The Bahamas says it’s open for tourism after Hurricane Dorian

At Harbor Island, Eleuthera, and many of the other islands of the Bahamas we
are still a beautiful tourist destination. Unfortunately, our sister islands
Abaco and Grand Bahama were totally devastated in the storm, but
we are still open, we are still beautiful. Don’t cancel your vacation,
please come drop by and see us. We’re known for
our famous pink sand beach, of course, so we get a lot of
the romantic travelers that come here. It depends on the time of the year,
we get the spring breakers. During Christmas we are family oriented,
during Thanksgiving we’re family oriented. During the off season,
during our Regatta season, of course, we attract the domestic visitors, so
we pretty much cater to everybody. [BLANK_AUDIO]


  • mixed native


  • Bugs

    why dont you guys invite the people from abaco to the resort…they need help 🤔

  • some body

    That's the spirit. Pick yourself up, dust off and get right back to it. The Bahamas has just earned my respect.

  • jason harvote

    Werent they just picking up dead bldies still yesterday and citys destroyed and people leaving and now its magically open for turism again? How about prepare for next hjrricane and help those families that list homes and sufered deaths.

  • Tammy Powell


  • James Ricker

    Tourism is a basis of the Bahamian economy and several islands were virtually untouched by the hurricane.
    Go to the Bahamas spend money to help them recover

  • Red 2020

    Abaco could use your help

  • Mike Ray

    How about catering to the other islands that are looking for help

  • Elsa Adauto

    If I had the money, i would go and support.

  • Los 113

    I just watched a videos about them still searching for bodies. Priorities.

  • Trips579 Trips579

    Come smell our dead!🤣🤣

  • Lando Calrissian

    Yea I’m good….kind of hard to enjoy vacation and relax while thousands of people are walking around shell shocked and wondering what they are going to do. I don’t do disaster tourism. They are getting really desperate…..

  • Casey Clark

    So yesterday people are complaining about the smell of death, but hey, don't cancel your vacation… Messed up.

  • Red Neck

    They rely on tourist dollars.

  • gnosticnihilist

    If you get pink sand in your crack, would you see it?

  • mountopian 1

    Yaaayyy!! Can't wait to go and get alcohol poisoning from a resort.

  • gnosticnihilist

    Pick up the dead bodies first. Do you think anyone was washed out into the ocean?
    Greedy tourism, can’t even wait for funerals.

  • gnosticnihilist

    Still open for money laundering

  • Julius Tovar

    you people have no shame, thousands dying in abaco and you are blaming the USA for not letting them in while they are YOUR citizens, typical of you people, go back to Africa.

  • Blud Clot

    No Thanks !

  • Jack Nimble

    Why couldn't the people they sent to America just be sent to the other side. It's funny they're ready to bring in tourists but couldn't handle the refugees.

  • bushanny williams

    Go help the poor suffering people who don't have some where to sleep from your own country.

  • Burke J Minns

    Would love visit there

  • Gigi Devoe

    so if some of the islands in the Bahamas werent damaged WHY ARENT they helping the peiple that are still stuck on the damaged islands?? THIS makes no sence.. They surely can get to these areas faster than anyone else!!.

  • Calvin Lee

    Tourism is the way the island makes money and tourist help cheer them up I bet.

  • richard none

    ha ha ha south of the berry islands is fine maybe you have room for the people from abaco and grand bahama island after all it is the same country

  • lyd lus

    This have to be a joke.

  • Zahir Patwary


  • IMustBe Crazy

    Come see dead bodies.
    It'll be like that movie.
    River Phoenix. Rip.

  • no name

    is that code for we focus on money not people given how much help you aren't giving those survivors

  • MAGA_2020

    DON'T GO, They'll jump on your boats & hitch a ride OFF the island.

  • Joseph Edward

    All the people complaining about tourism are you fools? They need tourist to grow. This news article is meant to help them from the hurricane. Get real folks.

