Today I’ll show you one of the many Swedish islands near Stockholm this island is called Sandhamn I’ll show you some things about this island and the boat trip there let’s go for the return trip you have to pay extra one of the ships is called “Cinderella” you can buy the ticket online, on the ship or at a ticket office in the harbour the trip from Stockholm to Sandhamn costs € 18,50 on this trip you can see many small islands with beautiful houses many houses are built in traditional style On the ship you can buy coffee, tea and sweets I have seen many ships, but never a ship that folds up its bow On the island of Sandhamn you should rent a bike, this way the island can be explored easily and quickly renting a bicycle costs € 20 per day but you can also walk around the island there is also a beautiful sandy beach if you want, you can swim in the Baltic Sea the air temperature is pleasantly warm, but the sea is only 14 degrees if you visit Stockholm, I recommend making a day trip to this island I know, it’s not possible to ride a bike on sand the climate is cold for Southern Europeans, but very warm for Northern Europeans in Northern European countries, people enjoy the summer a lot here, winter lasts for more than half a year with very low temperatures there are hardly any Indians here, most tourists come from Europe every day, a ship leaves from Stockholm to Sandhamn at 9am the journey takes just over 2 hours but you can also leave at noon or in the afternoon it is always better to buy a ticket online on the return trip, passengers with pre-reserved tickets are allowed to board first Grinda is also a very beautiful island but we won’t get off the boat here because we have too little time there are more than 30,000 islands around Stockholm, the area is called the archipelago this is the island of Vaxholm Vaxholm can also be reached via bridge by car on the way from Sandhamn to Stockholm you should make a stopover in Vaxholm if you liked the video, please share it with your friends and family I look forward to your valuable comments please subscribe, if you haven’t subscribed yet and activate the bell icon, so you get a message with every new upload see you next time!


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