Sea Trout Trip, Outer Randers Fjord, March 26th, 2017, Peninsula Djursland

Randers Fjord (in Denmark, northern limit of the peninsula Djursland) March 26th, 2017. A bite. Trolling – fishing with Lars Haulund, in his chalup Nothing big, probably an underseized sea trout Let’s see. It’s the otterboard that creates the drag. It’s a very small fish Let’s see A small fish is better than no fish We have got three lines out from the boat Is it still on? Yes. Now it’s getting the board in the head I don’t know if one can see it, but out by that beacon the current can be seen running out of the fjord, fast. Can you take the net Nils, it’s just behind that little box. I haven’t got time to that – I am filming – you must take care of that yourself. It’s probably underseized.. but a trout, is a trout, is a trout What’s the seize 35 – 40 centimeters, or something like that? It’s bigger. One nice sea trout. Is this a keeper or a releaser? It must be a keeper? It’s the first one of the year – so it it’s going home in the pot. Let’s have a look at it – it’s a beautiful animal. Close up here. Nice. Oops – we have to be careful here, it’s getting shallow Randers Fjord, first catch. We have been fishing for an hour or so, having a nice time. Started at Udbyhøj, fishing on the way into the fjord Lars says that they swim around in schools, sometimes – these trout Three years ago he was out fishing and caught 18 So that’s kind of a motivator It has to be released. I think it might be a kelt. Yes it could be, it seems a bit famished Let’s measure it first. We will just catch another one Yes – We know where they are 45 – 50 centimeters, more or less? Let’s see. Yes – 50. It’s 52. Yes. Out with it again. Well that’s not quite by the book – we know that. have a nice life, little fish Like that – it will be alright. That was that. Passing Stenrevet – the Stone Reef – at full speed. We want to get a bit out of the way, a coaster is coming this way It will make some biggish waves and we don’t want to be at the wrong place, so we have powered up the small inboard diesel sprinting up the fjord. One of the good things about this boat, is that it can really move along a shalup made from glassfiber, based on a classical wooden boat construction As mentioned, a coaster, coming up from down there It does not look like much now, but fast moving so it’s a question of paying attention to a guy like that passing Lars knows what he is doing. At this point we are passing The Stone Reef one of the classical places – a small island in Randers Fjord between Udbyhøj and Voer from which it is really interesting to fish a stone reef, that is a stone island. Often with a strong current passing by it can be like fishing in Norwegian mountain river, here at The Stone Reef A small one got away. That’s what it is. It’s been a bit dull, a small underseized one hooked a shinning little young fish a Greenlander (Danish name for not yet mature trout) it’s so fresh from the sea, that is has got a salmon lice nice little fish, about 32 centimeters. Yes – See you again when you get bigger.

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