  • TruthSeeker08

    With all of the missing people and American people getting murdered there??
    No thanks.

  • Jesse King

    Take it down rebuild not close to the water smart people.

  • Ross Harris

    I am homeless, is there any place i can rent. I do get a Social Security Benefit. So i am not totally down* as it were. I can do janitor* work as well if there is something you want, I can do it for helping me to live in Bahamas; "/*HELPING OTHERS*.

  • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

    how ridiculous does this sound. "They need tourist to help the people". That money doesnt help the ppl pay their bills or buy food or build dams or build anything to lessen the effects of hurricane waters. All that tourist money went into the pockets of fat kats who dont give a damn about the people. How much of a childs mind do you have to say"no dont house the victim's, we need the rooms from 14 resorts to house paying people and put the money in our own pockets. Dont shyt go to the community from those resorts. You have more resorts then land for ppl to build a home. 14 resorts?? That entire island is one big business money sign and their probably going to build more resorts on the land ppl lost houses.

  • leicanoct

    So all of the Bahamas has not been destroyed.

  • Lord Vader

    Diarrhea and zombies?! Lets go!!!

  • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

    Bahamas left ppl for dead out there over 6 days and pretenders come here defending 14 resorts not opening their doors to victims and feeding them until the so called caring body"government" came with ships or initiated their rescue plans. You take up some much lang government for over 14 resorts, private companies and so on, you take up so much land,youll probably going to build more resorts over the dead bodies and land of ppl who suffered but we are suppose to believe the govenrment gave a damn?? Get real. The money made from tourism does nothing for the ppl. Get real. Goes in the pockets of the ones who own the businesses then the govenrment gets its cut which you know a corrupt world puts that money personally in their pockets. Tourism doesn't help citizens. You can sell your own clothes or watches. Yeah. If your poor an do arts and craft then yeah you can make 5 Bahamas dollars a day and still starve n go homeless becasue no one gives a damn. Ppl are pathetic and dont know what it means to be a leader and lead. No. All The Worlds Is A Stage and in this case a corporation which let its ppl starve and stranded for more than 6 days, hell for more than 50 years. Welcome to western society Bahamas. Enjoy the crooked leadership for years and years to come.

  • A Tvi


  • Bill Christian

    Yeah, that was fast track to recover from the worst event in the history of this beloved country. All the thanks to Trump's efforts to keep the population on the islands and clean up the mess.

  • Fireball XL5

    This is one of the moments that shows how fucked up the world WE have created is. I'm not stupid. I get that their NUMBER ONE industry is tourism. That is simply the reality of how they normally make money and survive…I get that. I'm not mad at this lady for saying what she is saying. If she owned a store then you wouldn't expect her to just say EVERYTHING IS FREE until further notice because of the storm. She and her store simply could not exist like that. Of course we would NOT want the prices raised. (price gouging) If she was a true angel you might imagine her lowering her prices to the literal break even point (to actual cost) temporarily until things got better. She and the people on the unaffected islands have to continue to do their "jobs" to make a living. But since her (their) "product" is tourism it highlights the unequal structure of our world. How could a person who is well off enough to actually afford to go there and "play" and have fun simultaneously be so callous and nonempathetic as to actually do it…and enjoy it?! This lady is caught in the tragedy of it all too. Of course her suffering is not as extreme as the people walking around with one shoe on looking for drinkable water and their dead son or daughter. The whole situation is FUCKED! And right now we have a greedy sociopath running our country. We should have our Navy down there and we should be putting every available dollar and person (young people who are just sitting around playing vudeo games right now) there to help these people either rebuild or move off the island permanently. But when your "leader" has no empathy it's easy to just look the other way…

  • Tristan

    What about all the death and decomposition everyone was talking about?

  • benny ballejos

    Already that's sad. All the dead bodies.

  • c a g

    Looks like plenty of room for the homeless…opps..they cant pay…

  • Brandon Gonzalez

    That's all you guys care about huh? money money money!!! While people on your "sister island" have been devastated and are in need of assistance.

