Rescuing an Angry Bull Elephant (Part 2) [4K] | Borneo Wildlife Warriors (S02E04) | SZtv

but no way they were happiest but that is an elephant [Music] stop Janet breaking for you [Music] we are properly lost in the jungle [Music] [Music] so just get some shelter from the Sun is whilst we’ve made our way out of the forests were now lost in the palm oil plantation we also don’t know where as room is we don’t know if they’ve caught the elephant so a bit of a mess room just follow the fence Paki [Music] I think we have to go this direction [Music] this is not good at all with the heat of the midday Sun beating down our situation seemed hopeless we’ve seen hasni has appeared like a deity on the top of the palm oil I was actually starting to get really worried there by having all sorts of visions of embers asleep out here overnight and like having a rescue operation of a pretty bad situation the golden chariot to take us back to safety safely back at Basecamp the reality of what had happened began to sink in it’s actually a pretty dangerous position to be lost in the jungle with no food or water I just I couldn’t keep up with the guys they’re just off in a flash and I don’t want to be the reason why they don’t catch this elephant so I’ve got to make sure that I keep up with them a few hours later we return to the forest and the sight our elephant was last seen it didn’t take long until we picked up his tracks [Music] once again the chase was on with the whole team scrambling through the undergrowth we did not want to lose him again somehow and now with four darts on target he vanished yeah you think he’s gone upriver but how you gonna track an elephant in the river but then we heard a noise chance of finding work here and it sounds like he’s come to a stand up here just off the riverbanks to the large snoring elephant [Music] questionable how’d you get a manikin out here [Music] they’re launching our content into another forest as quickly as possible Ezrin cautiously moved in to secure the elephant to a tree [Music] [Music] then suddenly he woke up [Music] [Music] once he’d calmed down up with the chains arriving we set about tying him up these chains are the only way an animal of this size can be safely restrained with all feet secure it was time for dr. packet to administer the reversal drug to the elephant safety [Music] medicine Salif and since has had its reversal is really woken up the worst thing about it officers cause these problems human animal harm although humans have animal would not have to be put through this probably the hardest thrilling craziest day of my life I’m not kidding a a couple of hours ago I was pretty much ready to quit after spending seven hours in the jungle and then getting lost I was a broken man then this afternoon and seeing these guys at work and seeing what they did under those conditions but we’ll that’ll stay with me I was incredible with the lorry arriving overnight we set about getting up angry elephant out of the plantation and back to the safety of a forest reserve but he wasn’t going to make it easy Ravin quite agitated we’re not gonna sedate him at all and if only we could explain to him moving him for his own good but unfortunately it doesn’t understand by various tranch artisan smack has with locks keeping him well fed and watered is very important after sedation that’s better see it’s nice delicious [Music] this is the most difficult part of the operation trying to get the elephant into the cage over there the elephant is obviously extremely agitated [Music] the elephant is attacking the page and trying to push the page over these really does not want to go in there okay so right before yeah relax no matter what the weather no matter how tired how hungry how stressed that W are you do not stop until the job is done for several hours we’ve battled to get our caged elephant out of the plantation and on his way to freedom [Music] [Music] [Music] and how does this right amongst the rescues that you this is definitely high up top over the harvesting it was holland mainly because of the area so you never another heavy day and now all that’s left to do is to drive this animal twelve hours and then release it back into the jungle [Music] setting off in the crack of dawn we headed out in convoy to the Thailand violent forest reserve this enormous protected area will be the perfect new home for our boisterous bull elephant [Music] arriving at the release site we sedated him to fit a GPS collar to monitor his beauty movements and cleaned up a nasty wound he had on his upper thigh [Applause] [Music] reversal drug administered it was time for our elephant to return to its rightful home is coming round he’s definitely coming now [Music] as he wandered off back to the poor naen jungle our work here was done timotha I could finally reflect on what had happened I nearly jeopardized the whole mission and put both mine and the boys lives in danger maybe I’m not cut out for life as a range of our village die is an orangutan nest the one must have gained a cat and mouse [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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