Rich People Wasting Money on Building Libertarian Islands Now

pick up and they’re anderly face book
investor peter file has given a one point two
five million dollar you tell me there’s not a problem people like this have too much money
awaz this guy needs a tax cut that’s what
this guy needs one point two five million dollars to and initiative to create a floating
libertarian countries in international waters and we need to give these company it we
need to give you know these uh… these companies in these millionaires
billionaires we need to give them more money today
create jobs substitute builders barges is billy
knows right it is a backer ease of deceased adding
institute which seeks to build sovereign nations on oil rig like platforms to occupy waters beyond the reach of law
the sea treaties with all due respect the jimmy reefer
cake the amount pop that these libertarians
missus you consume and uh… lists hai i’m pro pot incidentally but i don’t though inga i don’t get high
and then spend one point two five million dollars aundh pune ideas that literally are are italian these guys get high it’s me
again after the first time and when they have a billion dollars theirs like what uh… you know it’s and
i don’t know the ideas for these countries to start
from scratch free from the laws regulations moral codes of any existing place the experiment to be a kind of floating
petri dish for employees implementing policies that libertarian stymied by
indifference at the voting booths have been unable to advance no welfare looser
building codes no minimum wage and fewer restrictions on weapons you really want
a looser building slum nazi hot listen on one hand i think this guy’s insane
he’s got too much money but i would love to see this indivisible
there’s a place like that actually already whizzer principality of sumanth have you ever heard of it is a floating
yet this guy disguise found a like old like world war two or something like fort in the middle the ocean and he moved there and the critic
declared in a country it’s a population of three people oh organise said you know what i can’t
wait to see what happens what do they do in pirates are coming
there i mean what to take until someone
decides to attack this island uh… and then they build and i have
been a build an army and then they’re right back to where we
are because they want to start paying for
the army hiding a paper that army everybody’s got a contributor at eight all that’s going to mean taxes it’s it’s ridiculous ridiculous they plan to lunch today an office park
off the san francisco cuz next year with a full time settlements following seven
years later in july to technology sounds pretty cool but
then a technology to find a job that he had it’s just ridiculous it’s just ridiculous liberty medal libertarianism as an ideology is a choke it is a joke give me five minutes were there any
libertarian and i will show you why they are full of crap there will be one or two questions that
they refused to answer or that they resent having to answer and we all know what it is right amin bubble that hypothetical that’s in the
past so you do believe that people should be
able to discriminate with their property i don’t know i don’t know a restaurant no blacks allowed that’s a libertarian ideal uh… tear duct on the need to build an
island ah… nation to try minor and libertarianism it’s alive well and smile you know the
uh… but if you’re going to give it a shot please please let’s hope the they
take the rest libertarians with them we normal people would be relieved to no
longer have conservative thinkers when mr the reason why they can’t go to smile is
bizarre to poor people there libertarianism very well may work in
just a small country club with rich people you know but notice where they are in
their money inside no no making money in their little island doubly making it back here on the
mainland what they should do if they really want
to do this thing right is no contact with organized society but
there’s good luck to them goodluck with making your living depended upon the commerce you can
create on your floating island good luck with that they cheat even in their own ideology
that’s what’s so pathetic about they break their own principles all the
time it’s completely arbitrary and they do not admit they will whisper we do need some type
of safety net you see it’s completely arbitrary for them but they will not admit it so they bride on their principles until
it’s time for them to sort of whisper about the lugo shortcuts they’re taking


  • Jason C

    This guy makes the common mistake of confusing Libertarianism with anarchy. Libertarianism means small government, not no government.

  • Jason C

    I would like to add that he is doing essetially the same thing right wingers who say Obama is a communist etc. but from the reverse angle.

  • Tyler Manning

    Every word spoken reveals a lack of knowledge on the most fundamental levels.

  • TheIrishny

    I think taxes should be cut on ALL people whether they're building islands or not. Ive a feeling we have very different views on the power government should have over its citizens.

  • abyssinia4ever

    They'll probably start a bank where they'll take money from every dictator, crooked politician, and mob boss on earth. That's how they'll make their money.

  • LordCentillion

    I, for one, hope to see these settlements all over the place in the future. Would be a nice change of pace for the world.

    And creating commerce on one of these would be extremely easy.
    1) Set up a [satellite] telecommunications hub
    2) Off-shore data storage at lower rates
    3) Fishing fleets
    4) Resorts/Hotels
    5) Cruise-ship way-stations with food, casinos, whatever
    6) Cheap manufacturing
    7) Resource-dredging ships (ex: metal deposits on ocean floor)

    And those are just off the top of my head.

