The Storyteller: FALLOUT S3 E24 – A Story’s End

Vault dweller. Daisy, what’s the situation?
Compiling threat assessment. My senses are detecting- 32 hostiles – in close proximity.
Risk of death by blunt trauma: high. Risk of death by gunshot: high. Risk of death through
strangulation: high. Risk of- Ask your dog gun if we’re safe in here! Risk of immediate breach: 13%. Good, so we won’t die now, we’ll just
die later. I figured the Vault Dweller android would
come here to breed himself an army, but I’m impressed he managed to succeed so quickly. You’re observant Storyteller, I’ll give
you that, but no one could’ve anticipated this. How did you even know the android was
coming to Vault 108 in the first place? Is there something you’re not telling us…? Several days ago, when we were setting up
camp, Daisy said something that caught my attention… She said she detected nearby lifeforms that
could outlive her, but ED-NA was the only other robot nearby. Had Daisy been human I
would have written it off as an honest mistake. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about
it. I went for a walk to clear my head. I started mulling over the mission and got to
thinking about the android, and how he always seemed to be just one step ahead of us. The
more I thought about it, the more it bugged me. The story just wasn’t adding up. The Storyteller’s right. I hate to say it,
but the Vault Dweller’s dog cart was a faster way to get around the Wasteland than my Highwayman.
The android could’ve left us far behind ’em. -and every time we arrived on the scene it
looked like the android had just left. On a hunch I checked my armor’s data storage.
Sure enough my files had been tempered with, specifically my data regarding androids, clones,
the Institute and Vault 108. The android. Did it..? Yes. My guess is that it stuck close to us
long enough to find a way to hack the data I’ve been gathering. It’s probably learned
a lot about the Wasteland. That explains how it found the location of this Vault. He would
know the location of the Institute by now too, but luckily I use a heavy encryption
to protect my more sensitive data files. It seems your NCR intel was correct Ranger, your
android is trying to get to the Commonwealth, and he’s been using us to do it. I was sent to hunt down the android and stop
it from reaching the East Coast. You’re telling me we’ve been helping it this whole
time? So the Vault Dweller played us for fools! You signed our death warrants the moment you
let us walk into this trap. Why didn’t you warn us? Because despite how bad things might look
right now, this isn’t a trap set for us… Huh? Vault Dweller? *angry beep* Vault dweller. *scared beep* Well hello there. Looks like we’ve caught some boys with their
pants down. Light ‘em up! I called in a few favors. You’ll have to
forgive me for not speaking up sooner, but once I found out that the android was spying
on us I had to keep my mouth shut. You actually kept your mouth shut about something?
I’m impressed. I don’t know what kind of ace you had up your sleeve Storyteller,
but it’s working. The clones are clearing out. Look. If we make our push now we might be able to
catch the android before it’s realized what’s happened. Why? Why are you still hunting me? You’ve been following me for three thousand
miles, so I take it I don’t need to come introduce myself. The three of you have been very persistent. You. Old man. You’re that guy I saw
with the broken down car back on I-15. If I knew you’d get it running, I would have- Shot me in the back without even lookin’ me
in the eye? I know the homicidal gene runs strong in you and your kin. I might have just stolen the car, or convinced
you to sell it to me at a steep discount. All are options. I opted to leave you be.
Surely you, of all people, could understand old timer. All I want is to live free of the
NCR. To be left alone. And are you two some sort of Brotherhood/NCR coalition? Here to
rob me of that freedom? We’re here to administer justice. Yes, I escaped the NCR’s cage, and you would
have done the same. The Ranger here hunts me out of her sense of duty. I don’t hold
it against her. Dedication is important. After all, my “first” self contributed to the
founding of your Republic. But you, Brotherhood. Why are you here? Surely a man of your knowledge
and skill would be better spent elsewhere. I always wanted to meet the Vault Dweller,
or at least his shadow. I heard rumors of your silver tongue. They say the Vault Dweller
could charm a bird out of a tree. I can see now the stories weren’t exaggerated. I merely play the hand I’ve been dealt. Does that include murdering the innocent? I did what I had to do to be free. That might help you rationalize the scientists
you butchered, but you didn’t stop with them did you? What about the other innocent
people you killed to get here? Weren’t they just “people who wanted to live free of
the NCR”? What happened to the Luddites was- regrettable,
but I was left with no other choice. Your Highwayman gave me quite the chase. My pursuers
were hot on my trail and I had no time to tip-toe my way through King Ludd’s territory. Liar! We know you’ve been taking it slow on purpose.
Gathering intel and keeping an eye on us. You hacked my power armor to discover the
location of Vault 108. The fact that you’re standing here now confirms it. I did do that didn’t I? Answer me this Brotherhood.
If you knew I found a way to remotely hack your armor’s operating matrix, why did you
even bother showing up today? *electricity charging up* Argh! I tried to reason with you. Clearly that wasn’t
in the cards today. Luckily, my technical skills are a lot more reliable. I was able
to enhance some of the cyberdogs I found in Denver. You’ll find that their bite is a
lot worse than their bark. Good luck. Daisy! Suppressive fire! Something’s wrong! Daisy’s targeting is
all over the place! I can’t get a clean shot! Get over here you mangy mutts! Sorry you had to see that Ranger. I know ya
fancy yourself a dog lover, hehe. Those weren’t dogs, they were monsters.
I think you just saved my life. I’ll take that as a ‘thank you’. Now we gotta find where the- *gun shot* Junior! I haven’t lived long, but if you think I’m
a prodigy now, just imagine what I could become at the Institute. I’m not running from you
anymore Ranger. You don’t have to. Daisy. Yes Tanner? Sic ’em. What are you waiting for Daisy? He shot Junior!
Kill him! I’m sorry Tanner. I’m afraid I can’t
do that. What? Why!? Because I’ve been a bad bad dog. Argh! Ugh. I’ve been knocked unconscious before ya’
know. Not one of my fonder memories. Where am I? You’re right where I found you. Passed out
on the floor of this Vault. No doubt sleeping on the job while we do all
the hard work. *laughs* You remember Scribe Bigsley. Sentinel Lyons and I got your message. Did
you really have to encrypt it? I was afraid ED-NA might be intercepted. It
was necessary. It was a pain in my ass, that’s what it
was. I cracked your coordinates quickly, but the Pride here had to drag me along until
I decrypted the rest. It was real fun running around the Wasteland, so thanks for that. Is it true? Were you really chasing an android/clone
hybrid? Did it create all those clones we fought back there? Yes, and by the looks of it he got away. Again. He left behind a holodisk addressed to you.
It says your friend Tanner is being held hostage. Tanner’s gone? Appears so. The message went on to say that
she won’t be returned until you’ve guided him to the Institute. He says he’ll be close
by. Watching you. What about Junior and Daisy? I don’t know who Daisy is, but Junior- well,
I don’t know how else to say this… He didn’t make it. What are you going to do now? The
only thing I can do. I’m going to see this
story through til the end. You know we can’t help you. Yeah… I know. We’ll get you resupplied, then you’re
on your own.


