– Okay this is for my vlog. So what I’ve just done,
everybody, is I’ve organised Mike, so Robyn to go parasailing for a long time here at Patong Beach.
– Yes, sir. – She doesn’t know,
she’s on the beach now, she’s just relaxing. It’s a big surprise. – Okay. – I’ve just organised it now,
they’re gonna take her up, 1,300 hundred baht.
– Yes, sir. – She doesn’t know what she’s about to do. All right, Robyn has no idea.
– Okay, that’s cool. – All right I’ll pay you 1,300. I love you Robyn. (laughs) You’re doing this, I’m not
doing this, you’re doing this. Hey Robsey-Bobsey, I just need my wallet. You okay?
– Mm-hmm. – [Brad] Well guess what? – [Robyn] What? – [Man] Okay, let’s go. – [Robyn] Now I’m just scared. – [Brad] I’ve only got two. Two.
– Sorry? – [Man] Okay, I change for you. – [Brad] Change, you change for me? – Yes sir. – [Brad] AlL right you’re going. – What? (laughing) Are you serious? – [Brad] Yep, I’m very serious. – [Robyn] Seriously? – [Brad] Yeah you’re going,
you’re going parasailing. Off you go. Just you. – Why you no go? – [Brad] It’s a surprise for her. – But this. (man mumbling instructions) Not a moment’s peace in my life. – Sorry about that. (laughing) – I can’t even relax at the beach without getting dragged
into something else. I thought I was going to sit and relax, like I was half asleep a second ago. – [Brad] Well this is just waking you up. – If it’s a good finish, I
could send this to my mom. – Yep. Dear Mum, Robyn is now
about to go parasailing here at Patong Beach. Any final words you want to say? – Hi Mom. (laughing) Look what
Brad has dragged me into. (Brad laughs) A minute ago, I was sitting on the beach, having a little sleep, relaxed and the next thing I’m now in this attire, about to go up there like those people. (instructor whistles)
(Robyn screams and laughs) Yes we are airborne! (inspirational music) This is awesome. Yeah, I’m flying! This is so cool! Oh look! Thailand! Patong beach! Amazing! That was cool, thank you. – [Brad] How do you feel? – It was awesome! (instructors mumbling) That was awesome! – [Brad] That’ll wake you up. Oh man, you did well. – I loved it. – [Brad] You did well. Your first time, there you go. – It was amazing. – [Brad] Do you recommend it? – Yeah! – [Brad] Yeah, good fun huh? – You should see the view from up there. (instructor whistles) – [Brad] And the next one is off. That’s how you do it guys! – Let’s go jet skiing! – [Brad] Let’s go jet skiing? (laughs) Oh man, so cool, so cool. You rocked it, you rocked it. – It’s awesome. – [Brad] There you go, surprise. – Thanks – [Brad] Surprise.

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