  • Bunta Fujiwara

    So I can finally feel free with my cresta

  • Florida Crypto R

    I would like to point out that the screen name of YouTube member " Bugs" made a comment in the section below and I am sure many comments are similar. "Bugs" suggested why do these places that are promoting tourism not help those effected with total loss like " abaco" and Bahamians from these areas that are promoting are not willing to help their own people effected in the aftermath of hurricane Dorian yet they are welcoming all assistance from other countries who care. These tourist attractions have the resources of housing and other things needed but refusing to help is uncalled for. Other countries do not have buildings in the Bahamas so this needs to be a joint effort and not only for outsiders to help. It is a shame when the local natives won't help that can help.

    Anyways, I am in full financial support to help those in need in the Bahamas but I do not recommend anyone going there as a tourist just yet for the following reasons:

    (1) Full recovery of all those who parrished has not been totally done. Death is all over in massive numbers both on land and in the waters as many were taken off the island with the storm surge so not only is disease everywhere, people are moving all throughout the Bahamas so diseases get carried with them. For those that were taken off the island, obviously it's common sense, ocean predators would be more active with human waste and blood in the waters from the storm surge.

    (2) The Bahamians that do have resources needs to assist their own people first with help from the outside Countries. Yet it made be furious to see comments that they want tourist more than helping their own people. After all, outside Countries Citizens and countries are giving money and products to help the people of the Bahamas as a whole so it is like the ones that have the resources are taking but not giving in return.

    (3) Does anyone know of other countries that won't pull together to help their own people in a time of a major natural disaster first? It is unheard of untill now.

    (4) The Bahamian prime minister has even stated, their clean water source was jeopardized. Ask yourselves, can this cause a issue if you were there as tourist. Go to a restaurant and leave deathly ill.

    (5) We have all seen the news reports over the years of the violent robberies in many areas of the Bahamas. Well with most of the Bahamas being destroyed and these unfortunate people lost so much, this is going to be a survival mission for most families. With the tourism being their main source of income, it is not rocket science that the Bahamians do not know this. The people that lost so much will clearly be targeting tourist for money and belongings all while we seen on the news that most of the Bahamian law enforcement are not coming back to work and stopped their duties. Tourist are simply a marked target at the moment. They were always a marked target but now they would be more so than before. If our families were suffering, many would do what ever it takes to provide for them and that includes minor crimes if thefts up to crimes if robbery with violence and even murder.

    So I would like tourist to think about all these things first. I stopped my Bahamas trip over these Bahamians comments from this video alone. But I do not want people to not continue to donate to them with money , product, food and services as they do need it. But it is my thoughts to stop your vacations there for your families health and protection from crimes. I do not believe we should promote their tourist industry either until the Bahamians come together helping each other as well. Most Bahamians claim they are Christian and in the Bible it teaches to give that results in receiving. Well it is time for the Bahamians that have the resources to give in my views and if they refuse further, then they to should not be supported..

  • Petere Poet

    While they want to ship those left homeless to the USA, open your hotels to them first. Jerks the Bohemian Monarchy is!

  • Craig Bigelow

    You can vacation totally off grid dude ! Wow.😕😒

  • Gallo Pelao

    Lol NOPE.

  • REDxGaming

    Of course they will need that money to recover the island

  • Universal _Wisdom

    They need the money for reparations.. very sad times for them.

  • nikola devetak

    tourism > pollution > climate change > hurricane Dorian > tourism > more pollution > more climate change > bigger hurricanes. you gonna brack this link? or not? think different.

  • Patrick Castillo

    Gyal,!!! You have no conscience, did you gave one hungry person a hot meal, bodies are lying everywhere, and you conducting white man advertisement, you need to burried alive.

