ST MARTIN | ST MAARTEN after HURRICANE IRMA: Update December 2018!

hey everyone and welcome to Phil
Phriday before I begin I just want to say thank you to everyone who watched my
previous video and my videos since about the update of St. Maarten after
Hurricane Irma that I posted back in June and I got a lot of attention and I’ve
met a lot of wonderful people through it your comments were all appreciated
everyone who wrote to me I thank you so if you haven’t watched that one yet you
want to watch it go for it and come back to this one because this is hurricane
Irma update 2! well back to st. Maarten and at the end
of October it’s been about a month and so I wanted to get this out because
they’re moving so fast there right now that I know even though things I’m
saying are probably already dated we’re gonna do what my experience is like over
the two weeks that I spent ther. now just be clear that these are my
observations and my views from I just experienced being there and talking to a
few people so I can’t say that they’re full-on facts but they are just my
opinion so take that as you will please if I do
make an error please leave them in the comments because I’d love to know new
updates or anything that I said that was wrong and that way other people can see
that as well so please feel free to comment. let’s start at the airport
nothing much has changed here since June you’re still gonna get off the plane
directly and walk right up to the tarmac you’re gonna get into a bus be taking
the customs and then you’re gonna check-in it’s very fast very easy and
should not be a concern to anyone. they are working so hard on the actual
airport but honestly I kind of enjoyed this experience of just walking into a
temporary space getting through getting my luggage and getting out it was super
fast and it’s not a reason to stop you from going I’ll say that much so the
airport is pretty much the same let’s move on next we’re gonna stop over at
Maho today I’m gonna be walking through downtown Maho
give you an update on what’s going on there so seeing all the destruction in
downtown Maho is sad but seeing the construction going on in Maho is
exciting. so while this place has been hurting its up for something brand-new and I think they’re doing the right
thing right now so while Maho is no longer the place that we all love and
remember it is going in the right direction I think they’re making all the right
moves while I was there at the casino reopened so that was fantastic.
perfect timing I got to see it right as it was opening if you haven’t been there
in a while and you went in you probably wouldn’t even know the difference there
are a few new restaurants and a few new bars in that area one place I spent a
lot of time at actually was the hole in the wall right in downtown Maho and
being a New Yorker I kind of like hole in the wall type bars and this gives
you that feel. there’s a lot of great people actually I went in there a few
times on my trip and I saw the same people so it allowed me to as someone
who travels alone to have sort of some camaraderie and the bartender there Matt
took great care of me so go in there say hi to Matt tell him Phil Phriday sent you. I’m
gonna pass mullet Bay and I’m gonna pass Porto Cupecoy because I went into
those in June they are good they are a great. fantastic. go! Next we’re going to
Terres basses now Terres basses is a place where there’s a lot of private villas so
those are all kind of being done on their own time
as owners have a chance to do it so it’s hit or miss when it comes to the houses there some
houses are perfect some houses are not that is just what it is the big
difference in Terres Basses right now though is Baie Rouge I am currently standing on baie
Rouge Beach in Terres basses now they have recently changed Baie Rouge beach there used
to be even back in June there used to be some restaurants on the beach and now
they are no more so this has turned into an absolutely clean pristine beautiful
beach but there are no longer chairs to rent or food or drinks so it’s become a
very private beach in the sense that you need to bring everything yourself really
depends on what you’re looking for some people like having the beach chairs in
the restaurant and some people want a more peaceful place
so if you’re looking for a peaceful beach with no amenities that’s Baie Rouge
Beach now if you’re looking for activity this is no longer your Beach me
personally I liked having the restaurant I think it was there’s not many
restaurants on beaches in Terres Basses and this was one place to get lunch or we
could buy drinks and rent chairs and all that
so it’s really a personal preference but don’t come to Baie Rouge Beach if you
want to be able to have lunch on the beach and buy drinks however if you want
to bring your own lunch bring your own chairs and bring a cooler full of drinks
