The Kingdom of Bhutan. Aerial 360 video in 4K

The Kingdom of Bhutan is located in South
Asia, surrounded by the Himalayas. At the altitude of over two kilometres, there
is the city of Paro. Its fortress-monastery, Rinpung Dzong, defended
the country against the enemies from Tibet. The largest city of Bhutan and its capital
is Thimphu. AirPano team has filmed two local monasteries,
Dechen Phrodrang and the Thimphu Chorten. Now as in the past, people come here to perform
rituals and sacraments. The most famous item is the prayer wheel. It spins while repeating mantras to strengthen
the body and the spirit. Buddhism is not the religion of hermits. Monasteries can accept the laity as both guests
and helpers so that everyone can contribute to the common endeavour. A remarkable cantilever bridge over the Mo
Chhu River leads to Punakha Dzong, or “The Palace of Great Happiness”. This monastery is among the oldest structures
of the country. Now it is the winter residence of the head
of Bhutan’s clergy. It also houses the sacred royal relics. But how do ordinary monks live in more modest
monasteries? Let’s visit Thangbi Lhakhang. The meal, prayer and labour leave no room
for fuss and bad thoughts. In Buddhism, the devotion, love and selfless
service can be expressed in diverse ways. For example, playing music. It is the famous Puja ritual. The most famous monastery of Bhutan is Taktsang
Lhakhang, or “The Tiger’s Nest”. It is located at the altitude of 3,120 meters,
not far from Paro town. All the constructions were harmoniously integrated
into the cliffs, the caves were carved out for monks. On a ridge above Jakar town, there is “The
Fortress of White Bird”, Jakar Dzong. According to a legend, a bird showed lamas
this place to build the monastery. Having flown above the monuments of Bhutan’s
clergy, we have returned to the beginning of our journey. These are the 108 Druk Wangyal chortens, a
new symbol of the country. They were built in honour of the local soldiers
who were killed in 2003. These are the main and the most known landmarks
of Bhutan, a remote country surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

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