Taiwan Episode 10 – Seeing China from Taiwan

Tiny street! – Oh yeah they will renovate it? – Yes – Good! Then I’ll have to come back again – Here is like in Jiufen? – No! – … high and low, walking into these narrow streets – It reminds me more of Penghu some places with the traditional houses but of course the weather is more comfortable here – because not to hot and windy – Yes, comfortable, we don’t miss the AC – I think it’s over there! – which one? The one we visited? – the one they repair – This is also the western type building they are repairing – and the one just near it? – yeah this one this is why we go through that narrow street – What is this? – It’s something like you can go higher and look at the view – So we can go higher and look at the view? – Yeah Maybe? – It looks like a temple to me! – Yeah – There’s no stairs so… well there is stairs but… – Yeah that’s a temple but I think they have stairs if not why would they build such high building? – There is you see, a ladder – Oh yeah – No I’m fine thank you – Old western-style house – Doesn’t look very western to me! – Oh yeah there’s an audioguide here! – This building is western type because it’s round and (there’s columns) – So now we will take the scooter and go to the next destination And we arrived so let’s go My shoes will get messy You can see China!! WOW It’s really incredible here because in Kinmen you have small buildings old buildings but Kinmen is also an island very close to China and when I saw it on the map I didn’t expect it to be that close because now I’m near the sea and on the like cityscape you can actually see China the mountains the buildings and all the buildings here it’s mainland China! Here is Taiwan Taiwan…. China… Taiwan That’s quite impressive to see that these two countries that litteraly hate each others are so close now and now, we will go to this island because the sea is gone so we can walk through there – You made it! – Yeah – There’s a lot of tiny crabs – a lot – there’s an army of crabs and they have one big arm and one small arm – there’s a house here? – it’s a military base – so people are stuck they are stuck here when the water is high? and we can enter? – I think we can enter this shows when the sea is coming inside a taiwanese military base Look at this! – Oysters – No! China! Also oysters, but China, so close – That’s really impressive for me The wall of speakers should be somewhere here? – What? Speakers? – Yeah, for propaganda You know: Taiwan plays stuff so Chinese can hear it – Yell to them?? – No no you know, a wall full of speakers the same that you have in you house for your Hi-Fi audio system I studied more than you history of Taiwan Air is good – Oh they removed! – Yeah – It’s a shame, we can’t play – That’s nice we can visit a base there’s still everything like it was -There also have a sculpture. – Yeah – A tall one – I forgot to put sun cream – I have in my backpack if you want Okay so Edward is here he says goodbye that will be all for today you see China in the backgound we have 3…4 more days here to visit and explore everything so I hope you enjoyed this first preview of this small island close to China and that you will enjoy the more to come it has been an exhausting day so I hope you enjoyed! I already said that and Like, subscribe, share! Thank you!

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