Road trip to Kunisaki Peninsula – Exploring the rural areas of Oita by car

The Kunisaki Peninsula is situated in northern Oita Prefecture, facing the beautiful Seto Inland Sea. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the coastline and beaches in Kunisaki Peninsula is, to drive by car from east to west. This time we are going to introduce you this idyllic area while going around by car. Wow! Look at the beach! The coastline is so beautiful and the water is so clear and blue. You can spend here hours just watching the sea and relax Looks like a giant butt Looks like my butt Umanose is a scenic spot which you can only reach at low tide. The island became famous because it looks like the back of a horse when looking from the side on it. The beauty of the sea and the unique forms created by nature are just wonderful At Gintachinosato you can try Kunisaki City’s most famous dish, largehead hairtail. Each of the fish is handled carefully to avoid damages to the skin. That’s why you will find them beautifully lined up like this. The fish can grow in an environment, where various ocean currents collide. This gives it a sweet taste and special texture. There are various largehead hairtail dishes you can choose from. . My food came! It looks like an eel bowl Can’t wait to try it Let’s eat Itadakimasu Very hot! Delicious It tastes like eel bowl but it is also very sweet and very soft. Now I feel very happy Along the eastern coastline of the Peninsula are various places for good fortune scattered around. That’s why the highway is called good fortune road. The start point of the good fortune road is
the Maneki Neko Park. Here you can pray
for a safe trip. There is a Maneki Neko, a beckoning cat. Let’s try it and hope for good luck Put a stone in the whole of the cat’s belly,
and wait for it to come out of the back. I’m kind of nervous… What it’s going to be… I hope I will get Daikichi (excellent luck) Yeah! Nice Daikichi, excellent luck! Yasaka Shrine is also called “Lottery Shrine” also known as a place where prayers become true. Especially wishes about becoming rich are said to become true here easily. The shrine is a little bit small. It is made of wood and has a traditional touch. It is said that if you touch the ball of the lion statue, you will have more luck in the future. I already can feel that my luck increased. After visiting Kunisaki City we are heading
to Bungotakada City. Starting from the in Bungotakada City located Showa no Machi, the so called Love Road begins. Nagasakibana Resort Camping Ground is famous for its more than 1.2 mio sunflowers. The sunflower field is close to the ocean, which is quite rare I think. Enjoying the sunflowers and the ocean while strolling around is just amazing. At SOBA CAFE Yuhi, located at Matama Beach, you can do stand up paddle surfing
or short, SUP. SUP is a popular marine sport, where you stand on a surfboard while using paddles to move around. Before getting starting with it, the staff is
going to teach you everything you need to
know. Therefore also beginners can enjoy it. Looking out into the sea, as far as I could see, was an breathtaking and exceptional experience I can highly recommend to everybody. After the SUP you can enjoy some food and drinks while watching the sea. Bungotakada is famous for original handmade Soba. Itadakimasu! The rice balls are heart-shaped here at the
Love Road. Mmh, really good! Awashima Park is specially popular for people seeking blessings on their love life or marriage. The park is centered around Awashima. There are several monuments in the park which all symbolizes”結” the Japanese character for tie or binding. Locks? So cute! Heart shaped Korean have been here before But no Chinese until now By visiting this place you can raise your luck for love. So I was wishing for a nice boyfriend. Cafe & Kitchen Yui, which is located inside
Awashima Park, is nice place to enjoy a good cup of coffee or some pizza. You can also buy love locks here, we have seen earlier. You can enjoy Matcha Ice here, which is popular among many Hong Kong people. It has a nice, strong green tea flavor. teamLab Gallery Matama Beach and its art in motion shows the blossoming of Kunisaki Peninsula’s flowers during about an hour. It’s really dark. There are only small lights
on floor. Scary! So beautiful! Wow amazing What is so special about this piece of art is that if you get closer to the projected image, the flowers will react. Bloom at once or perish, for example. Interesting! teamLabGallery also has a studio in Showa no Machi if you want to see more of their work. Matama Beach was selected as one of the 100 most beautiful sunset spots in Japan. Even during the lowest tide, the coastal beach is left with just enough ocean water that it creates mudflats in the region. This provides a perfect and picturesque moment where the water’s surface is mystical and golden. And so my trip to Kunisaki Peninsula by car
ends. I went to several power spots for more luck and blessing for love. I also tried SUP Saw beautiful sunflowers and enjoyed very good local dishes. Last but not least I were able to see a picturesque sunset at Matama Beach. I highly recommend everybody, to come to Kunisaki Peninsula. It is a place worth visiting! See you next time!

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