The Curse of Oak Island: Disaster at the Money Pit (Season 6) | History

[music playing] NARRATOR: As a new day
dawns on Oak Island. The can is lower. The can fell? I don’t know. CHARLES: There should be ground
there, and there’s not, man. See right back there? Looks crazy in there. RICK: If they’re worried,
we should be worried. CRAIG: Absolutely. NARRATOR: Caving? Is it possible that the
H8 shaft has started to collapse in on itself? How far down is it? It looks like it’s about 18
inches-ish down all the way around, and then it’s
kind of crawling out, so we gotta slow it down. Nothing comforting
about what you seeing. Nothing comforting,
so we’re going to need to stop oscillating on this. We can definitely continue
to dig with the hammer grab. – Oh, really?
– Yes, we can. Oh, OK. But we want to go
forward with caution. CRAIG: Yes. The worst-case scenario
would be to continue here, compromise the integrity
here in this general area. It’s concerning
enough that I think we’re doing the right
thing, but it’s not concerning enough
that we’re evacuating, everyone’s moving out of
here right this minute. But as long as we’re
getting full buckets, and we’re still bringing
up wood and things, I– we want to keep going. OK. Hard to walk away right now. Yeah. NARRATOR: Because continuing
to oscillate the H8 shaft would risk a larger and
potentially more dangerous collapse underground,
Rick and Craig are hoping that by
carefully excavating H8 with a three-ton
hammer grab tool, they may still be
able to recover important clues or treasure
without causing further damage. The good news is the hole is
not increasing neither in depth nor in width, so
I’m thinking this is a very localized subsidence
and we can deal with it. So I’m quite happy about that. OK. Let’s start hammer
grabbing again. Dig it.
Yep. NARRATOR: Later that night,
after receiving an urgent call from Charles Barkhouse,
Rick Lagina hurries to the money pit drill site. CHARLES: Hey, Rick. Yeah? CHARLES: It’s still going. That ain’t good. CHARLES: Nope. NARRATOR: The cave-in
that occurred around the H8 shaft earlier
today has suddenly become a much larger sinkhole,
a sinkhole that is now growing at an alarming rate. RICK: You can hear
rumblings underground, and I have no idea
what’s about to happen. Let’s go take a look. Let’s do this. Eyes and boots. CHARLES: I agree. RICK: We know the integrity of
the earth, if you will, is– you know, it’s compromised. Oh, baby. CHARLES: Be careful. Holy. That is huge. The hell it– CHARLES: Rick? RICK: Hang on one second. Get out! Whoa, whoa, whoa! OK, everybody, that’s
enough curiosity. Let’s go. I’m worried. I’ll be honest with you, my
thoughts run to we may be done. NARRATOR: After a harrowing
and near sleepless night on Oak Island, brothers
Rick and Marty Lagina, along with their partner, Craig
Tester, and Dave Blankenship make their way back
to the money pit area. They have come to
see if the sinkhole that opened up at the H8 drill
site has gotten any worse. MARTY: How bad? RICK: 8 feet deep,
about 11 feet across. This fell in last night. Piece just fell right in. It’s undermined already. Careful. It is a little
dicey on the lip. Yeah, and I’m glad
nobody got hurt. Void definitely found
its way to the top. Yeah. Good thing nobody was standing
over it when it went in. This is no good. NARRATOR: The further collapse
of the ground surrounding the H8 shaft is deeply
concerning for Rick, Marty, and their partners. It could mean that
the entire area is now too unstable for the
220-ton crane and oscillator to continue working, and
that a catastrophic collapse could be imminent. RICK (VOICEOVER): I’ll be
honest, it was of some concern that we were in jeopardy. I’m worried. If we can’t get to that
work and get it done, completed, we’re
gonna be in trouble. There are voids
underneath here. There are. Yeah. If you put a bunch of
shafts in the same area, and be pulling them, and moving
them, and all that stuff– Water up and down. –you’re gonna get some water
and you’re gonna get settling. We just were eroding
it away underneath there. Yes. MARTY: There still is
a danger at any time. There always is. I mean, we see
there always is. Yes, that’s right. MARTY: Well, I hate to say
it, but one of these days, we’re all gonna be standing
here and just disappear. MARTY (VOICEOVER): It’s a
decent possibility at any point that the whole money
pit area could collapse. It’s not just lip
service when we say safety is paramount out here. I mean, this is a
very dangerous place. It’s a very dangerous
undertaking. And we have to minimize it. We’re all about safety. Rick has said it
a million times. We’re not gonna do
anything foolish. OK. Well, then the key is
to wait for the engineer to come render an opinion,
and hopefully proceed. – So that’s the plan.
– Yep. Yep.
MARTY: See you guys. Yep.
Take care. See you guys. NARRATOR: For Rick, Marty,
and the Oak Island team, a week that began
with great promise now ends with the most
devastating setback they’ve ever experienced. But is the money
pit area collapsing as the result of more than two
centuries of searchers digging here? Or is something more mysterious
and perilous happening? Like the flood tunnels,
could Rick and Marty have encountered yet
another ingeniously designed booby trap, one that
was set to be triggered if anyone got too close?

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