Look what we have in here. Slime. We will make a… Slip ‘n slide! You guys, we need to start by gathering
a few things for the slip ‘n slime slide. Yes. – We need two planks.
– Two planks. From under there. – Long ones, that’s good.
– Oh, very long. I can help. – I’m carrying almost all its weight.
– Oh yeah. Put it down, Harry. Good. We also need something to hold down
the edges of the slip ‘n slide. Very long nails? Good idea, but I have something even better.
I have thick wire in the car. Yes! We can grab it when we leave, Harry.
We need a tool to cut it with. – It’s in the shed. Come!
– Yes! This pool is now filled with
rainwater and leaves. We recently filmed “Last to leave the SLIME POOL wins”.
The link is in the top right corner if you haven’t seen it. At the end of that video daddy Axel came up with
the fantastic idea to make a slip ‘n slide with the slime. Good! It’s in the barrel over there,
we are like the Daidalos family. We will go to a field nearby that has a slight slope,
which our lawn doesn’t have. – Shall we go?
– Yes! – We were both like “Yes!”.
– In unison. – We need this, right?
– Yes, we need the hammer. This is where we will be,
on this big field. There is a ditch right here,
be careful when you cross. We will now roll out this plastic sheeting in a straight line
down this slope. Towards that goal over there, kind of. Run, run, run… Well done, Harry. You are so good. – Grab the roll and let’s walk with it.
– Okay. – Good job, friends.
– There is some sand on it. – Have you ever made a slip ‘n slide before?
– Never, but I have seen it on YouTube. This is going great,
I don’t have to do anything. But we have to do something! It’s supposed to rain a lot today so we were hesitant
about doing this, but the sun is out now, so… Well, maybe rain won’t be a problem,
it will just make it even more slippery. – Yes!
– Good job, friends! This plastic sheeting is double,
so we have to do this. – Grab this end.
– Oh! – Harry, stay here and hold this corner.
– Mm. Okay, now let’s pull on each corner. There we go.
You two can back up a bit. Oh, mushrooms! – I saw two mushrooms!
– Let’s see. And one over here. Here. – There are three mushrooms, right?
– No, four. One, two, three, four, five. – Six!
– Six! Seven, eight. Nine! Ten! Let’s roll the plastic around
this plank to keep it still. We can’t keep the plank here though,
because then we will slide into it. Let’s roll it up just a little bit. There we go.
Now let’s fix it at the top. – What’s on your mind, Harry?
– Nothing. Nothing at all. – Will this be fun?
– Yes. Help me roll that side. You have to hold onto
the end of the plastic, like this. – Oh, there.
– Yes, so that we roll it evenly. There we go. – What’s that?
– These are like hooks that go into the ground. They will keep the edges in place
so that this doesn’t happen. The wind could grab it
so we need to pin it to the ground. Luckily we happened to have
some good wire for it. I’m bending them so that there won’t be
any sharp wires poking up along the sides. I will try it. Can I try it right now,
without the slime? – Not much at all will happen.
– But can I try it? Yes, but nothing will happen
because it’s just plastic, and it’s completely dry. There. High five. Our slide is ready.
Now we only need two things. Friends and slime. Yay! Now we are ready
with friends and slime! – And water and the peacock. Let’s go!
– Yes. Who wants to carry the peacock? I can! And cameras. – I look like a cameraman.
– Yes. It’s starting to rain a little bit so we will see
what we will do with all the cameras in the rain. – It’s raining!
– Yes, it’s starting to rain! – Look at this weather!
– Yes. Here you go, Harry! It’s your turn. – Oh, it’s like touching someone’s snot!
– I don’t care about the weather. Let’s add some kids shampoo
just to be on the safe side. Aah! The water is so cold. Now it smells good. Woho! Ew! I feel like I’m a snail. – Are you ready?
– YES! Go! – I will go first.
– Yes, you can go first. God! Oh, I got so far!
Look at this huge bubble! – It’s my turn!
– Yes, just go. Go! What a huge bubble!
And here’s another one! Oh, she’s sliding all the way! The sun came back. I can’t get up! – Are you ready?
– YES! One, two, three. It’s not moving. This isn’t going very well. – Is it not working?
– No. – It’s better without it.
– Yes, let’s skip the bird. It didn’t work. It’s raining again and it’s time to go
one last time. Everyone together! Everyone together!
Everyone together! – You guys, how fun was this?
Super fun! – Ten hundred!
– Ten thousand! – So you are recommending this?
– Yes, to everyone. Ten billion! – Last one, let’s go!
– Ready, set… – Pour out all the slime.
– GO! – All of it?
– Yes, all of it. Come on, last one! Oh my God! – Hey, cameraman. You haven’t tried it!
– No. Guys, daddy hasn’t tried it! – Axel! Axel! Axel! Axel! Axel!
– Okay, okay! Axel who loves slime! I regretted it the second
I landed in the slime. It has stopped raining and our friend Meja
is going to ask us Question of the Day. What is your favorite app? – Mine is… what is it called?
– Subway Surfers. Yes, yes. Mine is YouTube. Mine are TikTok and Snapchat. What is your favorite app?
Comment below. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions,
subscribe and take care until next time. Bye bye!


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