The Maldives is BORING!

that he was basically getting bored in
the Maldives and I’ve actually heard this before from friends that have gone
on these you know week-long vacations of these beach resorts good morning, good afternoon, or good evening depending on wherever you are today in
the world my name is Amy leo and you are listening to what we should have learned
in school lessons about life and happiness imagine? I’m actually back in Finland now after about a month and a half hiatus to
celebrate my wedding and my new marriage to a Finnish gentleman named Mr.
Erkkilä…doesn’t quite have the same ring as Mr. Anderson
but we roll with it. Today I want to share something that we both found kind
of amusing on our honeymoon. We honeymooned in the Maldives.
It was truly picture-perfect I mean turquoise water, the staff was
beyond amazing, the food was incredible some of the best would’ve ever tasted in my life and it was so interesting that my husband was playing soccer with some of
the folks there. Some folks were from the Maldives but also there were some
tourists that were playing with him. It was a German couple and the German guy
said to him that he was basically getting bored in the Maldives and I’ve
actually heard this before from friends that have gone on these you
know week-long vacations of these beach resorts that they actually get bored now.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with being bored, but but it it’s funny to me
because it speaks to that human tendency we have for her wanting things to be
different. Right? Because the the the same person
that will say that they are bored on vacation is likely the same person that
was counting down the days till their vacation that kept talking about “Oh my
god I really can’t wait to get off work. I’m so stressed out! I’m so sick of work!
It’s so boring! It’s so monotonous! blah blah blah” and then they find themselves
in the Maldives for instance for a few days and then the similar voice comes up…that voice that’s not satisfied. This is the recipe for unhappiness in life is
taking that that kind of “it”s gotta be different” devil voice..right you know? I
always think of the cartoons that had the picture of like the devil on one
shoulder in the angel on the other shoulder and you know it’s a pretty good
representation (even though there’s more than two voices sometimes it feels in
our in our heads) but you know it really shows again the whimsical…the
ever-changing nature of our thoughts that they actually can’t really be
trusted Because again it could be the same
person for instance that is dying for a relationship.
They’ve been single for too long they’re really hoping and searching and dreaming
for “the one” and then they find themselves in a relationship and after
oh so much time all of a sudden in the relationship they miss the days
when they were single and wish they could be single again. That’s very
similar to this back and forth kind of voice that’s never satisfied when it
comes to being holiday or not satisfied when you’re working. It’s like
when we start to recognize that this is a feature that’s at work of being human…that there’s always that little voice that’s kind of looking for
unhappiness almost or it’s looking to self-sabotage it’s looking for reasons
to complain. When we start to become aware of this, it loses its power. This is
really revolutionary when we talk about this conversation in prisons and people
really have that “a-ha” moment that first realization that “Oh my gosh I can have
this thought and I don’t have to act on it” or “I can have this thought but I
don’t have to take it seriously” or “I have this thought right and I don’t have
to take that on as Who I am as a person. This is again we gave an example I think
a couple episodes ago about the cake. This is another common scenario where
this little resistance voice pops up you know the little “recipe for misery” dude (like in the devil cartoon)
that’s sitting on our shoulder you know when it’s like “Oh yeah craving, craving
for those chocolate chip cookies and that cake. oh my god I just have to have it!”
Then when you finally give in to that voice and you eat the cake or the
chocolate chip cookie. All of a sudden “Oh my gosh what are you doing you fatty? You know better than this! You’re always overeating, you’ve got to go ruin
the treadmill now!” Right? It’s so fascinating because we are
experiencing this wide range of perception, this wide range of ideas and
thoughts about ourselves and the world in the same body. So you’re not going
crazy. You’re actually very human when you have opposite thoughts and the more
that you begin to observe this from more neutral place and not identify so
strongly with whatever the thought is the more that you can kind of begin to
pick and choose which thoughts do you want to act on which ones do you not
want to act on. Now this isn’t always the case you know the point of this isn’t
for you to start trying to control your thinking or to blame yourself for having
bad dogs or whatever it is because there’s this other element not only are
we thinking creatures but we experience these fluctuations in our level of
awareness of being thinking creatures. So there are some times where it’s so
automatic that we just impulsively act on our thoughts that’s okay, that’s human. No
worries there and there are also these beautiful moments where we have a little
bit of distance. We can begin to make conscious decisions in our lives
and that’s available to every human being because every human being
fluctuates in and out of this and the more that you begin to observe your life
from that broader perspective the more often you begin to experience
these moments of having the choice between really believing and having a
bad time that the Maldives is boring and that you wish you could be working
or you can just let that go and you can enjoy your time being there because
you’re gonna be back at the office again anyway where then you’re probably going
to be complaining about your work So starting to see that there is this
kind of self-sabotaging voice this little dude that’s always kind of keeping
us unhappy. Just becoming more aware of that — that that mechanism inside you is
not saying anything is wrong with you that this is actually very normal and
very human, it begins to open up the space for a greater psychological
freedom and consequently for more moments of happiness because you’re not
believing that voice that’s always unhappy. You’re starting to kind of like
alright it’s kind of like a critic that’s always hanging out here like the
devil on the shoulder. There’s nothing you have to do to change it, to get away
from it. It’s just a thought. It’s just an idea that’s come across your
radar momentarily and when you start to leave it alone a little bit and not take
it so seriously it tends to go away on its own and it tends to go way quicker over time. That’s all I have for you today, I hope you’re having a fabulous
summer I know I’m really enjoying the weather here in Finland it’s
incredibly hot here it’s over 80 degrees so for those that think that climate
change is not real I guess that’s a different video but until next time take
care of yourself stay curious and keep rockin, I’ll talk to you next week.

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