Salt Cafe & Restaurant | Indian Ocean view | Male, Maldives

M: Hi Maam. Male 1 ticket. Thank you. Hello, guys. Welcome back to my channel. So today we’re gonna feature Salt cafe and Restaurant for food blog number two. J: Hello guys. This restaurant offers an amazing view of the.. look.. Indian Ocean. L: This restaurant is located in the 7th floor of shinetree building in Male. M: Me and Joanna ordered one great burger this is a homemade juicy beef patty With black pepper sauce topped off with
caramelized onion with fries. J: While Maam Laida.. M: yea maam laida, what’s your order? L: So, I ordered a Flirty Burger. It’s a breaded king prawn. I’ll show you.
It’s breaded yeah that’s king prawn right there it’s breaded so with
hot chili sauce. M: For drinks we have vanilla milkshake and chocolate milkshake. L: This is multifruit to unleash the tita in me. It looks fancy look
at that I think the color speaks for itself
because this is called the flirty bird. So it’s red.
It surprised me that their buns are colored very Instagrammable. J: oh yeah actually
I didn’t expect that that we are having colored burger yeah. Black burger. L: Mine is red. M: So my order is just the same with
Joanna so she will do the critic later. L: Presentation-wise it’s fancy I like it
it’s very Instagrammable J: Yeah and also with the view it’s nice and the price is just affordable. L: 126mvr. J: mine is 130mvr, I dont know why. ahh because that’s chiken. L: No, no, no. This is prawn, king prawn. J: I’m sorry. I thought it’s chicken. L: It’s king prawn, my dear. My gosh. L: So guys, what do you think of your burgers? M: I don’t know I’m nervous about this
because it’s black oh my god I don’t mean anything. It’s just the color because it’s unusual. let’s check what’s inside. so this is the
caramelized onion I think then the cheese the patty there’s some tomatoes
and the bun. Joanna do you want to taste it first. J: yeah then I’ll do the critics okay M: let’s do it together. J: let me try. Why is it so heavy? L: look at the patty. It’s so thick. J: The bun is good.
L: How does it tast just like the normal bread? M: The patty is juicy. You can taste the cheese it’s not dry. It’s delicious, really. J: Ya, it’s very good. L: How about the patty. Is it cooked well? J: ya, it’s cooked well. It is very delicious. J: so maam laids. How’s your pink burger? L: we’ll see. We will find out in a while. I’ll show you first what’s inside. um cheese and then the breaded king
prawn, it’s not chicken, its prawn. and then we have the tomatoes and
lettuce I’m excited to try this red bun. Wait. Hey I’ll take the first bite. M: can you tastes the prawn? L: Yeah. Actually it’s kinda spicy, yeah. I thought it’s mildly spicy but it’s okay.
M: Is it still in delicious? L: ya, I think the prawn is fresh promise it’s not the breading didn’t overpower the the taste of the shrimp you know it’s
yummy I like it. The fries, my favorite. L: How about a milkshake guys. What can you say? Well, wait personally I love that they’re using metal straws.
J: yea but honestly the milkshake is for me it’s delicious but its so sweet. L: oh the juice is so yummy.
healthy and fresh. M: For me, it’s like a typical milkshake. It is still delicious. But nothing.. What’s the term.. L: Nothing special? M: ya, nothing special. L: this juice is very yummy. J and L: very honest review . J: Only the burger is the winner. L: I like my juice. Do you have any issues with my juice? M: oh my gosh. I’m so full. L: so we’re nearing towards the end.
towards the last few bites of our burger. M. yay. it’s a wrap. So we’re finished eating here. It was a great dining experience. The burgers were so delicious and so appetizing so I thank joanna for
recommending this place. L: how did you find about the place joanna? J: actually, i just found it on facebook, so it guys if you want to go here we will give you the details so you
can click on the description box. Like and subscribe. See you in our next video.

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