Sailing in the British Virgin Islands – Leg 1 – May 2012

Hi Desiree, how much was this coffee? 4 Euros and 20 cents! Come on, take a 1 Euro worth sip!
Only 1 Euro? Or 80 Cents? How is it? We should let it breathe like for the wine! Maybe it gets better! Sex? Often! Hi Desiree, where are we here? We are in St. Martin’s airport and
we are waiting for our lagguage. And who is here with us? Bo!
Super Bo! And the M&Ms!
Please show the M&Ms! Baylies and Vodka! Here is what we shopped.
The alcohol we have! Hi Bo, what are you eating?
I’m preparing a banana split sandwich. Ingredients?
Banana, bread and… Nutella! Desi would you please
pass the Nutella? Estimated calories?
2500! Buon appetito!
Enjoy! First aperitif of our holiday! Yes because the serious sailors have a serious Gin-Tonic before
raising the anchor! Look at the color…
Really opaque! Marco is bringing us
out of the marina. Can you read the depth there? We are about to exit!
Past those two last buoys We are free.
Good bye Anse Marcel! And the holiday… goes on! The rainbow. Here we are after
our night passage. Desi, how many hours did you
spend on watch? Enough out here! What are you talking about?
Are you kidding me? Without my help we couldn’t
have made it! Right!
Right! Look, land in sight! Where?
There! Hi Marco, how is it going? Good!
We are an happy bunch. A bit tired. We got a lot of rain.
We were hit by a squall. What is a squall?
It’s a lot of sudden rain and wind we had 30 knots of wind so we
had to lower everything quickly We are at Round Rock Passage On the starboard side we
will go along Virgin Gorda And on the port side is
Ginger Island, so I am told. Let’s see who is doing
the dishes today… Guess it!
Come on, tell the truth. Ladies and gentlemen
this is your skipper. Today I have been forced
to do the dishes! They are a lot… did you
feed an army? We used so many cutleries,
not even in an hotel! Or maybe because we didn’t do
the dishes since three days! Hi Bo and Desi, where are we? This is the 2 o’clock’s aperitif.
Gin-Lemon. Cheers!
To the BVIs! Where are we going?
Somewhere… We are here. Then we go here.
We enter through here we look around here and
snorkeling here. Then we visit that guy from
Virgin to piss him off! You mean Richard Branson?
Right! Say hello to this guys. What dancing moves was
that girl doing? I am the skipper I cannot
behave like this! We go around and we anchor here.
Then with the dinghy we go to Bitter to visit the town.
Then we go snorkeling here. Great! And who is
anchoring our boat? I can anchor. I can do
everything by myself here! Hi Marco, we are we here?
I have no clue… We are in Mosquito Key!
Where are you?!? We are we then?
We are in Saba Rock. Ah, Saba Rock. Did you know
it Bo? This evening rock and roll! Then we snorkel. Desi says here is
nice, but there is no reef so… You can always look at the fishes… Bo, is everything ok?
No, I cannot wear my flipper. Is this a new plan to splash me?
Don’t do it, ok?

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