Stellaris: Console Edition – Leviathans Story Pack – Available now!

Greetings, President. Surveys from what was thought to be uninhabited
systems — show unidentified massive entities. They seem to possess unique resources and
technologies that could provide tremendous benefit to your empire, should you choose
to intrude on these ominous guardians. Scientists call them Leviathans. Small splinter groups have taken up residence
in nearby stations and outposts. These enclaves may be traded with
for resources and information But they should be approached with care, as
these entrepreneurs often have their own unique sets of morals. Fallen Empires may contact you for requests
and grant rewards, but be aware that these empires may become engulfed in a dangerous
War for Heaven, forcing the residents of the galaxy to pick a side, or risk becoming collateral
damage in the fighting. The discovery of new lifeforms has brought
your society new works of art and music which I have taken the liberty of adding to your
command center. As you expand, your empire is positioned to
encounter both tremendous rewards and great dangers. In light of these new discoveries, will you
strike the more conservative path, or choose to push the boundaries of your civilization,
venturing into the realm of the Leviathans.


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