  • Mike

    Yeah take a vacation were thousands of people are homeless

  • Peg Leg

    The quantity of vicious and mean spirited comments is very troubling. Some of them are just due to ignorance, so I suppose those can be forgiven.

  • Laura Reed

    Disgusting greed. Help your people loser.

  • Cashmoney Rye

    Beautiful yeah ok w.e you want us to believe

  • Lyric S

    Because this is not near the island and if they are hurt economically more people will be in the same situation, I understand their perspective. They supply a lot of people with an income and we do not need more people destitute right now. Please have a little sympathy. Be sensible they can not take in people it's a small island, it is owned by the UK ask the UK what more can they be doing right now. These people are citizens of the UK as part of the Commonwealth for god sake.

  • Kim McG.

    WHY TF are the people from the other islands not going there???

  • Viola Bryan

    The hurricane season not over 😌

  • Eric Penn


  • nikola devetak

    God's warning to the world is to act on climate change and you encourage tourism? change your habits before the end!

  • otteyful

    Show some respect for those who perished and those who are alive and suffering.

  • Eric Proffitt

    aahh, this is sorta a joke right? Please bring us your money. Dont consider the other island's that are FUBAR. And how is it that Island was completely missed or had no damage? The storm was huge. If its because of building codes, then simply upgrade the old ones once they clean it up. And I ask you, why is this Island which is clearly a part of the Bahama's not helping and doing more for the sister island and its inhabitants? Very strange.

  • Janes Dough

    And sleep where? I can't see this as any kind of tourist spot now. Its tragic for those people, but what the hay, hit up the Clinton Crime Foundation for Money. They raped the Haitians out of it!

  • Jose Robles

    why you do not help you own gente blood!!!!!!!!! Now you quiere turismo Naaaaaaaa🤨

  • Waymakers_ kid

    you mean the poor people who worked at the docks where they traffic women and children? China Port and Maersk Port…direct hit for two days….now…no more trafficking in the Bahamas. Now if they could just find out why tourists are getting sick in the hotels and dying in their hospitals…

  • GuyaneseDoll

    Very insensitive. Then again, such as life. That's all the Bahamas has to offer…nothing else… i.e. natural resources…like other islands..

  • terry bigler

    Better bring a tent and scuba.Where do you think all the refugees are going? They will not go back to Haiti,but to the other islands of the Bahamas.Crime will be so high that you won't be able to leave the grounds of your hotel without getting stuck up. Of course they call for tourism, it's where all their money comes from. This once use your head and stay somewhere else. And considering the Dominican Republic ,if you like staying alive I'd avoid that as well,you stand a better chance surfing off Australia

  • Bell's Reborn Nursery

    I’m a little confused y your top concern is tourism right now? I think the sister island should be offering to help hurricane survivors and at no cost. I don’t think the tourism business should be worrying about lining their pockets. Not trying to be mean I just think sheesh at least let the disaster settle a bit before worrying about tourism. It’s kind of insensitive to the hurricane survivors unless ur planning to give tourism money to help them rebuild.

  • YahshuaLovesMe

    Good for you, Go For It young Lady! Yah bless and restore your Island and Bahamian population, and send the Haitians who have accosted your people back to Haiti!

  • Juju Rellama

    a lot of tourists might go there to see the devastation,

  • Gigi Devoe

    Google says the Bahamas is the third richest country behind USA & Canada… hard to believe..

  • Infinite Wisdom

    This is pathetic. Go help your other islanders.

  • Angel Rivera

    theres nothing there no mountains or valleys to see you can keep it

  • Beth Bryant

    Wait the bahamas are already open for tourists???? How??? That place got destroyed

  • Christian Hollifield

    Then why don’t you go help? It’s pathetic how y’all can still brag and tell people to come on vacation to your beautiful place, when there is literally nothing but debris and dead body’s in abaco and grand Bahama. How would you feel if you were in there situation, and wasn’t getting any help? But yet you still want people to come vacation when 1000s of people need urgent help?

