The Best Days in Peniche, Portugal End with Giant Seafood Platters — Travel, Eat, Repeat

– This is some of the most
amazing beach I have ever seen. [Iz] – Peniche is a small
city on the coast of Portugal. It’s most known for its long beaches and is a super popular spot for surfers. We are headed to the
Berlengas Islands today, which are like a natural
reserve just off the coast. Only accessible by boat. It’s gonna be beautiful. We’ve got a big day ahead of us, but first we’re gonna grab breakfast at a local coffee shop
that serves tosta mista. A Portuguese rendition of
grilled cheese or panini, among other breakfast options. Oh, yeah. Beautiful. Perfect. How many places have we been
to that do avocado toast but it’s like exactly like
what we’ve had everywhere else. They just took it up 10 notches. It’s an avocado toast grilled cheese with herbs on top. I’m just mad that we’re
not staying another night so we can come tomorrow. [Johnny] – You like your pancake? Mm, is it delicious? So, this is like a smoked
salmon, cheesy mozzarella toast. [Iz] – It’s good?
[Johnny] – Yeah, it’s really good. It has little capers in it. [Iz] – That was the best
breakfast I’ve had in Portugal so far. You can’t miss it if you come to Peniche. It’s so good. Everything is locally-sourced and homemade and the service couldn’t
have been better with kids. And now I have to go get groceries ’cause I have not time at all. Seems to be becoming a trend. Alright. I have no idea where anything is. I’m just watching what people
grab and just grabbing that. Ham and cheese flavor. Ingredients that says prosciutto. [Johnny] – Welcome to Portugal. – Do you wanna get on a boat? – It’s windy!
– It’s windy. Do you wanna, yes or no? – No.
– What? Excited or not excited. – Excited. [Iz] – The Berlengas Islands
are one of the world’s first nature reserves. They’re only accessible by boat so, we took a 45 minute ferry ride. The island has a small beachfront, as well as miles of hiking,
caves for exploring, and crystal-clear water that you absolutely have to snorkel in. I promise it’s worth it. These caves are unreal. You gotta do it and wear
a wetsuit because wow. I’m gonna go numb my face off. So excited.
[Johnny] – Sorry. We can’t really hear that.
– I’m so excited! Okay, I’m gonna go in. There’s limited options for food because they ship in everything each day. So make sure you pack a
lot of snacks and water. Although we were pleasantly surprised with the tuna sandwich at the shop up top. We are heading back. What an amazing day. Let’s get back on the boat. We’re back and it’s time to
get your seafood pants on. I regret it. That’s a weird thing to say. [Johnny] – Is it?
– It’s time to get your seafood pants on because if there’s anything you have to do in these coastal cities of
Portugal, it’s eat seafood. Do you want to eat octopus? – Octopus. – Does it sound yummy or gross? – Gross. – He meant to say yummy. This is Profesco and here they
have thought of everything. It’s a fish market, a restaurant, a bar. There’s indoor seating, outdoor seating. You’re right on the cliffs of Peniche with the view of the ocean. It’s incredible. And of course, when you’re at the ocean you have to try the local seafood. So, today we’re gonna
get a massive platter of all of the offerings here. That is Profesco’s pride and joy. Let’s do the toasted bread with butter. Let’s do an octopus salad. The rich sea soup, fish
soup, seafood soup. – It’s big.
– It’s big. So just stop. Okay, that’s all. [Johnny] – Thank you.
[Iz] – Oh my goodness. The seafood platter comes with
a wide variety of options. From your standard crab, lobster or shrimp to percebes or gooseneck barnacles, which thrive on rocks with a harsh surf. Here in Portugal they’re
considered a delicacy. I just had to ask, what’s decoration and what you can eat. It was as embarrassing as you can imagine. These are barnacles and this is soft. Take off the top and it
reveals a soft interior. That’s edible and salty
and actually really good. – Here we go. Oh whoa. [Iz] – They also like limpet,
which are small marine snails that live on the shores of Western Europe. So, how do I get to it. How do I get you? I don’t know, we’ll have to ask. We’re gonna ask on that one. [Server] – Okay, so you you
have to push it like this. [Iz] – Okay. Okay, can I try it?
[Server] – Yeah. Hard meat. – It’s tough.
[Johnny] – What do you think? [Server] – Or do you hate
it or do you love it? – I love everything but those are… [Johnny] – Different.
– Tough? For me too. – I want you to try this
just because I want to… I wanna know what you think. – Oh, geez. [Iz] – You have to watch for the little– – I’m chewing sand. It tastes like the ocean. Not my thing. Beautiful shell though, right? – That is straight from
the sea and delicious. Some wild cards in there,
but overall it’s really good. That experience from start
to finish was fantastic. The seafood market, the food, the way that they were so patient
with us with questions that I should know as
an adult human being. This is a can’t-miss in Peniche. You have to, have to, have to do it. I can’t imagine a better
way to close out this day except maybe snuggling my kids across the road on the cliffs.


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