The Curse of Oak Island: Impressive New Structures Uncovered at Smith’s Cove (S6) | History

NARRATOR: As a new day
begins on Oak Island– LAIRD NIVEN: I want to clean
this side out a little bit, see if we can pick things up. NARRATOR: Archaeologist Laird
Niven, along with geologist Terry Matheson and heavy
equipment operator Billy Gerhardt, are
continuing to excavate the area inside the
so-called U-shaped structure, a structure they believe could
have been built centuries ago. TERRY MATHESON:
Whoa, interesting. Looks like a post
sticking straight up. LAIRD NIVEN: Yeah, it is. TERRY MATHESON: Laird,
take a quick look. Billy just clipped
what looks like perhaps a post sticking straight up. It was pretty vertical. What do you figure? LAIRD NIVEN: It’s actually–
that’s a third piece of wood. TERRY MATHESON: It
starts to become kind of an
interesting-looking something. More than just a plank or two. Maybe a structure. NARRATOR: Planks of wood buried
within the U-shaped structure. Could they be a
previously-undiscovered part of this ancient formation? Or could the team have
just found an entirely new structure at Smith’s Cove? LAIRD NIVEN: I think it would
be wise just to leave it and let Rick take a look at it. TERRY MATHESON: That’s
probably a good point. We could dig around
it a bit and try to– but no heavy-duty stuff, maybe. Whoa, yeah, yeah. This is it here. We got something going on here. LAIRD NIVEN: Yeah, you
can see the top of– TERRY MATHESON: Gently, gently. We’re going to see
what we can see here. Looks like timbers on edge. BILLY GERHARDT: It’s
not one-inch planks. Like, it’s thick
enough to be a wall. LAIRD NIVEN: Odd construction. TERRY MATHESON: Very odd. LAIRD NIVEN: They’re offset. TERRY MATHESON: Looks like
it’s built for strength. LAIRD NIVEN: Pretty big. TERRY MATHESON: Pretty big
and pretty interesting. MAN: Heads up, guys. MARTY LAGINA: What do you got? MAN: We don’t know. TERRY MATHESON: We
started right down here. And then the next thing is–
hold it now– what’s this? MARTY LAGINA: Wow,
that’s pretty cool. TERRY MATHESON: You know,
quite a significant wall. NARRATOR: A wooden wall
buried at Smith’s Cove? But if so, who built it,
and for what purpose? JACK BEGLEY: How
deep do these go? Any idea? MAN: We’re not sure yet. TERRY MATHESON: It’s
possible they’re trying to hold back water
from entering the flood zones. MARTY LAGINA: Makes you wonder
what you’re going to find back there a little ways. But this definitely
isn’t on any map. MARTY LAGINA: No,
this is a new find. This is totally undiscovered. So we’re finding these walls
that nobody else has ever found, which in a sense
is a piece of evidence that perhaps it could be
original because somebody doing it originally would have been
scrupulous about clearing up evidence. And we’re going to dig
it up and see what it is. RICK LAGINA: There. What are we looking at? MARTY LAGINA: You tell me. It’s a wooden wall. MAN: That’s well built. RICK LAGINA: Oh yeah. It’s pretty impressive. A little bit of blue clay on it. MARTY LAGINA: Oh,
no, there was a lot. They scraped it away. RICK LAGINA: Here. See this here? MAN: It looks like
stacked racks. MAN: There were
rocks down there. MAN: Are we starting to
get into the French drain? NARRATOR: A French drain? JACK BEGLEY: This is packed
with stones right here. And just next to
it was virgin soil. NARRATOR: Two years ago
while searching for evidence of the box drains
at Smith’s Cove, the team discovered
layers of rounded stones forming what they believe
to be a French drain– an ancient irrigation
system used to control and direct the flow of water. MARTY LAGINA: I’m going to
put you on the spot now. Man-made? MAN: I believe so, yeah. NARRATOR: Could these
stones be another part of a French drain
system constructed centuries ago at Smith’s Cove? And if so, could it
mean the team is closer than ever to finding one of
Oak Island’s legendary flood tunnels? RICK LAGINA: Really,
well, we should just go at this real light,
Laird, and just see if this really is something. NARRATOR: For Rick,
Marty and their team, the discovery of another
French drain at Smith’s Cove could prove to be their biggest
breakthrough in the 12 years since they began searching
for treasure on Oak Island. But as the Laginas and their
partners continue to follow the flood system further– and deeper down
into the money pit– where will it lead them? To a treasure vault filled
with gold and jewels? Or will they discover that
as they get closer to solving a 223-year-old
mystery, the island will fight harder than ever
to protect its buried secrets?


