Seminar on S. Korea-N. Korea-Russia econ. cooperation cancelled at Russia’s EEF

Delegations from South and North Korea are
in Vladivostok, Russia for the Eastern Economic Forum… to discuss trilateral economic cooperation
with Moscow. There was a three-way meeting scheduled for
Wednesday but it’s been abruptly called off… and the North Korean delegation was curiously
absent from the forum. Our Oh Jung-hee has the latest. Representatives of the two Koreas and Russia
were set to discuss their trilateral economic cooperation at the Eastern Economic Forum
in Vladivostok on Wednesday,… but the seminar was cancelled at the last minute. This… due to what the Forum said was the
delegations’ scheduling reasons. The main agenda would have been the “Three
Mega Projects” among Seoul, Pyeongyang and Moscow. They include connecting the Trans-Siberian
Railway and Trans-Korean Railway,… building a gas pipeline between South Korea and Russia
that runs through North Korea,… and forming a shared electrical grid among the three countries. A senior official from South Korea’s Presidential
Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation was to attend the event,… as well as Russia’s
Deputy Foreign Minister and Far East Development Minister. But North Korea did not notify who would be
representing Pyeongyang for the seminar… and on Wednesday, the event was abruptly called
off. The North Korean delegation led by the regime’s
Vice Premier Ri Ryong-nam arrived in Vladivostok earlier this week,… but was absent at the
forum on Wednesday. With top officials from South and North Korea
converging on Vladivostok,… the possibility had been raised of a surprise high-level inter-Korean
meeting. But with the three-party seminar cancelled,
those hopes have now been dashed. Watchers say that the current atmosphere on
the Korean Peninsula where dialogue has stalled between South Korea, the U.S. and North Korea
may have affected these setbacks at the Russian forum. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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