Skyforge – Expedition to Eskenian Peninsula

Magnificent beaches caressed by the waves
of a gentle sapphire sea. The brilliance of tropical flora with its magical intoxicating
aromas. And the allure of treasures nestled away in mysterious caves and ancient temples. Some may find themselves skeptical that such
a paradise can still be found on Aelion, but here I stand on the Eskenian Peninsula, a
nature reserve, that is a standard of divine beauty! Due to recent events, local Eskenian Businesses
are seeing a halt in tourism, with residents barring their establishments in preparation
for the worst. The peninsula’s inhabitants beginning to evacuate in an effort to outrun
hostile life forms seen stalking the region. Immortals and well-trained protectors are
arriving to assist in the defense effort. Blame is being placed on pacifists for allowing
an overabundance of this hostile fauna. Those supporting this claim say the mighty Scarabs,
swift Vespers and bloodthirsty Kuumas should have had their numbers quelled years ago – which
would have allowed the residents of Aelion access to the beautiful underground galleries
where these creatures reside. The Phytonides, these creatures were left
from past Invasions, and have flourished here. These flora destroy not only the native plants
but all life they encounter. While Aelion’s residents have no interest in conquering others,
they have declared they won’t allow the Peninsula to fall to the Phytonides – For
this reason, war seems inevitable. Perhaps even more disturbing, is rise in reports
of a much more sinister threat. So-called magical seals originating from Aeli’s rule
have apparently weakened, unleashing hordes of Demons through the unchecked portals into
our world. These creatures have desecrated the holy shrines and halls of the local temple
and have taken the lives of scientists and students studying the ancient construct. Valliant Immortals have already begun arriving
to face these horrors in their continued effort to protect the lands of Aelion from ferocious
opponents and cunning alien magic. In exchange for their protection, these Immortals have
been promised adventure, empowering treasures along with the opportunity to study and unlock
the secrets surrounding the temple’s ancient seals. Whatever their motive may be, let us
just hope the beautiful Eskenian Peninsula – the so called gem of Aelion – can be
saved! Reporting live from the Eskenian Peninsula,
this is Pria the Unbiased. Stay tuned for more news reports from Aelion’s most stunning
places and newest hot spots!

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