come to the Baie Rouge Beach because it’s beautiful from what I have heard the bar
that was on Baie Rouge was actually not there legally for a long time and the
residents there didn’t like it there because they lived there and they didn’t
enjoy all the attention it got so unfortunately the restaurant did have to
leave for the time being I know that’s gonna be disappointing to a lot of
people it actually is a little disappointing to me due to the fact that
Terres Basses doesn’t really have any of those restaurants on their beaches and
that was one spot you could really do it there’s plenty of parking but
unfortunately that’s just the way things go after that we’re gonna go down into
Marigot go now Marigot is on the up and up it had a lot of problems but Marigot
had a lot of problems before the hurricanes so if anything this is kind
of given it a chance to refresh and to clean itself up. Tropicana has reopened
there’s a few other restaurants in the marina that are open so you can go into
Marigot and you can enjoy it there’s also a new cafe that is open and
the Marigot market which is still happening on Wednesdays and Saturdays is
happening and it’s lively and it’s fun so it’s a great place to go if you want
to support the locals there go to the Marigot market buy some spices from the
spice lady have a nice little afternoon it’s also
right next to the ferry if you want to head over to st. Barts or Anguilla so
Marigot, while it’s not the perfect place right now it is moving its way up and I
think we’re gonna see a lot of changes over the next few months there as we
keep going around the island we’ll hit up with Friars Bay and Happy Bay I’m at
friars Bay Beach now two restaurants open here which is a good sign I’ve not
actually never been here before so I don’t I can’t say what it looked like
before but I think it looks great now friars Bay Beach is a great place for
the entire family the swimming is easy there’s plenty of restaurants for food
and you can eat and just play and have a really nice afternoon Friar’s is located
between Marigot and grand case. you’re gonna turn down some pretty bouncy roads
so do be aware if you have before wheel drive it’ll be amazing if you’re like a
Jeep if you’re in kind of a smaller car you
can still get there but it’s gonna be a little bit slower and if you’re really
up for adventure wall at friars Bay Beach I highly recommend going down the
path that’s located on the north side of the beach if you take the path you can
go all the way out it’s about a 10-minute walk and you’ll get to happy
Bay Beach now happy Bay Beach is a super private while it’s public but it feels
private it’s a beach where there’s no restaurants
there’s no entertainment there’s basically nothing so when you go out
there you’re gonna get a lot of privacy not a lot of people go out there and
you’ll be able to swim and it’ll really feel like your own little private beach
getaway so I can’t recommend that enough you really should explore have abilities
as well as Friar’s Bay beach for lunch you can really spend your entire day at
these two beaches extra move over to Grand Case. Grand Case is still not doing
the best however there are some new places opening up in Grand Case the lo
los are open and grand case the beaches are still beautiful there so you
can go to Grand Case. there’s no reason not to its has some construction going on
and obviously it went through a lot but the restaurants there’s definitely
enough for you to do there and an after next up I did go into Anse Marcel very
briefly not enough to really give a full-on update but I did see some work
being done over at the beach so that is good to see it’s always good to see work
being done that means that it’s going to get better sooner rather than later when
I was in June lots of places I didn’t see any work being done so it was a
little sad but when you see work being done it gets you excited so Amse
Marcel I believe is going to bounce back pretty fast and should be ready for the
season continuing around the island I went to Orient Bay next this was super
fun seeing Orient Bay bikini beach bar is open and looks gorgeous
Kakao beach bar was about to open while I was there they were in the process of
it and some of the rules have changed and Orient Beach when it comes to
building things on their on the beach so they have to build further back from the
water which is really nice because it makes this very long wide beach looks
absolutely beautiful and once they get rid of the seaweed which they will this
is going to be a phenomenal beach I mean it was before but it’s gonna be
even better the restaurants have to build in a way that is more sustainable
to a hurricane or bad weather so the kitchens are built very sturdy in stone
and then the rest of the restaurant has to be built in a way that it can be
taken down quickly and this has allowed for some really interesting designs I
