Tayland Phi Phi adaları tekne turu, ADANIN ÜCRA KÖŞESİNDE TUVALETTE MAHSUR KALDIM. Tayland | 13

goodmorning from Phuket, what are we going to do? We go to a boat tour today we arranged it pretty good, we just did it last night it was pretty last moment but I beleive it will be a nice boat tour as we will be around phi phi islands and we go on the island also I will give more information about this boat tour later in the video also about the price etc, and how to book and now we are waiting for the bus that is going to pick us up so just arrived to the place on the pier to go on the boat we are waiting there is some breakfast if you forgot something you can buy it here like sea shoes those are 350 bahts per set or a bag waterproof bag some snorkeling stuff this ones are pretty good too so this is our boat its a speed boat it was pretty fast, normally it takes two hours look how beautful this is it is amazing here here is koh phi phi the sea is amazing the mountains and all no need to talk about it too much,, you see it i will show the sea a bit closer i heard it was beautiful, but this is beyond expected look the water is like a swimming pool its like heaven here so if you come to Phuket, I would advice this a boat tour for real it worth to see and this is the first stop now we didnt see the other ones yet and look to the sand how great so tiny, like dust so what I understand Koh phi phi has a big moslim population if you look to the restaurants all of them has halal food so in case you come, you will find some food if you only eat halal food and let me show you this what you can buy as a present for your friends or girlfriend or your ex girlfriend, for whoever the prices are also pretty cheap not that one but 3 for 100 baht, for your leg or something this is very girly per piece it is 40 baht so like 80 cents or things like this 80 bahts so 2 euro smth mostly people that come here bring presents like this with elephants I will show you so with an elephant I like this one though has the blue eye on it its like against the evil eye i like these things let me show they make this is from a coconut shell its for decoration, I dont know if you can eat no idea but its nice look the elephant all different designs good to give present or this 3 monkeys I dont know if you know the meaning, this is I didnt hear I didnt see, and i didnt talk I think if anyone knows the meaning, write down below lets not show that there are 100s of things you wont have difficulties finding a present lets walk a bit more he is going to friday pray so let me give some more information about this island its a very nice island, surrounded by the sea and I dont know anything about it anymore its a place to get old, and even for honeymoon I can recommend it for honeymoon so Koh Phi Phi I wanted to tell something else but forgot it anyways come follow me so we just arrive to the monkey bay or they call it also monkey beach we didnt know why they call it like that but now I do you will like it let me show the beautiful sea look what is here everywere monkeys with the baby also they are on the trees dont know if you can see so you cant come here always sometimes in the afternoon water rises and this become a bay then you can only make a picture from the boat we re lucky to have beach fuck off so when you come here you need to watch out with some things you dont feed them and if you have a camera or anything in your hand they steal it just now someone had a bag and monkey jumped on it and opened it he was looking inside so watch out with that they are cute though they bite i heard they bite but I hope they dont bite me okay lets move on just came to eat lets see what they have, spaghetti rice another rice, oh this one is fried rice with eggs some veggies here some noodles I am getting so hungry now so some chicken and the cook so also drinks, its not bad 5 star buffet now I will tell a funny story that just happened so I went to the toilet, one of the 5 here here inside, but the door got locked I was waiting for 10 minutes knocking on my door, screaming nobody heard me it is a little bit far so 10 minutes locked in they came and break the door so when you come, watch out dont go in the toilet, if you do, dont lock the door or better leave the door open but the restaurant is in a nice place lemme show lets not forget that this is Thailand you see those clouds rice just now it was such a nice weather sunny now look at it there is nothing around the restaurant we are in some kind of isolated place in the island so here they call Kha yoi island so only this here so we are at the last stop some island close to Phuket I dont know the name of this island but if I remember I will write down the weather is shit now doesnt rain though its just a bit dark, but we keep going I want to give some information about this boat tour some cat touches my legs whole time so the boat tour.. we booked this boat tour on klook.com, will write down below on this site they are many things to do like boat tours some places to go in or buildings to go up a lot of things, also other tours you can get them pretty cheap on this site it is mostly cheaper then buying a tour outside on the street you can also see reviews about if other people liked it or not so you can buy there, we paid for this tour let me think 1350 baht we paid it is worth it if we compare with the boat tours in Turkey, this is quite expensive so our boat tours in Turkey are like 15 euro or smth but yeah it is a different place, expensive here so it was the speedboat it was nice, enjoyed(bad for you back though) did you like it – it was very nice so I would recommend it if you want to go, send me a text I can tell you exactly which tour it is I can send also klook adress yoou can see from there thanks and till next vlog in Phuket so we just arrived, going back home they will bring me with this minivan lets go home i mean hotel and relax a bit


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