Seoul condemns Tokyo for renewed claim to Korea’s Dokdo islets

Korea has condemned Japan… after Tokyo renewed
its claim to the Korea-controlled Dokdo islets… in its annual defense white paper. Both the defense and foreign ministries were
quick to issue statements re-asserting that Dokdo is Korean territory. Kim Hyun-bin reports. Korea’s defense ministry has urged Japan to
withdraw all of its false territorial claims to the Korea-controlled Dokdo islets,… after
Tokyo again renewed its claim to the rocky islets in its annual defense white paper on
Tuesday. This the twelfth consecutive year Japan has
made the claim in the document. “We strongly protest Japan’s false claim to
Dokdo in their defense white paper and urge Tokyo to correct it. If Japan continues to claim Dokdo, we will
sternly counter the action and move to secure our sovereign territory.” “The ministry also summoned a defense attache
from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul and submitted a formal protest against the document.” Korea’s foreign ministry also released a statement,
in which it said that Dokdo is Korean territory… and expressed its strong protest against Tokyo’s
“unjust” claims. The ministry urged Japan to look at historical
facts and actively contribute to improving Korea-Japan ties based on mutual trust. Dokdo lies in closer proximity to Korea than
Japan in the East Sea between the two countries… and has long been a source of tension between
the two neighbors. Experts believe Tokyo’s renewed claim is likely
to have an adverse effect on relations between Korea and Japan. Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.


  • 伊藤博文

    Do you think that Japan would even care for the barking Korean government? Watch yourself better and behave as it is!

  • KN -

    Habitual lier in history & people arnt stupid like kimmchiii!

  • 百地三太夫

    It’s clearly Takeshima/Dokdo is a part of territory of Japan, even kids can understand it by reading San Francisco Peace Treaty and supplementary documents. Korea has been illegally occupying our island.

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