Seoul Defense Dialogue to discuss easing tensions on Korean peninsula

security and defense officials and
experts gathered in Seoul today for the annual Seoul defense dialogue which will
be held for next three days there’s such discuss improving security environment
in the asia-pacific region Archer Xian has the details in its
eighth year the annual Seoul defense dialogue brings together security
officials and experts from 56 different countries and six international
organizations organized by south korea’s defense ministry since 2012 the
multilateral security dialogue serves as a platform to discuss easing tensions on
the korean peninsula and building better security in the Asia Pacific region this
Year’s Eve and Rose much attention in that the forum comes in the wake of a
series of key secure events in Northeast Asia including South Korea’s decision to
terminate its military intelligence sharing pact with Japan and a deadlock
in North Korea US team causation negotiations also leading up to the
vendor had been media speculation that the US would not be represented in this
year’s event an unprecedented move which was quickly quelled by a last-minute
confirmation by Washington that the US forces korea commander general robert
abrams along with the u.s. deputy chief of mission to south korea well-being
attendance previously the US Department of Defense said it couldn’t attend the
event but South Korea asked the u.s. to rethink that so deadly ambassador Rapson
is taking part in the event on behalf of his superior ambassador Harry Harris who
is unavailable duties participation in a conference in the Maldives
Choi young Arirang news

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