Rensar ut 100 saker

Hey, hey! Today we will film a video that we saw
on Therése Lindgren’s channel. – Us parents felt very motivated by it.
– Yes. We will be clearing out 100 things! From our home, our house. – Exactly 100 things.
– Yes, we will count them. We will choose things that we can part with –
things we can give away, or throw away. – Yes. I don’t think it will be that hard.
– Neither do I. We swim in things in there. We will see. I think it will be
hardest for the kids. Yes. – Are you ready?
– Yes! – Are you ready?
– Yes! – Are you ready?
– YES! Have to get them in good spirits for this.
Come on, let’s go! – You two can start in your room.
– Okay. You guys, this room
hasn’t been tidied in ages. What a mess. – We actually made our beds this morning, daddy.
– Yes, I see that. Well done. – This thing, a log of wood.
– And a mega pencil. – Should we donate them?
– That log is part of the cowboy game. – Do we need the cowboy game?
– No. – Should we keep it?
– No. Okay, let’s donate it.
That’s one thing. Good, Harry! – Safety glasses?
– No. Okay, two. Not this one. I will bring it
to school tomorrow. – And use it in class?
– Yes. – It will barely fit in your backpack.
– Of course it will! – Is there anything in here you could clear out?
– This princess crown that I never use. Oh, okay. That’s good. Let’s put everything on the table outside,
then we can count them out there. Yes. There. – What’s this?
– Hehehe, it’s a pineapple. – A pineapple? A pineapple ring?
– Yes. – It’s a bit dry, perhaps?
– Yeah. – When did you make this?
– I didn’t. – Who made it?
– I got it from someone. – From whom?
– Someone in school. – You don’t even know who you got it from?
– I don’t remember. – Throw it away.
– Can we throw it away? We have to get better at
getting rid of old pineapple rings. That was so weird. – I will give this one away.
– Finally! Did you see what he threw at you? It’s like… A rain hat. This… this is my woman. This is why I chose you.
You look so good in that. What is it called?
Sylvester? Sou’wester? – I think it’s a knock-off Sou’wester.
– Are they called Sou’wester? – Yes.
– I wondered what this model is called. But Sou’wester hats are longer in the back
to prevent water from running down your neck. – Should we keep it?
– Absolutely not. – Alma, can you take this outside?
– Why not? – Do you want to keep it?
– But dad thought mom looked great in it. It’s called irony –
he doesn’t really think that. – What an outfit.
– Mm. – Joanna?
– Yes? Come here. – This one. Can we get rid of it?
– Yes. Good. If anyone wants a kiddie pool this fall… Go for it, it’s free. – Do you want this water?
– Pour it on the grass we hope will grow over there. On the grass? Oh right, we haven’t even shown this.
Our bush that used to be here, it… I got the eminent idea to move it,
then we evened out the lawn and the gravel. It doesn’t feel like an eminent idea right now,
but hopefully it will be nice. I think it will be great. There. We are making progress out here
all the time, I would say. But… But… we don’t show everything. It’s actually one of the reasons why we want to
continue to stay here in the fall. We get so much done and finish this fixer-upper
that we bought three years ago now. What are you doing? I am… Why don’t you water
the tomato plants instead? But we are saving this water. I have built a rainwater collection system
under the porch. We have huge tanks under here. Joanna has collected rainwater during the summer
because it’s great for watering flowers and tomatoes. But now I’m so tired of these barrels
that have been out here all summer, so… I’m pouring the water
into our new system. Here is daddy’s rainwater system.
You can see here how it’s filling up. A plastic bag holder
filled with plastic bags. – That we had in our bedroom.
– Yes. The crazy thing is that our bedroom
is our most tidy room – or so I thought. Check out the size of this bag. – It’s huge.
– Oh! Sigh. It’s a bit strange that mom and dad
have tape here instead of door handles. The plan is to buy door handles –
or “door hardware”, as it’s called. Yes. – And this is beautiful.
– This is very beautiful! Very beautiful. “The Swedish Family, you’re the best”. Exclamation mark. – And what’s this, Alma?
– It’s daddy. He’s a firefighter. There he is. We could film one of those videos
“10 things you don’t know about us”. – Yes!
– That would be fun. Would you like to see that video on our channel?
Give this video a thumbs up. Please give it a thumbs up,
or maybe down if you don’t like it. – Do you want your hair colored?
– Calm down, calm down. No thanks, I’m fine!
Do you? – No, no, absolutely not indoors. Hello?
– Yes, I know. Rascals. Can’t live with them,
can’t live without them. – What are you doing?
– I’m coloring the tree red. Look at this. – Family, are you ready?
– Yes! Then come, we have to count. The sky is alarmingly gray,
so we need to hurry up. – Yes!
– There’s a lot of stuff here, maybe more than 100. How should we do this? I have an idea.
Let’s use the slime pool. Oh. Yuck. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5. 6. – And this one.
– 7. – 8.
– 9. – 10.
– No, we have lost count. Stop. – 11. No, there are 11 things on here now.
– Okay. 12. 13. 30, 31, 32. – 67.
– 68, 69, 30 – no – 70. Oh, a fart. Seventy, fart-y. – But hello, how many are there?
– Seventy. Fart-y. – 71.
– 72. Seventy, fart-y! – 73, 74.
– Seventy, fart-y, haha! – 90.
– 91. – 92.
– 93. 94. – 95, 96.
– 97. Oops! 98, 99. – A pair of boots is 98, right?
– Okay. – 97.
– Oh. – 98.
– No, wait. So we have 97 things? No, these were number 98.
We have already counted that one. That is number 99
which makes this one number 100. – 101, 102, 103.
– Oh, we have more. 130. – One hundred…
– Thirty eight. 139, 140. Harry wanted to keep this little monkey,
so we have 140 things! No? Is there anything left? I will throw it.
Watch out, mommy. – That was a bad throw.
– 141. The final number is 142 thing-a-ma-jigs,
including the pool. – Such a good job.
– Good job. High five. Now we will go through these things.
Some are rubbish and have to be thrown out. But a lot of these things are completely fine
to give to kids who need them more than you two do. And our thing-a-ma-jigs as well.
Now we say “thing-a-ma-jigs” instead of “things”. 142 is a lot better than the 100
we thought we would clear out. Our goal. Yes. This is definitely something we can recommend.
It was so nice to get rid of things we never use. Such a nice feeling. And you get a clean home because
you feel like cleaning when you are clearing things out. So absolutely, for everyone. This brings us to the little home we live in right now.
This is our cabin, our apartment in the city is rented out. We get so many questions – I would say every day –
about when we will be moving back to our apartment. Yes. There are certain reasons why we continue
to rent it out. When will we get it back? – In the spring, next year.
– Yes. That rhymed. We have some plans for the winter,
but we don’t dare to talk about them yet. They are not all set yet. Keep an eye out
on the channel and you will hear more about it later. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care until next time. Bye bye! And don’t forget to subscribe.


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