  • LordCentillion

    Not to mention how they could help the world overall.

    1) More area to farm, and advancing hydroponic/aeroponic methods
    2) Help alleviate over-crowding
    3) If they ally themselves with anyone, they can be invaluable for protection, already being out there
    4) These bases could actually collect spilled oil, AND resell it at a profit. Double-win
    5) Provide help to ships in trouble faster (ex: those cruise ships that lose water and need evacuation)

    Again, just SOME things off the top of my head.

  • Dan Boari

    The correct word is nauseated not nascious! Plus it is there money to waste you commi pig!

  • PatriotAr15

    Fuck you Sam Seder. If you didn't work for it, don't judge others for spending their money how they fucking please.

  • PatriotAr15

    "What do they do when Pirates attack" LOL… Libertarians are notorious for being Gun Nuts. I'm sure they can repel a pirate attack. 😉

    Pirates have been known to avoid attacking vessels that are known to carry weapons.

  • Scott Ernster

    They sure named you right Dan Bore.

  • Justin e

    Better regulate the way we spend money now.

  • KingKenna

    People can spend their money how they like.

  • jamma246

    "Their" money.

  • Ray Maritz

    How is a tax cut giving people money? A tax cut is reducing the amount of money you steal from people. Let's laugh at the length people have to go to in order to escape communist government.

  • AlexanderMccarthey87

    This is ridiculous. It won't help the environment like we say. Our presence will hurt it. There's sewage, power source, desalinization necessary to supply these things. They're most dangerous than you could imagine. Its scary. These places are outside the law, far away from hospitals and emergency services and if its a nation, it will be the law of what a CEO wants. No minimum wage, probably opium gardens and brothels. Nothing pretty happens out there. Its where you go to commit crimes.

  • 987657654321

    god sam seder is dumb

  • Adam Belnap

    Libertarians aren't anarchists. They'd happily fund an army and navy. It's his money he can waste it however he wants.

  • Adam Belnap

    libertarians believe in trade, why would they have to isolate themselves?

  • devsun2

    How does saying that they allow people to discriminate in their private property constitute refusing to answer a question? They answered clearly, if you do not understand the reasoning behind that answer, its your loss, but to say that their answer is a non-answer is intellectually dishonest.

  • J Hansen

    Ever think maybe some of us want to move to a Libertarian island because we're tired of the unproductive members of society demanding more and more from us each year and running our nations into the ground? Dumb ass Liberal, i owe NOTHING to you, have some self-responsibility. Hey i have an idea: lets make one island full of hard-working libertarians and another full of unproductive liberals. We'll see which one wins.

  • Rusty Schacklferd

    status quoe idiot.

  • Miguel DT

    Even if that money can be best spent other ways? Come on, Just because I have a billion dollars doesn't give me a right to spend it on any selfish whim I think of. Taken extremely, if I own the world, does that give me the right to do whatever the hell I want to it?! The whole idea of capitalist libertarianism (not true libertarianism, which is anarchism) is not only ludicrous, but morally defunct.

  • patton890

    who are you to tell me what to do with my money?

  • Zlogical1

    Not if we have more better and bigger guns. YO HO HO! Please build it.

  • Miguel DT

    Who are you to demand the right to do whatever you want without regard to the consequences or ramifications of your spending that could potentially affect the lives of everyone else?

  • FistFullofDowns

    I like that he forgets that part about lax gun laws when he asks who will fight off the pirates. What pirate will invade a country where everyone is personally armed to the teeth…

  • FistFullofDowns

    Also yes any business owner has a right to discriminate against a potential customer but its mentally lacking to do it. Not only are they excluding potential customers to do business with but also they are giving their business a negative connotation that would dissuade many from doing business with them. So yes you should have a right but youre only going to suffer because of it

  • patton890

    If I buy 50 Ferraris it will not affect you in any way nor is it you're business. I work for it I can spend it any way I wish.

  • robinsss

    libertarians never said they were against paying taxes

  • robinsss

    we should have done this a long time ago

  • James R

    Holy Toledo your a clown, yeah your right, lets take wealth away from someone who had the insight to back two of the most influential websites on the internet and give it to people who run pod cast that get average 20,000 hits on youtube, and get 3 times as many thumbs down as thumbs up.

  • Agiri


    "Give me five minutes with any libertarian and I will show you why they are full of crap"

    Oh God, please invite me to your show you ignorant piece of shit.