  • Jaggu Nithesh

    Lol thought it was Amitabh Bachan

  • Jason Armstrong

    Honestly one of the lowest quality shows I've seen in a long time. Hours of old white men sitting around making plans, consulting with other old white men about star maps and Templar conspiracies, showing animations of tunnels ad nauseam, worst of all the voiceover "A piece of lead? Left by who? And for what purpose?" … you're not building suspense, you're just obnoxious.

  • Kawaii Panda101


  • Levi Guise

    Just wait until they buy some old gold coins on ebay and throw them into a pile of mud to act like they just found it.. the will get approved for 10 more seasons lmao

  • Tracy Stumpf

    The narrator's constant needs better written

  • no angel

    Thanks for your show it always puts me to 😴 sleep

  • John94709

    Hold onto your hats boys! We done found some more pieces of wood! Party time in the clubhouse tonight!!!

  • BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN

    The worst show in tv history … should be called… THE CANCEL OF OAK ISLAND

  • adam G

    No treasure there


    Fast-Forward was made for this Show.

  • Kate Kate

    Wish you to dig up something useful, guys

  • Kiwiboii Supertramp

    The u-shaped structure looks like a quay to me.

  • Who Cares

    The most boring show ever created not understand Why anyone would waste their time with this ridiculous show that absolutely goes nowhere.. Stay tuned as we uncover more rocks and more water seems to be filling up the holes we dig .. Next episode we will show you how paint dries

  • James Miller

    Why does the – Narrator keep asking us questions & giving hints/ assumptions???

  • Cory Samoila

    Scripted much

  • emrah tr

    Full version please

  • Joe Crow

    These guys are morons and have more money then since. Just dig it up already ..most stuff is 100 ft down so scratching the surface with shovels is just to keep you watching . Take an excavator and dig it out I'm sure if there's treasure you're not gonna find it with a shovel lmao

  • mike brown

    Here's a idea use the Japanese invention used to detect whats under the earth to a depth of 40 miles with the highest resolution to date. It was used to detect faults for earthquake research but its the most accurate tool to date. Think of it as comparing a the original black and white ultrasound for babies to the newest version of it in color and you can see things like blood flow etc. It helped map out the Cascadia subduction zone fault that sits off the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. So we have a 3d model of what 319 years of stored energy and deformation of the entire 620 mile long fault. Lets hope for those folks sake they don't have a full rupture of the fault their. if we do without the infrastructure and oil tank farm replaced in Washington State they may never recover or rebuild places like Seattle or Portland Oregon and with a death toll 100- 200,000 another 22,500 B.C. Canada over time because its a event in many stages with many aftershocks for months and a tsunami that takes several towns like ocean shores ocean city long beach Aberdeen etc.

  • Ken Whitcomb

    The Hoax of Oak Island. Look up the term "plaster pit." Nova Scotia is full of them. Collapsed sinkholes in gypsum/anhydrite beds where salt was dissolved out of the evaporites. That's all it is.

  • Pinch Me

    Worst show ever! What happened to the history channel?

  • Sheila Humphries

    More wood!!! No!! Really? You found WOOD!!! Hey every one….THEY FOUND WOOD!!!!! Aaaaaah

  • Sunil Nair

    The things that you don't understand or have any explanation is put under pseudo-science.

