Talks on denuclearization of Korean Peninsula gaining speed PART 4

But what we’re missing from the announcement
is, as we’ve seen from Park Ji-won’s report, the regime’s invitation to EXPERTS from overseas. That differs from Pyongyang’s initial plan
announced three weeks ago. Why so? How will the U.S. move to get the negotiations
rolling? You’re right, the U.S. has been long stressing
that detailed inspection and verification involving international experts is the key
to complete denuclearization. But for North Korea, dismantling the nuclear
test site and inviting journalists over is a step that’s already bold and proactive. And having experts come over to the Punggye-ri
nuclear test site could rather expose details of its nuclear development. So there’s a possibility that the regime could
have left experts’ verification as a final bargaining chip to use at the summit talks
with the U.S. Now, to seal the deal on denuclearization,
the U.S. is playing the ‘economic prosperity card.’ Mike Pompeo has recently said that if Pyongyang
completely denuclearizes, it would be able to achieve economic prosperity and the U.S.
could bring capital to the regime. That corresponds with Kim Jong-un’s goal of
building a better economy — especially with 2018 being the third year of his five-year
economic development plan. Alright Jung-hee, thanks for the wrap-up today. My pleasure.


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