I’m excited to see what goes on next at Orient Beach. I do have some sad
information club Orient the nude beach is closed they tried to reopen after the
hurricane they did reopen but it just became too much to be able to continue
on so for the time being club orient is closed I know that was loved by
many I’m sad to reveal that information but I have a feeling something like it
is going to be put in its place so we’ll see if you
have any more information about that I’d love to hear about it so next I’m gonna
make my way down to oyster pond and Guana Bay I did unfortunately not really
go into any of the restaurants down there I was only there to get some
aerial footage and some drone shots so only saw stuff from the sky so that’s
the only opinion I can have about it but it was very green it was very beautiful
there are houses there that are up and running you can rent houses there you
can buy property there it’s a beautiful spot that I actually don’t have much
experience in so I don’t have much more information other than that it looks
very nice from the sky after Guana Bay I went down to Phillipsburg now Philipsburg
is looking phenomenal it looks great there’s at least four cruise ships
coming in at all times they have the ability to handle I believe five so lots
of lots of tourists are coming through there and bringing money in which is
very recognizable when you’re looking and seeing the area the strip looks
great plenty of restaurants open plenty of things to do there so Phillipsburg
for the most part it’s gonna look very similar to what you saw before and
finally make our way over to Simpson Bay Simpson Bay is doing awesome. this morning
I am hanging out on Simpson Bay Beach over at Karakter in between Karakter
and Marys Boon at the moment and this Beach is looking very nice planes taking
off behind me the water here is beautiful it’s so easy to swim in waves
are minimal there’s plenty of places to rent chairs plenty of places to get a
bite to eat get a drink take a long walk one of my favorite spots here um
the Dutch side Simpson Bay Area so I’m coming up to Marys Boon at this
point and Marys Boon is a great place because if you want to do a quick
weekend trip quick weekend trip it’s right next to the airport so it’s super
easy to get to and you could literally just fly and take a cab over Marys Boon
spend two days there take a cab back hotel bar and restaurant beach I’m at Buccaneer Beach bar at the moment
at the beach right next to Buccaneers it’s a great little spot
it’s a popular easy to swim in the water should really
calm there they’ve even blocked it off for swimming
so a beautiful place to bring the whole family I need to grab a bite to eat a
Buccaneer beach bar which is just going to be your barbecue food just real
simple Beach food it’s really nice they’ve got kayak tours and they’ve got
some activity here so the whole family can come down here and enjoy a day at
the beach it’s not the most beautiful beach in the world especially compared
to some of the others on this island but what it does have is it has simplicity
easy to get to you from a lot of the resorts around here and you know just
kind of has it’s a fun place to be you could put this beach somewhere else a
different Island so I wouldn’t say it’s the most spectacular place to be in the
world but for a simple afternoon just want to set up by the beach and swimming
some really easy to swim in water you can come down here to the beach outside
a Buccaneer beach bar there are numerous places open toppers
buccaneer beach bar red piano top carrot Zee best I mean everything is open and
ready to go and there’s a new place opening called the Roxie Beach Club
which is gonna be beautiful so there’s plenty to do there Simpson
Bay Resort is open it’s a really gonna be even better than it was before so
it’s gonna be a place to go during the day it’s gonna be a place to be at night
I mean you pretty much just live over in Simpson Bay so that’s it for me from
Phil Phriday and my update on the st. Maarten as of October 2018 Islands ready
for it I can’t speak more highly about the
island it’s ready for you to go to it you really shouldn’t have any sort of
hesitation at this point to to not go there so for 2019 make a trip to st.
Maarten because the people are excited for you the islands excited for you
you’re gonna have so much fun it really is a special place in the
Caribbean and I can’t recommend you go more than I do right now
2019 is going to be the place to be Saint Maartet. that’s it so thanks so
much for watching please feel free to leave any sort of comments or contact me
directly I’d love to hear your stories I’d love to hear your experiences down
in st. Maarten and share them with us if you like this video please like it
please share it feel free to send the comment that’s it for me I’ll see you
all next Phriday

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