Talks on denuclearization of Korean Peninsula gaining speed PART 3

So, we’re seeing varying views on what Pyongyang
and Washington have been sharing,… but now with the discussion back on track towards
CVID, North Korea made another big announcement over the weekend. It gave out a specific schedule of when and
how to dismantle its main nuclear test site. It seems the overall denuclearization discussion
is gaining much speed. That’s right. Late Saturday night, North Korea announced
that it is dismantling its main nuclear test site on a date between May 23rd and 25th,
inviting journalists from overseas for transparency. The general view is that this action by the
regime shows a firm will to denuclearize. That’s because once this site is demolished,
it will be difficult for Pyongyang to find another spot with the right conditions to
replace the nuclear test site. And through its state media’s Korean language
report,… the regime first said three weeks ago that it will close down the northern test
ground. But on Saturday, the term was slightly changed
to ‘dismantle’… which, watchers believe, may have a greater meaning than a mere shutdown. They say Pyongyang may be wanting to give
out a clear sign that it’s denuclearizing, and request that the U.S. take sincere steps
in return.

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