Swap island – Ep. 6 BÁTOR ADVENTURES

Hey, my name is Botond Bátor Bencsik
from Hungary I live the life fully I’m a backpacker Hey everyone today it’s 22nd of
March the birthday of my mom so I just called her on FaceTime. I’m still in the port I fixed the loose tiller The bottom of the boat. So, I’m fixing… I can tight now from her… Yea, that work. And I will go
to the beach and maybe meet with a girl who is a traveler as well.
We met on tinder so let’s see what’s gonna happen Yes, it’s modern
society so you can’t avoid those things like, you have a phone you have that stuff it’s kind of like addiction and when you arrive to different places it’s a lot of fun to using tinder and yeah you meeting girls on tinder.
that’s another… it’s just a platform and you can’t expect for to someone to make
you happy. You have to find yourself . I think it also can be a big trap to get into this girl hunting situation and this thing. Yeah! This one looks a nice
slope let’s do it Hey guys it’s a new day I’m supposed to
get a dinghy today but look what I just get, a message yesterday from a guy from
the seller It’s leaking. This dinghy mission is never
stop. Guys, I’m gonna make some bread Never done before and look at how much I made. Lot of Gofio this corn flour and salt and I even put
one of this stuff corn Homemade bread Oh Once more? Ok! Alright guys. The guy came with a dinghy and he’s in the port now so I’m going back So here we are with Alex and unfortunately the dinghy is still leaking. Wow guys! They were just so amazing, give me
for free as a gift so if I fix the leaking I’m gonna have a nice dinghy
again So happy! Okay guys! Time to leave the
marina again I get some food, water I get internet now, I can check the wind It’s gonna be not so strong I’m gonna spend a week on the open sea Sailing again heading to Las Palmas Yeah guys! Still on the ocean since one o’clock
1 p.m. afternoon and now it’s 2 a.m. exactly 2:00 a.m. I have to change the
route a little bit the wind drop down as as I thought and now not so far away you’ll see just maybe 10-15 kilometers. This beautiful moon out there the city is just there The fun of this game and you arriving at night
time but it’s fun Wow what a night yesterday I arrived
around 6 or 5.30 and just slept a couple minutes and they woke me up now it’s 8
o’clock and they said I can’t stay here because the marina is full. Can’t believe this. Oh my god! A lot of helping hands Perfect job and I can reach the boat. Yeah!
-Hey! A lot of things happening. This big boat is coming. So my friend who came
with this kayak he just told there is a guy who is kind of fixing everything so he can help me to mount the solar panel But first I need to stay in the port so they talk with the marina manager and he said, he is very kind, so he said maybe I
can I can stay in. They trying to find me a place, so I really hope it can happen. Look at this big Buster, Swedish! So nice to being back here where live two years
ago, two months in Las Palmas Staying and sleping on the beach I met a cool guy he had this occupied house. We just start talking and he said like, okay you looks cool so you can take care of this room and maybe I coming back, maybe not. I was so
happy then and then I just didn’t really use money I didn’t earn money I
didn’t use money I lived without money for two months and I loved it I just wanted to see more of the island so, then I went to the west side of the
island I went to hiking to the National Park and the mountains of of the island Then I moved to Playa de Gui-Gui that’s one of the most beautiful places on Gran
Canary. It’s like super wide beach. You can’t reach it with car you have to walk
through and this place is awesome. We have to walk for hours to reach it I stayed there for a couple days then I decided okay let’s let’s go back to Las
Palmas I met a nice girl But then I met a guy he was looking for a crew because he wanted to go to England. He asked how much experience I had. Told him like I don’t
really have so much but I have some So we jumped to Lanzarote to Playa Blanca and then he told me like: Bátor I think you are not able to sail with me. You are like
seasick and the trip is over you have to stay here So stayed in Playa Blanca
slept on the beach met few girls in the island. Went to Porto del Carmen. Met an English girl. Then I was traveled around the island. And then I decide okay
it’s the time to leave the island I just booked the cheap flight to England That’s so nice to inviting friends for lunch Well I already met so much people. And everyone’s want to help. That’s why I
came here to Las Palmas. For support and more sailors. And now I’m gonna check in to the port. Hopefully they gonna let
me stay in. The the guy with moustache said his neighbor just left today so maybe I’m lucky. I’m waiting in the office since two hours something like that and I still don’t know anything
what can happen. That’s my boat in the paper. Suddenly they just realized my
insurance papers are not really an insurance papers. It’s just an application form. They said like hey man they give me a map and they said like in this place you can make insurance and then you can come back. Gracias, ciao! This was the fastest documentation what I ever made and paid 61 euro for the basic insurance. Now I don’t have to worry anything about like if I make a damage on someone’s boat or some territory. Now we can see the gaucho. This is Gaucho, Nico’s boat. He’s 22 years old and he’s live on board Yeah still working -Yeah This is a nice
home bro! -It’s not my size you can see it but… yeah I’m an outsider… -This is a lovely boat. Now I feel myself kind of happy Make new friends, I can stay in the
port five days at least. Tomorrow I’m gonna check out solar panels, and also try to find some solution to fix the dinghy All right guys today it’s a new
day in the marina and now I’m trying to find some help fixing the dinghy. And then try to get a car for the solar panels. Then I need to be build frame on
my boat it’s gonna be huge If you want to support me on my Paypal link it’s in the description below Yeah keep rocking roll guys! Put the thumbs
up if you like, thumbs down if you don’t And follow my journey follow WordPeople See you next time!


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