    I knew of a ghost child who made a racket on terrace of the old house I used to live in. I mean intelligent haunting. I call it the kid. Because kids do those things. The kid would jump on the terrace with such loud booms right above my head it will shake the whole house. I was living in those times with my older brother and his family on the second floor. There was no third floor. And everybody's terrace was seperated by 8 feet tall brick walls. This ghost would run through these walls to the end of the who colony buildings. Right through the walls. Everyone was afraid and I chased it. It was a kid. Since then it took a liking for me. As soons as I entered the house it would make a pound boom like kids jump to startle you.

    Everyone in those buildings knew it. They don't need science. None of them did. ROFLMAO

    Tell me do you think I am.not rational guy. Once I chased a hooded shadow in the middle of the night because it was bothering me and my brother. He opened the door and I sprang to catch it. ROFLMAO

    Kidd!! The things I have seen if you saw even once you won't sleep one night.

    This world is.not what you think. At night this world has its own mind. ROFLMAO

    Not trying to give you a sense of fear. On the other hand telling you there are things on earth that goes bump in night. I am a practical man I don't say anything without experiencing it first.

    May be I am different. These things follow me around. ROFLMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  • Müzik Kanalım

    Veri gut…👍👍

  • Jeremy Chaney

    Does it ever cross History channel ,that with all this 21st century technology , excavators , core barrel drill rigs , sheet shoring to hold back the ocean , pumps, so on that they really think that the whoever way back then had that kind of technology to dig down 160 odd feet in the ground to place priceless treasure in the the mud ?
    Come ON!

  • zabukazar

    The narrator on this show and his dumb constant questions and assumptions make this show almost unwatchable.

  • docsunga

    Nothing to see here folks. Get on movin!

  • Xena Gib

    Hello mentally ill narrator, you repetitive parrot!!! Check yourself intooooo a hospitaaaaaaaallllllll

  • Beijing yank

    I really dig the archeologist and bobby dazzler cat.

  • Daniel Pierce

    Like the show, hate the editing, questioning commentator, and repetitive clips.

  • Angie Leyva

    All that money for what? If they find any gold, it will be less that what they all ready expend on digging and the rest the things they do

  • Ben Sutherland

    this show has sucked the life out of me I have watched it since the beginning but I'm thinking there is no type of buried treasure there

  • Yosemite Sam

    They’re finding wooden structures from previous treasure hunters. The narrator sounds pretty amusing.

  • ThatCableGuy

    This show ruined this mystery for me

  • micky Fleming

    Stupidity………digging for nothing

  • Richard Merrifield

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  • Gee Nunyas

    They obviously didnt read history books. This hunt is so dumb.

  • Mike Yanagita

    Impressive bullcrap. Hoax island is the new Seinfeld. A show about nothing.

  • Linda Murphy

    I have so much respect for Rick Lagina. Although he is a boss, he's not at all afraid to get his hands dirty! He's a handsome and rugged man…….enough to make this old lady's heart beat a little stronger!……..LOL!

  • Manjeet joshi

    Looks like the people from the past were more Smarter than the people of the present – Mz7

  • evhalen evhalen

    The portuguese templars were there not the french or from scotland. Templars were alive in Portugal under the name order of christ and they travelled to the New World but the treasure was kept in Portugal i know where Por Tu Gral

  • Linda Dykeman

    Why did Gary pass over beeps in the beginning when he was with the younger men but, when he was with the older men he checked it out? He may have missed good clues.

  • Linda Dykeman

    Also, he may have missed treasures.

  • Johnny John

    season 10000.000000.000000 episode 2999 . they find wood

  • Emjay Adams

    WORST SHOW EVER. They find nothing.

  • Chris 7

    Use lydar technology, problem solved

  • Sean Kelly

    Ancient alien theorists suggest they will find water and mud

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