Thomas the Tank Engine at the Beach Compilation

it was a beautiful day on the Island of
Sodor. all the engines were chuffing hard at Ulstead sandcastle. they were working
hard. soon, salty arrived at the sand castle.
ahoy mateys! I have to go to the sea today. what are you doing out that way
salty? I have a shark I need to release to the water. Wow!
a shark! can we watch you release the shark salty? yarr, for sure matey!
just follow me, so all the engines followed salty down to the sea. soon all
the engines were down by the seaside, where salty put on his cage, and he
backed the shark into the water. salty released the shark, and made his way
out of the water. Wow salty! that shark sure looks happy. the shark was happy to
be back in the sea. yarr it’s always good to be kind to
others me mateys. just then, a giant tidal wave splashed the entrance. just then
Nia came in. Oh No! you’ve all shrunk! in my native Africa,
whenever something shrinks in the water, we put it out in the hot Sun to dry. we
should go back to Ulstead sandcastle and you can lie in the Sun to see if you
grow again! So Nia and the minis all went back to ulfstead sandcastle. soon the
engines were drying out in the hot Sun. it wasn’t long before they grew stout to
normal size, and they all went back to work except
for Thomas, who had fallen asleep in the Sun. after work, all the engines got
together. Wow Nia, thanks for telling us about that
trick with the Sun! yaar you certainly saved the day matey!
we’re very grateful for all your help Nia! huh but where’s Thomas?
I haven’t seen Thomas since we came back. Oh No I hope he didn’t stay in the Sun!
he might have grown too big if he did. so the engines raced back to find Thomas.
they soon came up to Thomas who had grown too big in the Sun. oh no Thomas
wake up! yaar you grew too big matey. then there
was trouble. oh no Thomas destroyed Ulstead
sandcastle! quick we must draw him out into the water. huh?
leave it to me. hey Thomas! Want to race? and off diesel sped. that Thomas
chased after him soon DS honk made it to the seaside and
Thomas followed where they got splashed by a huge wave Wow I feel like my old
self again I better go back and apologize to the other engines and off
Thomas went back to meet his friends later on at Tidmouth sheds Wow guys
sorry for my behavior I had no idea I get that big yeah Thomas that really
escalated quickly yarr luckily diesel was there to save
the day say where is diesel anyway one day Percy
was headed to tell him sandcastle on the way there he ran into salty pie sulky
were you doing at Callum sandcastle dar looking for buried treasure
what buried treasure there very buried treasure in Callum sandcastles towers
what kind of treasure I’m not too sure but here’s the first
clue under the sand filled by some pails lies enough foul weather to fill all
your sails yarr let’s find out what’s inside salty
ok Percy’s digging what do you think he’s gonna find Oh Percy keep digging oh
hey what’s a what’s that what’s in there who is it hah that’s hurricane here you washing them off take it a bath
and hurricane hurricane its belong in the water
that’s where hurricanes go from in the water right now isn’t he
hey Percy thanks for rescuing me no problem hurricane yarr a hurricane is
foul weather maybe you can rescue one of my friends in the second tower under the
sand kept in its place a kind foreign engine from the great race gar sounds
like more very treasure well let’s get digging
where do things buried in here now let’s find out Oh hurricane and Percy digging
together she ma I need to wash off as well as wash wrong it’s a Shima welcome to the beat regime
or Akane back in the water Oh Percy thank you for rescuing me hiya
Shima Wow salty I can’t believe we found
hurricane and as Shima in the sand gar she’s a lucky find
to be sure can you ask you my friend buried in the third tone well thank you
here’s your clue trapped in the total power without any door a most splendid
red engine on all of Sodor yar I’m right here
Turner Tower who’s gonna open it up we have a Shima and Percy rosy splendid red
engine oh it’s Rosie are you different Percy
back in there thanks for rescuing me guys hi Rosie I was trapped in that sand
you certainly are the most splendid red engine on all of Sodor yar she’s not
even rad can you guess who’s buried in the fourth tower a brand-new engine from
a faraway land big world big adventure lives in the sand oh I love big
adventures yar let’s dig oh it’s the biggest Tower who’s digging Rosie and
Percy Oh yar you’re splashing sand everywhere Oh oh hello Nia hello Percy are you excited
for a big world big adventure not particularly dirty beyond Sodor was a
much better movie well it was no great race for Nia let me give you the proper
Sodor welcome Thomas what happened why that’s a good-looking castle hey x marks
the spot maybe there’s more buried treasure oh yeah oh yeah welcome to yay hey buddy where
are we today that beat I’m ready to have some fun with Thomas you bet
oh that’s it only the wheels actually move your ranking on the sander what are
you doing Thomas it’s a boat train hey where are we today are we at the
beach look at all this beautiful ocean you have so much polish announcer
the larder is absolutely these are some DC Comics Mattel’s mateys let’s see
these minis look like oh it’s a good thing we’re by the ocean
because I was like Aquaman let’s put that guy together that’s Aquaman then we’ll have to do today because he’s
gonna have a lot of fun that looks like partner Batman whoo that
does look like Batman doesn’t he let’s see if we can put this guy
together and that looks like armored Batman okay Aquaman and Batman who’s gonna win the
fight I think Batman Aquaman oh you looked really okay are you ready to open
up these minis let’s go okay do you think that’s Thomas don’t
you think that’s a Thomas one let’s open them up it’s Gator Gator we have Gator
by the seaside oh if you think it’s all it’s Charlie original Gator and original
Charlie these guys are already sad so buddy gets salty here since we’re in the
ocean it’s a pillar bed that’s bad original burn then Benton Bam Bam Bam
Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam – Ben Ben – Ben Ben hey where’s Charlie and
Gator did you bury Charlie and forget where you buried them okay let’s see if
you can find him Clark want daddy to find quick found him whoa Nelly original Toby Oh Toby got
buried already let’s take a look at Toby we’re getting nothing but original hey
we did nothing but originals at the speech today
oK we’ve got two more who do you think they are do you think that’s ezel 10 and
Thomas dump it up Oh shiny Percy doe with metallic percy it’s metallic Percy shiny shiny Percy
and he’s gonna be here by himself cuz we don’t know what happened to the rest of
them oh oh that’s chilling Edward you destroyed that bag chilling Edward yeah
you did he’s ready for the snow but we’re in the sand and the surf today
chilling everything got snow Matt’s gonna melt in record time
okay so we’ve got then Gator Metallica see chilling Edward original Toby
Aquaman Batman and sand engine Charlie are we ready to take these guys to the
ocean hey guys come here to watch another
video and like here to subscribe to our channel bye


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