  • Jrg Edgardo

    The Storyteller is a legend…

  • Pete Camacho

    I've lost a few friends since this vid first posted. Such is life. I will see this story(life), till the end. Eat fine foods, drink great beers, I'm memory of my friends.

  • WystenDraco

    I'll be back for more of these videos. This is as far as I've watched so far. Until I see more, well, good luck and good hunting Storyteller.

  • Blue Snake171

    Vault Dweller clones vs Gary clones. Who shall win?

  • Andrew Kennedy

    I’m not gonna lie, I was rooting for the vault dweller

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    Wait how did they know about the plot of fo4(androids/commonwealth) before fo4??

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    You know the voice actor that plays sara lyons looked exactly like her character model when she was saras age, its truly spooky to see.

  • Anarchy Antz

    What a waste. Leaving a perfectly good gun there in the wastelands. Oh well, wont be long till the grave is dug up, looted and gun taken. Wonder how long this is before Lyons is murdered by Maxson……err I mean of course "killed in action and left as a brief note so the brotherhood can welcome back the rest of the xenophobic outcasts and go raiding in the commonwealth.

  • Magma Productions

    Okay! How the hell does Lyons and Bigsley sound EXACTLY the same as in Fallout 3?

  • Bob Jenkins

    Can we get those folkes from fallout 76 to drop a thermonucleair missile on the Android. I got genuaine hated for him after he killed junior

  • Alessandro

    Ma porco dio cazzo scrivi il.titolo in italiano che poi parla in stronzese


    Amazing ending to this season! I’m binging on this series.

  • peda mbr

    still waiting for that companion mod

  • Eric Johannson

    Hmmm – one of the tidbits I got from this episode…was that the BoS has their armors set up to zap the person inside by remote control. It's really the only explanation of how the android was able to hack the Storyteller's armor remotely. I wonder if he had the wisdom OR the smarts to disable that feature before he lets the android drop him a second time. As a student of history, the Storyteller would have to have some serious brain damage for him to fall for the same trick more than once.

  • Azur rouge

    Cuando el storytaller termina en skyrim xD. Pero esta genial la serie

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