Sailing in the British Virgin Islands – Leg 2 – May 2012

Hi Bo, what do you think of this cruise with
the skipper Desi of Desi Charter? Let’s say that the autopilot works
well, Desi a little less… However I cannot complain. She is
nice at least! Yes, she is nice. And how does she sing?
Totally off-pitch! I have gave her some Euros
to stop, but it didn’t work. Yes, because you didn’t hit her
on the head so she didn’t stop! Hi Desiree, what is this? This is the 9:00 AM snack.
The second 9:00 AM breakfast. Show what you have there.
Ah, a good way to start the day. Oops! This is going to be on the video.
This one ends-up on YouTube! Bo really appreciated the snack.
Cheers! Ok, now don’t spit it
all out! Hi Marco, where are you?
Here we are in between! We are coming from Virgin Gorda… … and now Desi is skillfully
bringing us to… Guana Island and the Monkey
or the White Spot… And then Tortola!
No! No actually we are going to…
Jost van Dyke, Little Harbour! How do you feel?
Very well! I am the king of the world! Hi Desi where are we here? Here we are between Guana
Island and… Montigo Bay! Show where we have to go through. We have to go through there.
It’s behind the jib. I go ahead few more miles… Ah, we have to go through there?
Cool! That is called Monkey Point.
Monkey Point. Bo, say hello! We are stopping.
We pulled the hand-break. I have the same impression. Guys the wind speed just dropped. Ok, let’s focus on
maneuvering. Here we are with a new episode
of Desiree’s tasty recipes. Desi, what are you cooking today? Spaghetti with Gorgonzola cheese.
Ah!!! Tell us the recipe. Heat up some water. Add salt and wait for it
to boil. Then add the spaghetti. In the mean time you prepare
the Gorgonzola cheese and you also add some butter. We will make it with a lot of sauce.
I still have to clean all the ‘zola. Bo, how hungry are you? What?
How hungry are you? A little bit.
How much is a little bit? A big portion or a normal one?
A big portion! Bo is a little hungry…
so 150 grams of spaghetti! Let’s add plenty of ‘zola cheese! Guys, make me… an aperitif! What a gorgeous place I
brought you to! And here is the result of
Desiree’s tasty recipes! A wonderful spaghetti with
Gorgonzola cheese. For at least a party of six!
How many are we on the boat? Three. One, two and three.
Come on, it’s for four. Desi, make some abundant portions…
Pass the dishes. Look what a gorgeous place
I brought you to! The cormorant is fishing… Let me share everything equally. Especially the sauce. Come on, throw it to him!
Come on! Throw it! Bo wanted some bread. I don’t think they will
eat from your hands. They will, they will. Throw it! Hi Desiree, where are we here? We are at Monkey Point. We have done a wonderful snorkeling. We swam with fishes that were
almost as big as me. I prepared a wonderful spaghetti
with Gorgonzola cheese. And now I am going to
prepare the coffee. You also fed the sea gulls! And the we go for a coffee-killer.
Like a good Rum. Bo what to we have available?
Bayleis or Rum. Desi surpassed herself with
the spaghetti. Oh my darling, come here
so I can kiss you! The ‘zola was from a shop.
The pasta as well. So she only had to
combine them. Come on galley slaves, let’s
wear our pirate clothes and let’s plunder all
these boats around us. Woman, go to make coffee. Back to the galley! Go **** you! Yes, I go in the kitchen and
make coffee only for me. Here we are, we left Guana Island. Curious steering technique from
our co-skipper Marco. Co-skipper?!? None has ever seen this! Well, we are running at
5.5 knots anyway. Hi Desi, where are we here? We are in Sandy Spit. It took we a while to convince my
crew that this was Sandy Spit. And not Sandy Cay, another island. And how big is this island? Well, ten meters? Should we stop overnight? Bo, look at what gorgeous place
I brought you to! Really gorgeous! This is known as the place where you
can have the best seafood and the best lobster
in the BVIs. And now we understand why. Who wants to come in my plate? Ciao SuperDi, what are you having? This is a Pain Killer.
It’s the second one. Pain Killer? So now you have no more pain! Bo? Pina Colada.
Marco? The same!
This one is very good. Enjoy! Harry’s restaurant We are to Cynthia’s. What is this restaurant well
known for? For the lobster.
And what did you choose? The fish of the day! The lobster had already been chosen
by Desiree. And we are going to share it.
Ok! What did you like most of today? We moored to a buoy in reverse. Out of a sailing manual! Approach on the port side and sliding toward the bow. (I’ll be right with you guys!) Hi Bo! What did you like most of today? [censored] Di, what did you get?
Lobster, lobster! It’s a big one!
No, it’s a medium one! It’s not big, it’s medium!
I wanted it big, but it’s small. Bo has the same.
It’s medium. It’s not big, it’s medium. Hi Desi, how did you eat tonight?
Was good! Bo?
Satisfied. I got my Pain Killer! All right. So now you have no
more pain! I got the balls baby! Yes, please take a look at my
daddy’s picture before you leave. Good morning, good morning! Crew, where are we? We are parked somewhere.
Gosh, the milk got out! What place is it “gosh,
the milk got out”? Gosh, the milk got out! Hi Desi, what are you having for
breakfast on a boat? A cappuccino! Wow! And how did you get it?
From my husband. He did “pin pin pilipin
bum!” What did you eat yesterday evening?
Lobster! And how much did you drink?
Not much. I had only one drink! You had two of them! Pain killer, it’s the second one… yes! And Bo, how much did you drink?
Just a little. Only two drinks. A Pina Colada and a… killer
something. A Pain Killer!
Pain Killer. Would you like sugar on
your cappuccino? Of course! Can I skillfully pour it
for you? Sure! It is the big one from yesterday. A turtle! There! Just in front of us. There are two of them. One here
and one there! True! No, now the big one
is going to eat them! They are diving. They are snorkeling. Should we swim to them? Right, with the big one there?
You can go alone. He is going toward them. He is not going to eat them, is he?
I think he is going to eat them!

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