  • bloodystain

    Oy vey!! How dare these people spend their money in what they want? How dare they be free to do so?

  • Lawful Gray

    4:46 Is he honestly suggesting that nations shouldn't export goods to other nations that are willing to pay? This is what China does to the USA. It's what the USA did to make it's wealth.

  • Jerry Lay

    Sam,you're a worthless,Marxist piece of garbage.Damn your Socialist ass to Hell!

  • Jerry Lay

    All Socialists should be executed as domestic enemies. The Constitution demands it.

  • Warren Clark

    Its actually a brilliant Idea. 1.2 Million isn't alot of money. The billions being stored in offshore bank accounts is what is horrible. You are the Liberal Bill O'Reilly.

  • velenoproteico

    Comunista di merda. Pensa a guadagnarli TU i soldi invece di pretendere di decidere sui soldi degli altri. Sei uno stronzetto di merda e perfino ignorante come tutti i comunisti che non conosce Sealand. Dork

  • William Smith

    Typical libs hating on somebody trying to do something different they can't stand that one day they might not be able to get your money true scumbags.

  • ChildhoodMemories123

    Libertarianism isn't a joke, your views are

  • MrChalupaB

    I wonder what the average house cost in Liberal sanctuary San Francisco was before the housing crisis? $1.25 million is not a shit ton of money. Its about the cost of a 2500 sq foot house in SF. And what business of yours is it what someone who CREATED a financial service most of us use everyday? Is he not allowed to enjoy the fruits of his labor?

    LIBERALISM IS THE JOKE. Your only argument against them is calling them Racist Potheads. ALOT of thought goes into that one.

  • Don Dougherty

    the creator of PayPal, early investor in Facebook…I think he knows the difference between a good investment and a bad one. maybe these economically illiterate liberals can quit whining that someone has "too much money" (I wonder what the limit is and who enforces it?) or isn't being extorted enough, and actually pay attention to what these millionaires and billionaires are doing with their money, and learn some economics.

  • educatedwarrior

    People like laws if it solely benefits them or their group of people. If it benefits everyone, then it usually changes. All throughout European and American history there was always a segment of the population that believed they should have better opportunity, rights, etc than others just because they were part of a group. This thinking I believe is at the core of many of the problems we have today.

  • TimeForChange

    there's no reason not to run our system of government around these same concepts. so everyone get's to use. Don't forget how these people make money..Other people buy your shitty idea's that break and never work and that are over priced.

  • Boyd The Milkman

    The whole 'this guy has too much money' thing is silly. Why don't you go out, bust your ass and start something like Pay Pal? Are you going to hand out your money hand over fist, that you worked for and earned with a *great* idea? I doubt it. If someone makes a fuck tonne of money off an idea they had, then good for them. It's sickeningly petty how people who achieve little with their lives then have the gall to bitch about what dreams these people chase.

  • jwka2001

    1:18 perhaps if you made something with your life you could spend millions of dollars on all the shit you want to do.

    If this island idea, or the city trying to be set up in Honduras gets going or anywhere else their is freedom ill be moving there, because you fucking libtard authoritarians all want to steal my money which i've earned through MY hard work. You all want to tax the rich productive people more, why dont you tax yourself more.

  • jwka2001

    liberal is being generous,,, i think he's an authoritarian

  • jwka2001

    every time he debates a libertarian on his show on the youtube videos i've seen, Sam Seder gets fucking destroyed. Like im talking raped in a dark alley destroyed

  • jwka2001

    lol i've thought about that for years, but i always pictured splitting america in half, or perhaps 1 city for libtards and another city for libertarian type people, and see who tries to sneak into which just like Berlin during the cold war days lol

  • jwka2001

    tax havens for other productive people around the world, Sea Tourism,, perhaps travel hub, casino, fish farming, tidal energy creation/selling,

  • jwka2001

    or the companies themselves would hire mercenaries,, or people would just fire on them for the sake of their own lives. I mean if we're talking typical pirates, a few RPG's and AK47 type weapons would be all they would have, nothing to really sink the place. What kind of weapons would rich motherfuckers that wouldn't have to worry about anyone saying they couldnt have them have…..

  • jwka2001

    nah im sure the 95% of the worlds population that are the hard working part of earth would figure out a solution to your little hypothetical problem. Then promptly create a society of hard work and keeping what is yours. Where you dont owe anyone anything that hasnt earned it. One where your entitled to what you've earned.

