (- What are they?)
(- They are regular glasses.) (I see.) (Hi!) Can we take a moment to talk about
what this house looked like inside. – Yes.
– Oh my God! – New fridge and freezer, different table and sofa.
– There’s not even a wall, everything is different. Oh, the windows!
That wall used to have windows. Sometimes we feel like nothing happens with our
renovations of this house, so it’s good to see this. – Was this one year ago? Or two?
– Two years ago. (This is our living area slash kitchen.) (A few months ago we didn’t have a kitchen
and now it’s halfway done, like a lot of things here.) (This is the master bedroom.) That’s your bedroom now. It was so cramped.
It was a pain to sleep in there. – Look, we covered the window with a wooden board.
– We did that for a very long time. (Harry is our biggest fan.
He is watching our own YouTube videos in bed.) – What was I watching?
– You were watching yourself! (He got tired and wanted to watch something in bed.
It’s so weird that he is watching us.) (Yes, it’s quite funny.) (He has this thing where he
twists his hair when he’s tired.) (It’s good because that way
we know when he’s tired.) – Is that our lawn?
– Yes. Oh, help. It’s awful. That we even coped with staying here! It was a nightmare. – Yes, but it’s good motivation.
– Yes. – Because it looks quite good now.
– Yes. Next up is our first visit to Kolmården.
(a wildlife park) (- Didn’t you dare to cuddle the wolf?)
(- No, I want to cuddle with you.) (I love to cuddle with you.) (- I want to cuddle with him.)
(- Do you?) (Go ahead, he wants to give you a hug.) (He was so cuddly!) (It’s good that you dared.) – Oh, Harry.
– “Cuddly”. “He was so cuddly.” – Little mini Harry.
– Little brother, our little brother. So cute! We ended that day at the dolphin show. (Oh, God… The show has ended
and we are moved to tears.) – Do you remember?
– Yes. I vividly remember
how it touched my heart. By then we had been doing YouTube for about 6 months.
We didn’t have a lot of viewers. Then we posted this video, and suddenly
a lot of people came to our channel. It stirred up a lot of emotions. This was kind of
our first video where viewers began to find us. Yes. Now we will watch
our most viewed video. Mommy is a bit more like herself. It’s called “Hospital VLOG”.
Alma got her tonsils removed. (- Will they cut my tongue?)
(- No, they will use a tool to keep it out of the way.) (They will cut with the scalpel
and then burn the area to stop the bleeding.) (What will I dream of?
I want to dream that I’m riding a skateboard every day.) (We are not allowed to film now.
I will see you after the operation.) (Wave, wave.) Cutie pie! I was so nervous. – You look like you have seen a ghost.
– Mm. (- You look like you have seen a ghost.)
(- I’m incredibly worried.) – I don’t remember that.
– Me neither. (She’s on the operating table now.
There are four people in the room.) (Two anesthetists, a nurse and an ear, nose and throat
doctor who is performing the operation.) I remember it like it was yesterday, it makes me tear up.
I was so nervous about the anesthesia. It was awful! I don’t like this vlog because I think I’m so strange.
It feels like I’m acting, but it’s because I’m so worried. I even have a strange voice. I do! I haven’t thought about that.
I will have to watch it again. – It was such a relief that it went well.
– Yes, indeed. – That was so scary.
– You slept so much better after the surgery. It was absolutely silent in her room.
She used to snore and stop breathing during her sleep. Very loud, Harry couldn’t even sleep. – The next video is our very first challenge.
– Yes. (This is the next item.) (Don’t peek.) – Look, he is trying to cheat.
– Yes, he has always been a little cheater. He’s scared. The box is quite big. (Is it difficult?) (Harry, no. Now you are cheating.
You should guess what it is.) (What do you think it is? You can’t look!) (- Hey… Do you see now what it is?)
(- What is it?) (It’s a little monster!) A little monster… – Stop it, that wasn’t nice.
– No. This was mean. – Yes, I agree. We are sorry, Alma.
– Harry got a stuffed toy. Look at your reaction. – You were really feeling through it.
– I tried to see what it was. – What could it be?
(- Ouch.) (No, I give up.) (Do you give up?
Try to really think about what it could be.) (No, I give up.) (A crayfish.) – Oh, Alma!
– That wasn’t nice of you. – You were terrified of that stupid crayfish.
– We are sorry, we really owe you an apology. – We are sorry, we really tested you.
– Alma, I can give you 1 SEK (10¢). – Will you give her 1 SEK?
– Mm. – That’s kind, Harry.
– Yes. Next up is a video from when our channel was one year
old and we went on a ski trip. We had 20k subscribers. – It was so much fun! I want to go there again.
– Me too. It was a ski trip in Sweden. – Me too.
– I love… I love snow. It was your first time skiing
and you learned very quickly. [Ski school] (- Have you had a good time?)
(- Yes.) (- What would you like to do now?)
(- Go into the ski lodge.) (Okay.) (It’s time for lunch.) (Mommy’s vegan sausages.) Oh God. It’s like a fire with a grate on top.
What am I doing? – Sune’s dad!
– I’m like Rudolf. – Oh God, they will burn to a crisp at any moment.
– I know, I got a really burnt one. Oh God! Note that Axel said “Perfect!”. (- This is a burnt sausage without the skin.)
– That’s the one I got. (- Do you want it?)
(- Never!) I remember that I had to peel it. (- Why not? It tastes great!)
(- It looks disgusting.) (Oh, stop it.) – Look! You guys were so good.
– Yes, wow! – Did we ski like that?
– Yes. – I went under those rings.
– Yes. Now that we have laughed at daddy Axel
I think it’s time to laugh at me. Long before we started doing YouTube
I worked in TV. And I have found an old clip of me. – What?
– Yes. This is from the TV show “Efterlyst” (wanted) in 2006.
How long ago is that? – That is… 13 years ago.
– Yes. I’m sorry about the quality and the format,
but that’s how it was back then. Anyway. Mommy Joanna is in London
to report about Jack The Ripper. (The mystery around Jack The Ripper
has haunted people for over a century.) (He murdered and cut at least
five women in London’s East End.) Oh God. (He was never caught, and to this day
no one knows for sure who Jack The Ripper really was.) Oh look, that’s mom! It was a short clip, but I wanted to show it.
Imagine what you can find in YouTube’s treasury! – That was really fun.
– Did you see Jack The Ripper? No, I did not see Jack The Ripper.
Jack The Ripper died many years ago. – And he is very dangerous.
– Yes, he was. We have hundreds of videos on our channel
so we could do this again – if you think it’s fun. Yes. – It’s important that you let us know what you think.
– Wait, I have an idea! We can react to our slime videos. – No, preferably not.
– I have started following people who make slime. You can make slime videos
on your own channel. – Yes.
– Am I right? Thank you for watching this video! Leave comments, subscribe, ask questions,
and take care until next time. Bye bye!


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