Sommarlov i skärgården VLOGG

Hey! Hey! We are by our cabin in the archipelago. I wanted to say that. We are by our cabin. Yes, and we have been here for two weeks. We have been here for two weeks, we have been working on our house and the plot of land that we have. Join us and we’ll show you. This is our pool. It’s a bit dirty so I wont swim in it now. Vegetables and herbs are growing here on our veranda. This is my little farming projekt. It’s gone a bit crazy. The salad had flowers and that’s not good. I will replant these to sort it out. I have tomatoes, coriander, salad and chives. This is one of the entrances to the house. I like your sunglasses. It’s not sunglasses, it’s ordinary glasses. Hey, this the inside of our little house. This is the living area and kitchen. We had no kitchen a few months ago, and it’s semifinished now. Like a lot of things here. There are several things that needs to be built in here. It will be a furnace here. But we haven’t bought it yet. But we are keeping warm, it’s Swedish summer. This is the master bedroom, and it’s tiny. We use the wood board over there to cover the windows because we don’t have curtains yet. That one, like that. It works really well actually. It gets dark, but it’s not that beautiful. Watch out, I dropped some sawdust on the floor. Oh, it’s ok. What’s Harry up to? Harry is our biggest fan. He is lying in bed watching our videos on Youtube. He got tired, he wanted to have a rest and watch something. But it’s weird that he is watching us. Yeah, it’s funny. And he’s got this thing where he twists his hair when he is tired. So you can always see when Harry is tired. Ok, Axel can you show us what it looks like outside. This place looked terrible when we bought it a year ago. And there is work in progress at the moment. Out here is what will be our lawn. We have placed 140 tons of material here. What do you mean with material? It is soil and small stones. We have planted grass seeds and we are hoping that it will come up. Some has come up, look. So this is our plot of land. What’s over there Axel? I am building a small cabin for guests and tools. We will be able to accommodate guests in one part of the house. Behind the double doors. And a storage space for tools will be behind the single door. We will build an outdoor shower on the veranda behind the corner. Yeah, and you have already built an outdoor toilet. Do you want to show us? Yes absolutely, it’s over here. It’s a simple construction. We have no drain so this is our privy. Our little toilet cabin. You don’t have to go into details. Things happen in here. It solves the problem. The little cabin over there is under construction so there is nothing to see indoors right? Right. We have been here for a couple of weeks now and the construction has taken a lot of our time. But Alma has been going to swimming school every day in the lake. With her friend Uma. It’s been really good for her. She got comfortable in the water in Malaysia. And she makes progress with her swimming now. I am cooking some dinner, rice and salmon Let’s get the family. Would you like some food!? Yes! Food. This is what my plate looks like. Do you like the food Alma? The kids seems really hungry. I like it a lot. Do you like it Harry? Are you eating cucumber? It sounds crunchy. What is the best thing with spending time in the archipelago? To have time off pre school. To pee outdoors. To play with Uma and to swim in the lake. Why are you looking at me? I asked you a question and I think you gave a good answer. The worst thing with being here is the parasol. You don’t like the parasol. I hate it. Why? Because it can fall down. What’s going on? I could throw up. No, why would you do that? Because I’ve eaten so much. Would you like to lie down for a while? I yawned. What happened there? We are going for an evening walk. Me and Axel wants to take a swim, possibly the kids as well. Alma carries a big bag. Are these crisps spicy? No, they are not spicy. Harry you look preppy in your outfit. Can you see the fox? It’s up there. The fox is looking at us. It’s up on that hill. Do you see? Yes, there it is. He’s so cute. We have had a swim. Yes we have, it was nice. Really nice. Thank you for watching this video. If you like it, subscribe and ring the bell. I don’t have to say anything nowadays. Please leave a comment. Bye! Bye!


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