    The real question is, what are all of you lazy, do nothing, feeling entitled to everythings going to do when their is no one to leech off of.

  • jwka2001



    ^one in 5 millionaires grew up in poverty

    And companies are owned by their owners, not the workers. The workers are renting their time for their paycheck. The owners pay for their time. And the number of people who own stock in america is 47%(june 2013)

    And everyone in cold war russia was basically on welfare

  • jwka2001

    of course the rich tend to keep their money, money tends to stay with the family so rich families tend to stay rich, they know how to invest and make money hence why they have so much money in the first place. Are u seriously this fucking stupid. You're poor im guessing, have no work skills, and you feel entitled for someone to take care of you. You want to take from those who work hard and have earned it while you've done nothing to benifit society. YOU ARE A PARASITE ON SOCIETY

  • jwka2001

    If a school is profit driven and not given money by the government they have to show the parents that they are not only good at educating but far better than the government schools. If they kick ass they get money to give to the teachers and expand the school, get better supplies etc. If they suck, they go under. Why is it that our PUBLIC schools are some of the worst in the industrial nation, but our PRIVATE colleges are the best in the world,,,WHY IS THAT

  • jwka2001

    secondly higher wages doesnt help. Because your being hired for your skills, if your skills are in demand the pay raises, if not it decreases. If you raise everyone's wages, then everyone has more money, they buy more in the short run but then prices all raise because their is increased demand on the market. Think of prices as a sponge, and currency is the water. Increase the currency, and prices goes up. This is called inflation, its a very basic economic fact. You're an idiot

  • jwka2001

    Ford gave his workers extra money because they were making tons of money and his workers were in HIGH demand, he either paid them more or they could leave with their skills. Why are you so fucking stupid i cannot believe this. And what are you going to do when someone dies, have the state take his inheritance…guee i think people might hide that money or leave the country. Seriously Socialism is for stupid people who cannot think a coherent thought.

  • jwka2001

    and he said before that, that he would be hiring fewer people, and raise the cost for him and his employees, so he has less money to make new things, expand etc. And might go offshore as well.

    You have absolutely no valid points, why do you still remain a socialist,, its fucking pathetic now,,

  • hob976

    Wow… Sam Seder is gross.

  • Caterpillar

    Pirates are the least of your worries. Foreign navies present a real problem.

  • RP FS

    Loving the blank stares. This schmuck is just angry because he's scared that it could work, whether it's this particular venture or not. Seasteading is probably inevitable.

    Either way, no-one who is remotely familiar with libertarianism would say that free and open trade with all breaks any libertarian principle.

  • jasonofcompsci

    Throwing money around on weird ideas… How is that any different from what government does. But when government does it we say they need to because no one else would. It's a complete double standard.

  • robinsss

    what I can't figure out is why they just didn't buy a ghost town In Nevada
    and declare it a country

    there are a lot of them for sale

  • TheKiosk94

    Why would they want to even attack in the first place?

  • Caterpillar

    Do you see any evidence of countries like China or Russia following the Golden rule? Why would China want to control Tibet, Vietnam, Burma or the Philippines? Why would Russia want to control Central Asia or the Caucasus?

  • Matthew Bean

    Small people with small ideas will never amount to much. Dreamers willing to bet big are the one's who change the world.

  • Derpy Hooves

    hey, folks, this one dude made a response video to this podcast i think you would be interested in. search "Re: Rich People Wasting Money on Building Libertarian Islands Now" or just use watch?v=oIYy1eAJr-g

  • Guy Potts

    It's mad that anyone could have such wealth, but are they harming anyone? They're not forcing anybody to do anything. If anything, non-libertarians and libertarians should be supporting it to see whether it works once and for all. I'd also like to say that most, if not all, libertans think that a centralised army and police is a good idea.

    It is also incredibly disrespectful to say that libertarianism is a joke and to have the arrogance to think you can debunk any libertarian's beliefs in a few minutes. Ooh, if Milton Friedman were here, he'd be fuming!

    Thirdly, 'no black people' restaurants are not a libertarian ideal – equality has always been a libertarian ideal from the begining! They also think that people should be free to believe what they want, even if it goes against their own views, where do you get if everyone is expected and forced to think the same way? Not far.

    Finally, since when has isolation been a libertarian ideal? It isn't. Free trade also means free contact with other economies and free exchange of people between countries. They are not 'breaking their principles'.