  • Anointed Servant

    The government n the tourism department must now focus on helping the people first.when people are safe then talk tourism.

  • Anointed Servant

    God would bless you all if you all invite the sick n wounded to the resort get them fixed up first or get them to the best hospitals quick and fast .

  • Lupe GT

    Ooh romantic, really??
    What kind of psychopath goes on a romantic getaway next to a warzone ?

  • Keto Beach

    How is this even possible. We were lucky here, as I vlogged, but even here people were still in an organized state of chaos for a while.

  • ran_tastic

    What n the world!!!!!!!

  • S&C Howlett

    Weather says lots of wind and rain this weekend for the Bahamas, check out ventusky and storm radar

  • kazee

    So many people have died and so many more suffering…they've lost everything and you made a video telling vacationers do not cancel their vacation to the Bahamas? SHAME ON YOU!

  • joan jarrette

    I wonder what happened to the banks and all the money?

  • Vandyka Rolle

    The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands and cays. The islands that had been destroyed were the islands closest to Florida. Our islands are not connected. We must travel by boat or airplane to go from one island to the next. Nassau, New Providence is the engine of the Bahamas. Where major hotels like Atlantis and others are. We had not been affected. Neither had the rest of the many beautiful islands we have to offer. Please Google the Bahamas map. To get a better appreciation and understanding for what I am trying to explain.

  • Robin Tyde


  • Blazer 9

    Opened to another hurricane? Y'all got to be kidding

  • Jose Hernandez

    Of course the rest of the island are operating as if nothing happened while all the Haitians immigrants are dying and in great human suffering and no one seems to care. The very same immigrants that have kept the island afloat for many many years with their cheap labor and hard work, maybe the only ones that work, sort of like the Mexicans in the us. Now that they need the most help, not the native Bahamians, everyone forgot about them. I live in Miami fl USA for 40 years and I personally know this Haitian people and I will tell you all, they are great people, hard working and very decent human beings that don’t deserve what they’re going through. I hope the world notice them and open their arms to this great people. God bless them too.

  • Ruben Villanueva

    Yes, al fresco rooms!, no walls, no ceilings, no doors or windows! Open for business!

  • Joel Raheem

    Lol no tf thank you already canceled my trip this fall not ready to have a dead body float up while I’m chillin on the beach

  • ฯMsRoniฯ

    IS SHE FORREAL? I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO TOURISM. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I WILL NEVER SEE THE WORD "SELFISH" as I do right now ever again. Then has the ordacity to show her face and be the Uncle Tom/Puppet. Did you hear her. Our beaches are still pretty and all is good over here. SUCH ARROGANCY…Somebody find her biz #.

  • tau ceti

    No way I would go just honoring the two islands that were devastated. This guy must have a couple strong drinks before he narrated this video.

  • maldonvic

    she had the nerve to call them sister islands. I'm so disgusted by this video.. People are under rubble swollen and the entire area smells of death. thousands are suffering pain and hunger and are homeless. But they are beautiful and not affected by Dorian. So yea don't cancel your vacation. lets just pretend nothing is going on across the way. lets drink dance, swim and have a great Vacation. Reality check… Closed for vacationers while we assist our sister Islands in desperate need of our resources. I'll just say that to myself and pretend thats what she said in this video.

  • Bahamas Security

    The Bahamas spends billions in the US economy every year, The Bahamas survives off Tourism – without Tourism, there will be BILLIONS less in the US economy. Luckily nobody with 1/2 a brain takes travel advise from deranged lunatics on Youtube comments. The Bahamas is open for business, nothing you can do about it.

  • Bahamas Security

    2000 heyshun in Nassau shelters. Got off Abaco on Bahamian boat or plane. We owe nothing to foriegners illegally squating on our land. But we still help. USA could take them all if they like. Dont tell us we left them there to die. Local human rights group blocked them from being relocated earlier this year, and they were told to evacuate before the storm. Even now many stay and loot homes that evacuees left.

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