Sailing in the British Virgin Islands – Leg 4 – May 2012

Go Desi, show us the “V”! We are risking the collision
with that catamaran. The catamaran should
avoid hitting us! Show us the “V”
on the tell-tales.
There it is! Great! Shouldn’t we tack?
Desi calls the tack. Bo, so the next time are
coming again with us or
on a motor boat? Next time car.
A 4WD. Or a motorhome?
No, a car! Ready to tack?
No, not yet! No yet?
Let’s wait until we are
ashore then! I am the captain and
I decide on the tack! So let’s wait until
we are ashore! Luff because you are… Bo I am hungry!
Tell it to the dog then.
[Italian joke, sorry!] Luff!
Let’s see if that guy is
going to hit us. Those who do not know how
to sail are motoring on such
a day! Also those who do not
know how to sail are
indeed sailing! They understood it doesn’t
make sense to waste time
tacking, so they motor. Hi Desi, where are
we here? Here we are in
Pelican Island. In front of you are the
three… uhm, four Indians. We are close to Norton Island,
famous because it inspired
the book Treasure Island. The book Treasure Island.
By… Stevenson! It is wonderful here!
Hi Desi, where are we here? We are at The Caves,
in Norman Island.
Fantastic! Here is where there is
the treasure we should
try to find! So there is a treasure?
And where is it? I don’t know! Really gorgeous! Here we are for a new
episode of Bo’s
fantastic appetizers! Bo what are you
preparing today? Let’s see…
Bruschetta with oregano,
oil and salt and three with Tabasco sauce. Slices of salame with
Mmmm! And I was thinking of
some tigelle… no, some
mini-piadine pizza-style with tomato, cheese
and oregano. Great!
Ciao! Cheers! Only slightly alcoholic…
Is it good? Look, we have three guests
to our aperitif. They are waiting to get
something to eat. That they won’t get. Desi, say hello!
Really good.
Thank you Bo! Bo, say hello!
You are welcome.
Ciao! Guys look at this
wonderful sunset. [Italian wordplay]

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