  • Reathety

    I wanted to watch this because I thought it was a joke. Have you been to Detroit? Do you honestly think that this government has made better use of funds for the city? Do you think that these private citizens could do better? I would argue that they couldn't do worse. Socialism and government rule have done a great disservice to Detroit and this talking head would like them to have more control not less.

  • Aegis

    You're right. That $1.5 M is better spent maintaining a single drone. How else will the government bomb Pakistan for oil? Or perhaps bailing out Goldman Sachs?

    Stupid idiots seeking freedom. LULZ.

  • David Rivera.

    I respect libertarianism in the sense that they aren't hipocrites like Republicans. But it is an ideology that holds very little weight. That is why it is mostly a richmans ideology. They can waste time with this silly ideas.

  • Гитаркин

    People using their legitimately acquired resources in an attempt to avoid being extorted by an illegitimate central authority? Sounds horrible. There ought to be a law.

  • OwtDaftUK

    Eating food, they must be on pot, what a waste of 10 dollars, idiots. wow these awesome arguments can be used on anything.

  • Chuck E. Jesus

    Hurricanes are not partisan. I have a feeling their "nations" will eventually "Gone With the Wind."

  • Dore Diskin

    If I were on the seasteading I'd be glad to contribute myself to defense.
    P.S prinicpality of sealand does have an army. "Sovereign Military Order of Sealand."

  • Kyle Ginnetti

    "Looser restrictions on weapions" I assume there would be some sort of volunteer security force.

  • Gabe Powers

    Its true we need some form of government but it has got to be controlled by the populace, not the other way around.

  • dekippiesip

     Why is it a problem if someone spends his money on building an island? If that guy has paid his taxes and contributed to society then it's his right to spend his money in a way he sees fit. If he wants to build an island, why not? Does he harm anyone by doing that? No, on the contrary.

  • Darkpharoh

    Not really you are free to use remote control guns and mortars at that point. To defend you island and poison gas. You can make your own laws at that point if i had my own island i would have some torpedo launchers as well.

  • Lincoln MV

    only 1.25 million? why not do it? That's America, spend the money you work for…

  • Mike M

    he made that money, and he can do whatever he wants with that cash!

  • Monkeywrench542

    it is their money, they can do what they want to with it. it is not up to you to decide how to waste their money that you did not even earn.

  • Austin Smith

    he's just jealous

  • Larvemannenz001

    Would've loved to smoke some pot with Sam Seder!

  • seraleandra

    This is the entire premise of Bioshock 1. Needless to say, it did not end well.

  • curtis sanders

    why would you need an army to protect an island of armed citizens from pirates?

  • jason8ification

    You sound kind of jelly.

  • stirthepot 88


  • Steel EP

    wow. soooooo much hate for this video in the comments and in the up-down voting. the qauestion they should be tradedorced to answer is: would they have such wealth if they didn't have access to the services provided by the gov't, ie: infrastructure, public education, a military to protect them.

  • Kevin Burciaga

    What are Sam's ideas? Socialism?

  • Pascal Walls

    I never knew the founder of Paypal was a paedophile

  • Kariston Tanaka

    hes is just melting becouse he knows it is going to work, why so mad? this weed you suport suposed to calm you down

  • The Church of Tire Jesus

    It's his money and he can use it how he wants to

  • RocketmanRockyMatrix

    Looks like Sam Seder does not have an argument, just attacking someone project like he knows any better. Sam is a close minded individual.

  • M. Dimitrovski

    Damn you are fucking retarded

  • Ch335h34D

    Damn this is the first thumbs down majority I’ve ever been upset about hahaha

  • The Monrovian

    If everybody had Sam’s small minded bigoted views the United States would never have been founded. Actually with Sam’s pessimism I doubt Columbus would have even sailed to the new world! What’s Seder ever done but bitch about people more successful than himself? He’s a nothing with no vision and no moxie. Even his wife left him.

  • Lucre Bem - Empreendedorismo

    "Oh no, some dudes created a libertarian society that we can't tax and dictate our bullshit moral relativism, let's shame on them because that's the only thing that we can do with our pathetic lives!" Says your friendly neighborhood envious socialist dude, although socialism and envy are synonyms. "Give me 1 minute with them I will refute them", dude, you can't even provide proof that socialism works, now imagine you providing actual proof that libertarianism doesn't work. LOL

    Why won't you live in Cuba, since you like taxes so much, or perhaps north korea, since you hate freedom on the same extent? "Give me one minute with them" You wouldn't last 1 minute in an un-free country living as a labor worker, but you want one minute to talk to the people you're jealous of. lmao

  • E _

    Mad because r selected

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